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A Dark Room


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I found this "game" and I wonder if anyone else has ventured in.  Completely different than any game I have experienced before.  I hope something exciting happens soon... it is a little repetitious at this point.

Apparently, this is a hot phone game....  I play on my laptop.


Website for the game:


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I did not know this was a cell phone game as well!

I play on the computer. I was really into it for about a weekend and then sort of forgot, remembered again, and forgot again. It's pretty amazing how simple it seems and then it just keeps getting more and more and more complex. It sort of stresses me out, almost.


There's also a similar game called The Kittens Game. http://bloodrizer.ru/games/kittens/

Similar incremental, minimalistic game but with Kittens. :tw_blush:

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