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Bizarre thread on imamother


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It seems to be a scam. If the friend is in Europe wouldn't socialized medicine pay for her surgery?

socialized medicine doesn't pay for bullshit surgery

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Spoke to her on the phone just now. Basically she met this guy from Paris who comes from a very religious family and since they are soon to be married (please G-d), she is worried because her hymen has broken (sorry to be so personal), - although she has not had relations before - and she is scared because he told her that he expects things to be a certain way. So she wants to have an operation to repair the tissue. I told are "are you mad?" It is normal for that to happen in some girls and to have an operation for that is crazy right?!!!!!!! Any operation comes with risks and it is perfectly normal situation, I told her she needs to sit down with her boyfriend and tell him the reality that it is not always what he has been taught. If he doesn't understand he has serious problems!! She said I am right.

So, let me understand. Her hymen was broken through "innocent" means, yet she cannot share this with a man she is about to marry. Instead, she is begging for money to have SURGERY that will perpetuate a lie that her hymen is intact.


Hymen restoration DOES exist and its some fucked up shit.

Not being a virgin does not come as a surprise anymore these days. Many women lose their virginities at an early age, more so in this modern world of ours. Virginity is, in some corners of society, still considered a precious possession. Wouldn't it be nice if women could somehow reclaim what they have lost?

Sensual Body Dream is dedicated to help. Truth is, virginity CAN be reclaimed, and revirgination is a set of different plastic surgeries and exercises intended to make you look and feel like a virgin once again. Vaginal surgery, which is one of revirgination's fastest growing segments, forms the core of revirgination.

3 -7 days before you marry you can have surgery to pretend to be something your not to make your man feel special!

Hymen repair surgery involves suturing the remnants of the ruptured hymen together along with a gelatin capsule containing a blood-like substance.

A small section of vaginal wall is dissected for the reconstruction when the hymenal remnants are insufficient. The procedure is considered very simple.

Your husband will be convinced of your virginity when the capsule bursts during intercourse.

Awesome way to make yourself subservient and start your marriage off with a lie!

My guess is that the friend really wants the money and that its real, either that or the poster just needs some attention. I doubt that the BF would ask for it since its a known lie and serves no purpose. She probably just ants it so she can pretend to be a virgin.

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Definitely think it COULD be a scam myself (but I just started reading the first page). Whether this case actually is or not, this type of thing happens all too frequently.

In my local paper there was a story about an older couple who were scammed. The scammer pretended to BE one of their own relatives (grandson, IIRC), in trouble in a foreign country after a car accident, then arrested, and needing some money to get out of trouble.

The couple was just very very naive (perhaps never travelled or lived abroad) and didn't think to do the obvious things like call the US embassy in the country to confirm any of this or get local language help. They ended up swindled out of $60K and wrote their story as a warning to others.

Meanwhile in Japan there's a name for this sort of scam, the "ore ore sagi" ("it's me it's me scam). The crook calls up the victim (usually an grandparent type) often on a cellphone, does the "it's me! it's me! Your relative [whoever]! I'm in [some trouble]" and then convinces the victim to go to an ATM and do an electronic money transfer into a certain account, right there live on the phone. Once transferred, that's the end of the money (though a smart scammer won't tip off the victim, so he can call again).

It's to the point where some places were talking about putting cellphone jammers around ATMs (which are usually in a special room inside the entrance to a bank) to make it at least a bit harder for these scams to succeed. Also, doing massive publicity about it.

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My money? Marshmellow and the friend are the same person and that account is hacked too.

They were hoping other people would help with their "surgery" and had to crank the crazy up a notch when everyone realized it was a scam.

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