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Some idiot is posting offensive signs around University of Iowa


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Some idiot has taken it upon themselves to post hateful messages around the Iowa campus.



The University of Iowa is trying to figure out who is behind offensive fliers found on campus. The fliers target the Latino, Native American, African American and LGBTQ communities.

On October 10th, someone first found fliers near the campus’s Latino Native American Cultural Center, LGBTQ Resource Center and Afro-American Cultural Center.

Just this past Sunday, a resident assistant discovered a bulletin board in a residence hall with fliers with similar messages.

Some of flyers read “are you sick of anti-white propaganda in college.” Another one reads “we have a right to exist.” The flyers cover Hillary Clinton yard signs.

(I wasn't sure where to put this so if this the wrong place I apologize).

I'm going to go out on a limb here and guess this is the work of some Orange Fuck supporters.

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18 hours ago, MarblesMom said:

Seems like there is so much hate these days.... good grief.  

People are scared - partly because the world they knew is changing so much and partly because certain individuals are using the media to capitalize on that fear. When people are that scared they turn to nasty tactics and they turn to people they don't fully understand in order to feel safe and secure. The really scary part is when they latch onto unstable leaders, such as Trump, who actively encourages this kind of thought process because it gives them a sense of legitimacy.

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