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Anyone know about this lady?


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Ladies Against Feminist reposted a 2003 article called I'm Doing Great Work. It is about a homeschooling mom of 8 (who used the word retarded btw) planning on getting her PhD. Betty Burger is probably a pen name

I wonder if she ever got her PhD.


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The way that article is worded, it sounds to me like she started out in a PhD program but dropped out with an MA (which is the norm for someone who leaves a PhD program prematurely - you leave with a master's degree so you have something to show for your work). Perhaps she was trying to juggle being a mom with completing a PhD and it was just too much so she dropped out with the MA, or maybe she did honestly come to the conclusion she found homemaking more rewarding than her career prospects with a PhD in lit.

The job market in academia can be brutal. I can see how someone might end up coming to the decision that they'd rather just be a housewife that than try to fight their way into a tenure track position as a professor. My impression is that a lot of people who pursue PhDs don't fully grasp what they're getting themselves into and end up washing out once they realize how intense it actually is.

Becoming a housewife is definitely not a choice I would make myself, though - I have a doctoral degree and had the good fortune to end up with a job I find extremely interesting and rewarding. Her article seems to be implying that ambitious career women are more focused on materialism and money. For me, it is not about money - it's about intellectual stimulation and doing work that I find meaningful.

My husband will most likely end up being the one who does most of the work at home once we have children. I am very thankful that I live in a culture where it is okay for men to be househusbands and for women to pursue careers if they wish to do so.

Yes, working with small children, sickly elderly people, or mentally challenged people can be very rewarding - but that doesn't mean that the person who does that work ABSOLUTELY MUST have a vagina. Some women don't find that work interesting or well-suited to their skills, while some men are very well-suited to it.

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