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Chris Stroop tweetstorm and blog


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This is the first tweet in a thread by @cstroop.  :flyingspaghetti: willing you can click the link and go directly there.


1. If you grew in the far Right experiment in social engineering that is Christian schools and left it behind, you'd be #WeirdEverywhere too https://t.co/qpb3TzaIP9

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Chris mentioned during our Q&A that he would be starting a blog. He has done that and has one article up so far. You can find his new blog here:https://chrisstroop.com/2017/02/06/eric-metaxas-and-the-christian-rights-alternative-justice-when-fighting-nazis-means-supporting-authoritarianism/

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I'm loving this Chris Stroop = awesome guy.....may his tweetstorm turn into a blizzard! 

Must learn more about him @ chrisstroop.com

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