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90 year old man tells cops prostitute ripped him off


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A 90 year old man noticed something was missing after a local prostitute performed a sexual act on him;



A 90-year-old Massachusetts man was arrested for soliciting a prostitute after he called police to report that the woman stole a piece of jewelry after he paid her $100 to perform a sex act.

When cops told Nicholas Salerno that he would face a criminal charge for admitting to hiring a hooker, the nonagenarian replied, “I don’t give a fuck. I’m 90 years old for Christ’s sake.”

As detailed in a marvelous Dennis Police Department report, Salerno dialed cops in late-June to report that he had paid Karen Proia, 48, for a sexual encounter in his home. Salerno said that he got Proia’s first name and phone number from a friend who reported that he “paid a girl one hundred dollars for a blowjob.” Salerno added that his unnamed pal assured him that the woman “would do it for him too.”

Salerno said that he paid Proia $100 for oral sex. Upon her departure from his home, Salerno said that he discovered a gold chain missing from atop a bedroom dresser. Salerno said he waited a week to report the theft because he “wanted to give Karen a chance to bring the necklace back,” police noted.  

Talk about DGAF.

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More power to him, I say.

My father, who lives in a senior housing apartment, has told me that during the occasional social gatherings (ie, playing cards), some of the talk can get quite racy. That both amuses & terrifies me.

But again, why the hell not? 

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