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Paine blog reports from Big Sandy, etc


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Shall we discuss the Paines' happenings, or put whatever convention blog reports here? I'll leave up to Free Jinger members to choose.

If you want to talk Paines, Thomas and Dakota are headed to "minister in the Philippines for the month of May." There was "reconciliation" among family members in Big Sandy (I would love to know more about that--was there in-house drama that got hashed out, or a problem with Chad & Erin [assuming they went--idk if they did, but of course they did :lol: ]? Probably a boring quibble among sibs who see each other every day :roll: ) Young Danny got to sit up front for a ride in John's plane. John David Duggar, I presume, though we only see pictures of the back of his head.

If you want to talk about whatever blog posts you see that mention the ATI convention and sweet, sweet fellowship, put it here! I enjoy playing name that fundie, but most of you are better at it than I am. I saw an update last week, I think, from that Sarah Johnson gal who works at HQ and has been discussed here occasionally.

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