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Homosexuality Is Three Times As Dangerous As Smoking


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What a ridiculous video. Stupid, stupid, stupid. :angry-banghead:

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Ok, folks.

Smoking: choice.

Homosexuality: not a choice.


I also couldn't tell if they were trying to say that homosexuality is "dangerous" for the homosexuals or for their kids (Heather's "two mommies"). It was a horrible comparison, but I don't think logic is what they were going for.

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How can being gay be harmful to anyone?

It harms Jesus and god of course. they just can't deal with it. And fundies of course because you know it is their job to make everyone conform.

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My night consisted of great sex and then we both smoked a cig.

So.. I should be dying in 3, 2,

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More dangerous than smoking? How does this work? Do the 50-year-old married couples who sneak away into the Ramble for nostalgia's sake catch especially contagious and lethal forms of pneumonia?

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I just can't even...That video :angry-banghead: :angry-banghead:

From a quick pubmed and google search, there is no Journal of Epidemiology (unless you are talking about the journal of the Japan Epidemiological Association). There is an American Journal of Epidemiology, a Journal of Epidemiology and Global Health, and a Journal of Clinical Epidemiology but no Journal of Epidemiology (and I doubt they read the Japanese version).

There are however several articles which do show that gay and lesbian men and women (particularly young men and women) are more likely to participate in risky behaviours (smoking, drinking, etc), but guess what??? It turns out that if young LGBT people live in an area with supportive religious community they are much less likely to engage in these behviours: Am J Public Health. 2012 Apr;102(4):657-63.

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Well, yeah. Duh. Smoking might kill you, but at least you'll go to heaven. Whereas, if you're gay, you'll go to hell. If that's not dangerous, I don't know what is.

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^^Here's an article I found that breaks down Janet Porter's B.S., including a link to the actual journal article she "cites." Props to Michael Ross for dispelling false fundie data and bringing Porter down about five pegs. :clap:

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