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TNT in Florida Cut From Reporting Craig Sager’s Death To Midget Stripper Ad


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Well this is awkward...



Turner Sports broadcasting legend Craig Sager passed away this week at the age of 67 following a courageous battle with acute myeloid leukemia that lasted for more than two years.

Many will remember Sager as the fashionable sideline reporter for the “NBA on TNT,” as his flashy suits and attire drew hysterical reactions from the greats such as Kevin Garnett and Gregg Popovich over the last 26 years. Others will remember him as a great ambassador of the game whose reporting style and fun-loving attitude helped turn the NBA into one of the biggest sports leagues on the planet.

And sadly, some people in Florida will now associate Sager with Little Sassee Cassee, the midget stripper who will be performing at Deja Vu Showgirls in Tampa this weekend. That’s right, guys. Little Sassee Cassee isn’t even three feet tall, making her the world’s smallest adult entertainer, but she’s going to be bringing it big time this weekend at Deja Vu.

And we know this because TNT in Tampa cut directly from the news of Craig Sager’s passing to Little Sassee Cassee’s promo yesterday.

Here's the tweet with the video in question...


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