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Ol Slanthead Hannity got caught parroting faux news


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Poor old Slanthead (h/t Ed Schultz) Hannity, got caught parroting fake news..



Radio host Sean Hannity on Tuesday embraced a piece of fake news about President Obama deleting endorsements of Hillary Clinton from his Twitter account.

Hannity used the made-up news to claim that President Obama's legacy might be "jail."

The deleted-tweets claim could have been disproven by a quick Twitter search.

Later in the day, Hannity tweeted a correction and apologized.


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1 hour ago, AmazonGrace said:

Did he apologize on TV? Not everyone who watches his show is going to see his Twitter.

Good question.  Of course I am not going to watch to find out.  That man's voice sounds like nails on chalkboard times 10,000.

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