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Serious self-abasement from 'A Living Sacrifice'


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Everyone's favourite Victoriana-loving mother is doing a series of posts on marriage, discussing why so many marriages fail (it's because of feminism and working women and a general lack of wifely self-abasement) and what wives should do to make their marriages work (abase themselves! abase themselves!). Link: http://bealivingsacrificeDOTblogspot.com/

The thing that really annoys me is the way in which fundies always act as though SOMEONE has to be the leader in a couple. If the husband isn't 'in charge' that must mean that the wife is. It's as though they simply cannot conceive of two human beings of different sexes treating each other as equals. It's just not on their radar. To quote A Living Sacrifice:

When a wife steps in and takes over her husband’s authority and position as leader, by trying to be the boss and make the decisions, she is not only in rebellion against her earthly authority, her husband, she is also in rebellion against God himself. She has made the decision to be HER OWN GOD, by placing herself EQUAL TO GOD and deciding for herself what is best for her instead of trusting God to make that decision through her husband.


Wives must also love their husbands unconditionally; according to A Living Sacrifice whatever the husband says or does the wife MUST SHOW LOVE by being submissive and respectful and everything will be all right! I seriously hope that this woman is not in a position to advise women who are experiencing domestic violence:

Remember 1 Peter 2:18- 3:1, how did God say he wanted us to respond to suffering? Even if we are suffering wrongly, we are to respond as a humble servant and follow Jesus example, by surrendering all our rights to God, and trust Him to take care of the rest! So, STOP, HOLD YOUR TONGUE and pray for God's grace to forgive your husband and choose to show him unconditional love regardless of how he treats you! Only God can give you the grace to do this and you will experience the joy of victory over your PRIDE! The more you CHOOSE to LOVE your husband UNCONDITIONALLY, the more love for him will grow in your heart, and the less his words and actions will hurt you.

Another thing I think about when I read this kind of crap is how momumentally arrogant/insecure her husband and other husbands must be to expect the kind of behaviour from women that she describes. It's grotesque. I feel sorry for her daughters, being brought up to believe that their only purpose in life is to someday be a man's servant.

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