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Treasures from a Trashbag on Circle of Moms Vote


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Kelya wrote:


Typical fundie bullshit about how all the Pagans are so scary from the lady who I think should be runner up for most disgusting fundie of the year. (Note: I deleted the person who made the comment and response's name and photo)

Also, yes, Wizards of Waverly Place makes sorcery and witchcraft look fun. But if you're openminded and educated and discuss things with your kids and don't teach them to believe in thousand year old stories as literal truth, they'll understand that TV style witchcraft doesn't really exist and that wiccans, pagans, etc are a valid religious group who deserve the respect you expect from others.

Edited to try and clean up the quote (sorry if its still awful) and to add that the last few weeks have been busy for the Christian blogosphere....every few posts a "Christian" blog is begging for support, updating everyone on the competition, discussing how this is a trial for their faith, etc...its pretty sad, no wonder people are crying in their closets!


I don't know about you, but seeing the Circle of Moms list of top blogs makes what the Lord has commissioned me to do even more real and urgent. I am so glad you participated and stood strong!

Treasures from a Shoebox It was a real eye-opening experience! I honestly had no idea how popular it has become to be a "witch". I heard a very powerful quote during the screening of the movie Agenda at the homeschool conference (if you haven't seen this movie, I HIGHLY recommend it!). Brannon Howse said: "Pagan spirituality is doubling every 18 months. I'll tell you Pagan spirituality and Christianity will both get you to God, but one will get you there as your Judge, the other as your Savior." Thanks for your support and encouragement, Kristin!

Wednesday at 9:10am


God has convicted me about a Disney show my children watch occasionally called "Wizards of Waverly Place". I have never let them read or watch Harry Potter, but I thought this show was cute and harmless .... but after seeing all the "witches", I can see how that show might make becoming a "witch" or "wizard" more interesting and inviting. I had no idea that Paganism was growing so fast! Is the movie name "Agenda"? and is it on Netflix yet?

Wednesday at 10:26am

Treasures from a Shoebox Yes; the movie is called Agenda: Grinding America Down. It's a MUST-SEE for every Christian! I plan to do a blog post on it soon. We first saw the trailer on a site I am an affiliate of (on my blog, click on the link in the sidebar: Family Vision Films. It's listed in All Films page 2). Then they showed the film at the homeschool conference. Terry & I went to the screening and immediately purchased the DVD afterward. It is a powerful movie! Netflix doesn't have it (I'm not sure they will carry it due to the nature of the film). We are watching it Friday night as a family when our friend Josh comes for the evening. I will probably write a review of it next week. But in the meantime, you can see the trailer at the Family Vision site.

demgirl wrote:


Koala wrote:

She is such a twit. Good god.

emmyfair wrote:

ooooooooohhhhhhhhh mmmmmmmmmmmmyyyyyyyyy goodness!


twin2 wrote:

"Pagan spirituality is doubling every 18 months!"

Well, I'll be sure to stock up on canned goods, bottled water and batteries this weekend.

TerrieES wrote:

So, out of curiosity, I looked up this "agenda" movie. It's straight up "All liberals are communists or dupes." The official website even has a reading list that includes Ann Coulter. Blech.

defrauding wrote:

Math fail. If it's really doubling every 18 months, the entire world will be Pagan in fifty years. If there are already, say, 16,000 Pagans in the world -- and that's a deliberately low guess -- we'll all be Pagan in thirty years.

(2 ^ 33 = 8,589,934,592; 33 * 18 months = 594 months; 594 months / 12 months/year = 49.5 years)

(2 ^ 14 = 16,384; 33 - 14 = 19; 19 * 18 months = 342 months; 342 months / 12 months/year = 28.5 years)

amie wrote:

She's got an open letter to Maria Shriver on her blog, in which she deplores Maria to forgive Ahnold and honor her marriage vow, "'til death do us part." She concedes Maria had no choice when it came to Ahnold's decades of infidelity, but insists the ball is now in Maria's court; choose to honor God by honoring your marriage vows. Translation: You're husband repeatedly betrayed his marriage vows? While that sucks donkey balls, forgiveness is divine yo! Regardless of the commandment your husband broke, if you choose to leave him, the dissolution of the marriage is YOUR fault, and YOURS alone.

MuseMama wrote:

People only show their ignorance when they think things like Harry Potter or the Wizards of Waverly Place will lead children to Paganism. As if true Pagan spirituality has any resemblance at all to those things.

Koala wrote

I read that comment

Can you imagine being a kid, and having such a nut for a mother? I swear these people will fall for anything.

emmyfair wrote:

Spot on!

SunnyAndersn posted:

WHAT??!!! Real witches don't carry wands and fly on broomsticks? But Hogwart's is real, right? Please say it's real a muggle like me needs to believe. The only spell I've ever tried has been on DH:

Hectis pectis, penis erectis

I get laid every time! It works every time, even though I'm not a real witch and don't have a wand.

keeks21 posted:

When I was a kid I wasn't allowed to read Roald Dahl books or Harry Potter, or watch Pokemon because of the magic use.

When I read the first harry potter book a few years ago, I died from it's awesomeness and also turned into a witch*


fundiefan posterd:

I've never seen anyone flying on a broom or conjuring over potions. But, I do know quite a few Pagans.

I get more of a scary hocus-pocus vibe from unbalanced Christians than I do any of the Pagans I know.

Austin posted:

I read Bedknobs and Broomsticks as a girl. It really didn't inspire anything witchy in me. . . well, I guess that depends on who you ask. . .

brashchick posted:

OMG, I am the sin in the camp (actually I ususally am no matter what "camp" I am in ) No more frumper lover !

Burris posted:


Inkygirl posted:

I wasn't allowed to watch Matilda has a child 'cuz my Mom thought it was about a witch. Yeah, but I was allowed to read The Chronicles of Narnia and I watch The Power Rangers. Mr. Inky always wonders about my mom's censoring abilities.

Childless posted:

Ugh. My sister's kids aren't allowed to read or watch Harry Potter, but she lets them watch the Star Wars films (basically the same story and the same characters) and the Wizard of Oz. Yeah, not a lot of thought going into anything. I just shake my head and roll my eyes. Even her oldest daughter thinks she's nuts.

Curious posted:

None of these people seem to understand that actions have consequences.

Action: A bunch of whiny "christian" women get their underoos in a wad because people not JUST LIKE THEM enter an open contest (that likely very few people on the internet know or care about).

Consequence: Their whackadoodle religious views go viral and a whole bunch of people that didn't know (or care) about the open contest vote for the OTHER people in order to hand the whiny religious nutbars their asses.

If they had kept their fat mouths shut, a few Pagans might have been in the top 25, but Courtney (I think it was) probably would have won and it still would have probably been a majority of christian blogs in the top 25.

Bella99 wrote:

I think those magic words activate his wand.
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On the subject of the contest: Is Circle still verifying the votes? I would think nearly a week would be enough time to check IP addys for robo-voting.

And, did they ever mention a prize of any kind for the winner - or maybe bragging rights & a site button are the prize?

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Guest Anonymous

From the Q & A:

What do I get if I make it into the Top 25?

The final Top 25 will be featured on The RoundUp to our 6 million moms. The article will include a short interview and picture of each Top 25 winner.

There are dozens and dozens of 'Top 25s' for all sorts of mommy and daddy categories, so I doubt there would be prizes...

There is no longer anything on the site about verifying votes, so I guess Mrs B takes the crown! :dance:

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