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Paul Babeu has to be stopped in AZ


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I know we're all terrified about the orange one, but this guy running for a congressional seat in AZ needs to be stopped.



The vast majority of "troubled teens" in DeSisto schools were far more often good kids who had some issues which could have been dealt with in far less intensive ways and NO ONE deserved the treatment doled out by those places.  

And here's a PSA - if your kid is struggling, how about you try to figure out why and be there for them instead of throwing money at unqualified cultists to do it for you?  Radical, I know.

Yes, DeSisto schools have been added to the Cult Awareness Network.  There are a lot of people out there who still have nightmares decades after the fact...and some others still drinking the Kool-aid.  I think those in camp nightmare fare better.

This man was complicit in very real systemic child abuse.  Anyone with s shred of decency would have seen what was going on there and used their power to try to shut it down, not sign on.

His level of involvement makes him a very dangerous man.  

You guys in AZ - keep this monster out of office.  Please.

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