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Pope Francis denounced resistance to reform


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The Pope has spoken out again about the resistance to reform within the church;



Pope Francis has denounced the resistance he is encountering in reforming the Vatican bureaucracy, saying some of it is inspired by the devil and that the prelates who work for him must undergo a process of "permanent purification" to serve him and the Catholic Church better.

For the third year in a row, Francis took the Vatican bureaucracy to task in his annual Christmas greeting. He said his reform process isn't aimed at a superficial face-lift, but rather a profound change in mentality among his collaborators.

He said Thursday: "Dear brothers, it's not the wrinkles in the church that you should fear, but the stains!"

Gee, who could he be talking about?  Hmmmm.....I wonder?


Yeah he probably did have Lord High Ray in mind when he said what he did.

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