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Suspicious package left at a local school contained religious tracts


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Package that delayed Colonie schools held religious tracts

Ex-resident left items at Shaker High, cops say

COLONIE — A package dropped outside Shaker High School that caused a two-hour delay Monday turned out to be religious material left by a former Latham resident, Colonie police said.

Investigators identified and interviewed the man who left the package at 6 p.m. Sunday. A custodian found it the next morning and called police.

Shaker Junior High School was also kept closed but reopened at about 8:30 a.m.

Police said the man, whose identity they did not release, meant no harm and no charges are being filed. The man has, however, been barred from returning to the school property.

The package and its contents were evaluated by the Colonie police's forensic investigators with the assistance of the State Police.

According to police, the contents included a book and a glass jar with hand-written notes and a digital flash drive. The flash drive contained digital copies of additional handwritten notes. The book and the written documents were religious in nature and contained no threats, police said.

All of these items were wrapped in a black plastic packaging material that at first alarmed authorities.

Police said the man intended to provide the religious material to the school's administrators. In an attempt to protect the documents, the person inadvertently gave the package a suspicious appearance.


When I was perusing election results this morning, I saw this & had to share it immediately. If the link isn't listed correctly (Mods), please feel free to do what needs to be done to it (sorry for not knowing the exact link protocol).

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If the package wasn't suspicious in nature and administrators opened it, they would have either returned it if the man's name and address were included or thrown it out if the sender was anonymous.  They are prohibited by law from distributing it to students, so I'm not really sure what this guy's end game was supposed to be.  Obviously not the brightest bulb in the pack.

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