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The Kellers

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Updated 5/4/2014

Mike and Suzette Keller are the parents of eight children. They homeschooled all eight children using ATI curriculum on a large property in Florida, consisting of a small trailer, tennis court, soccer field, and swimming pool. Mike runs a prison ministry in Florida, which many of his children have helped him with. This prison ministry has, in recent years, also become very connected with ATI & Journey to the Heart. He also has had a chronic health condition for over 10 years.

Esther is the eldest of Mike and Suzette’s children, born in 1981. Esther married John Shrader in 2001, and they have since had 8 children (Enoch- 2003, Alatheia- 2004, Timothy- 2005, Nehemiah- 2007, Agape- 2008, Elijah- 2010, and Charis- 2011, Sophia- 2013) with one more on the way. John has previously worked as a sales associate at a car dealership and as a pastor in Oregon. John and Esther have been travelling the country, residing in a camper or a church basement and relying on the donations of others, since 2012 as they work to earn sponsorship from churches to become missionaries to Zambia. The date of their departure has been pushed back multiple times. John consistently awes readers of FJ (when his Facebook isn't shut down, which periodically happens) with his lack of concern for the lives of his wife and children.

Rebekah is the second of the Keller children and is 31 years old. She resides in Texas with her husband, Josh, and their two daughters. Josh, like Rebekah, was raised in an ATI home, but after the two married, they left ATI and the Quiverfull Movement behind, and are now conservative Christians. Josh made waves by posting an expose about the Duggar-Keller wedding on Duggars Without Pity (duggarswithoutpity.blogspot.com/2009/01/insights-from-insider.html). Rebekah and Josh, unlike many of their siblings, keep their lives very private.

Daniel is the third Keller child at 29 years old. He married Candice a week after Josh and Anna got married in 2008. Candice wasn’t raised in an ATI/Quiverfull household, but instead met Daniel when she was in a home for troubled teens to recover from drug problems. The Keller family visited the home on a mission, and a year later, Daniel and Candice got married. The Keller parents were not happy when they began seeing each other, but Daniel got a secular job and moved to South Carolina to be with Candice, the Kellers cut him off. In 2012, Daniel and Candice became parents to Brighton, Candice’s biological nephew, whose birth parents weren’t able to provide for him. Candice has visited FJ on multiple occasions to clear up rumors.

Priscilla is the fourth Keller child at 27 years old. She married David Waller, an employee of ATI, in 2012 and moved to Chicago. They have one son, Paul, born in 2013, and are expecting their second child in November 2014. Priscilla and David have a blog (davidlovespriscilla.com) and often post videos on YouTube. Their odd blog posts and cringe worthy videos are of constant entertainment to FJ. David's sexuality is often questioned, but his status as a pecan thief is not.

Anna is the fifth Keller child at 26 years old. She married Josh Duggar in 2008, propelling the Keller family into a high-profile position in the ATI community. The couple has three children (Mackynzie- 2009, Michael- 2011, and Marcus- 2013) and the speculation train on M4 has left the station. Anna's family moved from Arkansas to Washington DC in 2013, where Josh is employed by the Family Research Council. The family is often the subject of 19 Kids & Counting.

Susanna is the youngest Keller daughter at 20 years old. Susanna, often known as Suze, was featured on 19 Kids & Counting during Josh and Anna’s wedding and while she lived with the couple during the summer before Mackynzie was born. She was sent to live with Josh and Anna after she was accused of being “worldly,” and later moved in with her sister Rebekah and began wearing pants, cutting her hair, and wearing makeup. She also attended culinary school and began working in a restaurant. She had open Google+ and Facebook pages for some time and often posted about her love life and relationship, or lack thereof, with her parents. Susanna was engaged to a man in 2012 who visited FJ a couple times. The two of them broke up, and a few months later she announced that she was pregnant and engaged to a new man, who also visited FJ. They have since broken up and in 2013, Susanna gave birth to a daughter named Noelle. She lives as a single mother and has kept a lower profile since her most recent breakup.

The Kellers have two younger sons, Nathan and David, who still live with their parents. They have not been featured on 19 Kids and Counting at all and do not have an internet presence, so little is known about them. Recently, they have been pictured visiting Chicago on David and Priscilla Waller's blog.

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