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Anyone have sources for statistics on number of US Fundies


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Anyone know how I can find info on how widespread some of these practices are in the usa

Courtship/ie, parents choosing spouse

no birthcontrol preached, practiced/ quiverfull

anti woman preaching/beliefs promoted/believed

If there is any info on how many actively work toward dominionist rule.

It seems to be more widepread than it used to be, and I would like to know if it is a big problem or if I'm just a bit paranoid?

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I have no idea of the statistics or where to find them - but i think one problem you'll run into is if you are looking , for example, at no birth control - well the massive Catholic Church officially preaches against it, but the vast majority of members practice birth control.

Southern Baptist theology seems fairly anti-woman leadership - but Hilary Clinton is a Southern Baptist.

I think what I'm trying to say is that except for the small, creepy, hard-core fundamentalist sects /practices I think it will be hard to find a significant correlation between what is preached and what is practiced.

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You might try the book, "Quiverfull" by Kathryn Jacobs:

http://www.amazon.com/Quiverfull-Inside ... quiverfull

I don't remember that there were stats within, but you may find some sources you can run down.

There is also a book called "Handbook of Denominations in the United States" that's pretty regularly updated, and each denominational summary talks of positions regarding the issues of interest to you.

I doubt there are any statistics, as I don't know of any full-scale research project regarding dominionism or patriarchy having been done.

One thought is to view the public US Census Bureau statistics -- I think it is asked about religious affiliation, but cannot remember.

You could also try searching Christianity Today magazine's archives online, or their sister publication, Christian History.

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The General Social Survey (GSS) might have some questions that would be useful, probably moreso for the birth control issue:


I was going to suggest the GSS as well. You could come up with a set of question answers that correlate highly with "fundie-ness" -- for example, finding it "very important" to follow church teachings or believing that evolution is "definitely not true" -- and create estimates from there. (I don't know if the data allow you to identify people who, say, have answered eight or more questions out of ten a certain way, though; I've only ever used the GSS for basic statistics.)

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