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Sting & Robert Downey Jr.


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I was a big Sting/Police fan back in the day, and while I'm not so much so nowadays I can still appreciate him. 

A friend posted a YouTube video clip from a Sting concert onto her Facebook page, & I gave a listen/watch. 

This clip looks to be fairly recent (& I don't know the whole story behind it), but RDJ joins Sting in stage & actually frigging sings lead vocals on "Driven To Tears".

I'm going to look like a fangirling fool, but I don't care. Three words to describe RDJ's singing: Ho. Lee. Shit. 

He was amazing, & I'm seriously impressed. (As if I need yet another reason to love him). ;)

And I'm sorry, I don't have the capability to post a YouTube clip here (especially when using a mobile device), but if you feel like it, check it out sometime. 

Yours in excitedness. :special-snowflake1: 

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Because I was nosy just what this topic could be:


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