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Mike Pence



I've done a little research on Mike Pence.  It's been pretty scary.  Do you what flavor of fundamentalist he is and what particular threats he poses?

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Mike Pence is definitely dangerous. I don't know that Mike Pence has used the language of dominionism to define himself, but he has certainly acted as a dominionist in office. He's been one of the most politically effective culture warriors of recent decades, and has proven particularly cruel. He was raised Catholic and once upon a time even admired Kennedy, but he converted to Evangelical Protestantism - off the top of my head I'm not sure exactly when, but it's been a long time. I'm from Indiana originally, and the things he did there--the RFRA, ending the needle exchange program that started an AIDS outbreak, letting women be imprisoned for "feticide," making it illegal for same-sex couples to apply for marriage licenses - are pretty disturbing. 

Here's some good coverage on what you need to know about Pence. Between him and Bannon and Trump's cabinet, things are looking pretty theocratic in Washington:


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