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Attempting to make a skirt


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A friend taught me how to make circle skirts, and I decided to try and make one on my own (without her supervision).

I sewed together an elastic band to sew onto the skirt, but it's like half an inch too big or so (I fucked up) and I don't know if it's worth redoing. I don't know how to get stitches out of elastic without ruining it, especially since I can't see the stitches. Should I remake the elastic? I also found a tutorial on how to make a casing to insert an elastic, but I'm not quite sure of my capabilities to do that. Anyway, I sewed together the panels and managed to hem it with a lot of screw ups.

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I forgot the step where I try on the elastic before I reinforce it with going back and forth with stitches. Oops.

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Don't feel bad. Hemming a curve is hard.  I'm not sure how you are doing the elastic waistband, but if it's too big you can just cut out the part you sewed and start over. I would sew a casing, personally, because I find that easier than sewing the elastic directly to the skirt.

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