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MAD Magazine puts McCrory on ‘20 Dumbest List’ for HB2


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newsobserver.com/news/politics-government/election/rtbu9w/picture118487108/ALTERNATES/FREE_960/MAD Magazine Stall Cop


The humor publication MAD Magazine has named Gov. Pat McCrory to its annual “20 Dumbest List” because of his support for House Bill 2.

The December issue spoofs McCrory as a “stall cop” with an image of the governor in a security officer uniform, a nod to the Paul Blart “Mall Cop” movies.

“Keeping North Carolina Bathrooms Safe From Transgender Persons Who Want to Take a Whizz,” the caption says.

The article notes that HB2 has cost the state business and tourism and is difficult to enforce. “It may be up to McCrory himself to travel the state, poking his head into as many restrooms as he can, making sure they’re being used only by those he approves of,” MAD wrote.

Yeah here's a copy of picture from the magazine.



Stall cop?  Ain't that ex-Senatory Larry "Tappy Toes McWidestance" Craig's job?  Are he and McCrory gonna have to wrestle for that job?

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Looks like we are finally free of this jerk. We are still waiting on the recount of Durham, but that is a heavily democratic area that went to Cooper. 

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