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Violent groups of homosexuals and evil feminists oh my!


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KimC is doing a giveaway! Apparently

You’ll also see real video footage of Christian churches in San Francisco being attacked by violent groups of homosexuals.
. This is followed by another movie about the evils of feminism

Most of her blogs I can deal with because she doesn't push the whole 'wayyyy far to the right' too far (until she talks about how she used to wear her hair up all the time because of spiders in her house (omg gross).

Opinions? Could anyone get through watching the clips without vomiting? I feel sorry for people who have had their families threatened (first clip) but aren't these the same people that turn around threaten, and talk about how people that don't prescribe to their world views are these awful abhorrant beings? It almost sounds like turnabout is fair play...

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Okay wait.. Hitler sign, footage from what looks like the 80s or earlier... several clips that look like they have nothing to do with homosexuals...

The feminist one... how the hell do you go from feminism to the state owning your children without the parents.... How do you define dressing loose?

Comparing feminism to the holocaust is quite... WTF. Seriously.

how sad for these people.. seriously.

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