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A seductive, antifeminist woman


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I stumbled over this blog a long time ago, I think Ladies against feminism brought me on the track ("Be feminine" etc.):


Wanted to snark about this a long time, but put it off because I have difficulty wording my concerns about it. Of course, the whole blog is artificial and superficial to the utmost, but many fashion blogs are like that. This blog is different still (and not talking about the author's amateurish try to monetize it), women are made into objects that have to look and behave in a certain way to find a husband, which is considered the ultimate goal in life, and NOTHING ELSE COUNTS.

And the requirements for finding a husband are basically what's taught to fundie girls, only thinly veiled through the slightly more "immodest" layout of the blog. Be submissive, keep it sweet (enforced through the pseudo-cutesy language used throughout: honey, sweetie, dove...), keep smiling, do not badger him with your problems, all your hobbies shall point toward your ultimate goal of having a husband and a home and so on and so on. But enough emphasis is put on looking good all the times to discourage even hardcore fitness freaks.

The latest post moved me to finally post about it, because it could appear on any blog we discuss here:


"Of course, the modern school system, and feminism, have a huge part to do with what's happening with our Gen Y girls. Unless these rebellious 'independent' girls have learned some very hard lessons in the 'school of life,' the brazen girl grows into a brazen woman. "

Now where's the puking smiley when you need it?

I've got difficulty to wrap my head around this blog, because on the one hand, it is so superficial, and yet so like it was written by a frustrated patriarch who tries to impersonate a woman, that's wh I can't form a coherent criticism, but as I said before, I did not want to keep it from you for snarky purposes, because I can't remember having it seen discussed here before.

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The ironic part is every now and then a fundie will complain that young men aren't asking young women to get married. They aren't accomplishing their main goals-marrying off their virginal daughters.

All the endearments come off as patronizing. In my actual off line life, I have sometimes referred to younger people that I know as sweetie or honey. However, I've never written those endearments because they sound false in print.

With the conditions existing as they do today, to train a young girl, and to teach her to choose for herself the better and more noble things, to influence her to have the real desire to reach higher than the majority do, and to do something really worth while in life, this is an almost super-woman achievement!

Their highest achievments seem pretty unspectacular to me.

Why a woman should be virtuous, never promiscuous and experience the fallout

**By the way, dove, remind you daughter/s that worthy men will stick around if you don't sleep with them!

I'm not certain if I was promiscious by most people's standards but I was probably by this writer's. I do not regret premarital sex at all.

How to use your femininity to attract men

Or you could just be yourself. Why would you want to attract and keep a man who doesn't know who the real you is?

I don't think that Ladies against feminism would recommend this site though. They tend to want girls to sit and wait passively for their future husbands to fall from the sky. Flirting is a bit too wild for them

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The instinct of a man is to pursue everything that flies from him, and to fly from all that pursue him" - Voltaire

Not true. Of course, you shouldn't stalk someone or pressure someone to date you but that is true whether you are a man or woman. There is nothing wrong with asking a man out.

After years of studying the 'ARS AMATORIA' (the art of seduction,) and of studying the many intricate dynamics of male/female relationships, I understand a man’s great need for games, as well as for chasing!

Men really do adore the CHASE (whether they admit it or not,) and pursuing a woman on a 'labyrinth path.' Men also subconsciously prefer a woman who's a challenge to men - who's 'hard to get.'

I think that men or women who like the chase will probably end up as future stalkers.

Furthermore, this desire for a hard to get woman, for a coquettish woman is still widespread today. Moreover, playing the part of a 'coquette' never fails in its exercise to introduce the essential elements of pain and doubt into a male-female interaction.

Isn't a coquette pretty aggressive? I used to like flirting a bit when I was younger and see it as harmless for the most part.

Stir up a man's desire for you, and make him "jump through hoops" to please you ;-)

• Become the woman that all the men want and COMPETE for

Maybe I'm strange but I never wanted either of these things. I respect my husband too much to want him to jump through hoops for me. And I don't want men to compete for me. If I cared for anyone, why would I want them to feel that they have to compete for me? I wouldn't like a man doing that to me.

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