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Brave girl raised Jehovah's Witness speaks out against JWs


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This video is going viral now, so some of you may have seen it already, but if not, I thought some of you might enjoy seeing this strong and articulate young woman talk about being raised Jehovah's Witness - and why she left :


http://www.patheos.com/blogs/friendlyat ... n-youtube/


Some people may not see what the big deal is about giving this type of speech. Sadly, by speaking out like this, she is risking a lot, as she acknowledges in this heart-wrenching statement:



I’m actually not Disfellowshipped yet. But I know it’s coming because of my speech (I’m sure this post won’t help, either). Saying anything against the religion is considered apostasy and I know I’ll have to deal with the aftermath of my speaking out sooner or later. I just hope it doesn’t happen before my graduation next week.

I love my family and want them to be there when I cross the stage — but if religion gets in the way, that may not happen. I want them to be proud of my one last time before they cut me out of their lives. They will take this speech very personally and feel that I am speaking out against them and the other members of this religion. To be clear, I don’t hate Jehovah’s Witnesses. My frustration is with the Organization. They’ve destroyed families and have many secrets. While most members, including the ones in my family, are kind people who believe they’re simply doing God’s Will, I think they’re victims, just as I was. Maybe they’ll realize that one day. Until that happens, though, I know my family members will excommunicate me in order to “save†themselves (and, in their eyes, me).


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I'm not sure which family she's talking about. Both her mother and father have left the JW. Perhaps she's referring to her extended family. Glad her love of education is taking her to college.

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Yes, since it sounds like the mother is currently being shunned by other relatives because they found out that the mom is in some ex-JW support groups, I took her comments as referring to extended family.

I think she is relatively fortunate that her parents are both out and won't shun her (I know of other JWs who unfortunately have been shunned by their own parents, which I find disgusting). However, if you are close enough to your cousins/aunts/uncles/etc. to care about having a relationship with them, it can still be a huge loss to lose that part of your family.

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