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Swedish rainbow version of the Russian National Anthem


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In honour of the Sotji Olympics and the recent crackdowns on gay rights in Russia.

"2,000 people of the city of Stockholm gathered at the Stockholm Olympic Stadium to show their support to the LGBT people of Russia and to sing the most beautiful national anthem in the world."

Results so far: 300.000 shares, plenty of angry Russians and conspiracy theories galore (gay lobby! freemasons! pedophiles!)

Favourite quote:

"Well I think that's just not fair! Why nobody supports relations between men and women, why nobody sings to praise traditional families? " :violin:


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My favourite quote: "A "fun" till you don't know that you are in part of free-masons-satanists propaganda."

Ooooo, they go deep! (no pun!) Because it is propaganda to hold hands in public or have a child in a stroller. A child! Those filthy hobbitses...errr...I mean gays! The amount of hate in those commenst is too damn high.

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