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  2. GreyhoundFan

    Trump 41: Waiting For My Impeachment

    "Trump, not understanding treason, names people he thinks committed the capital crime" Of course he doesn't understand the meaning of treason. His kindergarten level of comprehension is not that sophisticated.
  3. Or Jello. Anything sweet. Anitifeeeze is said to have a sweet taste. I wish antifreeze makers would make it more bitter tasting. Not because I think huge amounts of people are poisoning their spouses. But because animals will sometimes lick any spilled antifreeze and poison themselves. If it was bitter, they would likely take one lick and be done with it. Likely not enough to poison themselves.
  4. samurai_sarah

    Britain and Brexit business

    Just to ruin every non-Brexiteer's day in the UK: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-politics-48384000
  5. just_ordinary

    Bates 26: Do Not Attempt This at Home

    While I agree they all are still Fundie and I don’t see any of them (except 1 couple maybe) shifting I wonder how much of the changes really are conscious steps to look less like freaks and what happened because they realised it just didn’t work and looking less like freaks was just a positive coincidence. Courtship standards, frumpers, dancing, etc. I don’t think those developments are actually important but I am not sure they are done „to make [the] cult less creepy” (to quote @nelliebelle1197).
  6. formergothardite

    Trump 41: Waiting For My Impeachment

    Pelosi really knows how to get to him and make him do what she wants. He plays right into her hand every single time. I think he is really scared of her on some level.
  7. Add me to the list of watchers of the Whodunit shows... (but I am picky, too).
  8. I discovered The Unforgotten on PBS a few months ago. Not true crime, but I really like the way they develop a story over time.
  9. LittleOwl

    Britain and Brexit business

    Can we just have the sound engineer instead as PM (or even Larry the cat)
  10. Yoohoo! Jill! From the King Jimmy: https://www.biblegateway.com/passage/?search=1+Samuel+16%3A7&version=KJV This passage refers to Samuel looking for a king of Israel. Samuel is basing his criteria on who looks the part.
  11. Today
  12. Jill video continued: *Blaaaaaaaaah, my browser decided to go back a bunch of pages suddenly and I lost all of my typing. I feel very demoralized. I am not watching that part of the video again, so now I will attempt to recap my recap while I weep. *The lights suddenly went out in the RV, leaving Jill and her hostages in utter darkness. She tells a boy to turn on a light. It is a very low light but I can still make out Jill's eyeliner perfectly. (And now things get dangerous for me because the kids speak and I don't like to snark on kids. I will try to be careful; these kids didn't choose their shitty life) *Phillip is 15. He wants to be a preacher and has preached 4 times now. He reminds Jill of herself when she was a teenager--she felt very strongly about other Christians doing wrong when she was young and implies that he feels the same. Phillip starts speaking, complete with the usual Rod "umms" and looking constantly up and to the side. He's only 15 and I hope he continues to work on his public speaking skills. He says that immodest girls don't "turn him on". He wants to dress Godly (Jill interjects a loud AMEN here) and is attracted to modest girls only. He doesn't know why, he claims, he just is. Jill is thrilled with this testimony. *Gabriel is almost 13. Jill giggles about how short he is and says he said he needs to grow more. He says he never said that and Jill laughs and basically says "Well, you thought it!" HAR HAR HAR HAR! Jill says Gabe is confident about his body but needs a growth spurt. Gabriel wants to see women that dress Godly. He looks to see if older women in church are wearing skirts but they are only "5% of the time". They should be an example to younger ladies--Jill interjects that these older ladies in pants are a bad example because they are supposed to be teaching. Gabriel thinks everything Phillip said was great. When he sees someone in a skirt in a store it is very rare; it's only "a couple percent". *Jill takes back the camera. When the kids see people dressed to Rod standards at a store or something--long skirts and makeup--they get excited and tell each other that the people must be Christians. Jill says she knows her family looks weird, but since she'll go to heaven (and the "and you won't" can go unsaid here), it's all worth it. *There is one more modesty video coming out, and it's based on a paper that David either wrote or compiled from other people's words; it's not clear to me. Jill still loves you if you don't agree with her, but reminds you that you have to face God one day. She's proud of Gabriel's use of percentages and throws up one of her own. 95% of people go along with everyone else, she claims. Be like that precious 5%. Be like Jill. The end
  13. Howl

    FBI raids Michael Cohen's office

    Brilliant observation and sadly true. And if we think it's bad with Barr now, just wait. My hope is that there are some DoJ employees willing to risk prison to blow the lid off Barr's future bad acts. No decent person in the history of our country ever imagined an AG as compromised and corrupt as Barr. But back to Cohen. Rick Wilson is writing behind a paywall now at Daily Beast, but a tweeter quoted Rick from his recent article: “Think of him [Michael Cohen] as a douchebag Rosetta Stone to Trump’s personal, sexual, legal, and financial shenanigans.” Edited to note that Rick Wilson's paywall articles at the Daily Beast are released after about a week or so. Here's the full paragraph and why Cohen is still relevant: I highly recommend the full article (no longer behind the paywall), which lays out a compelling argument for delaying the beginning of impeachment hearings. DON’T DESPAIR: Pelosi’s Strategy Is Working, and Trump Is One Step Closer to Being F*cked
  14. I hate how Jill treats Gabriel. I hope that boy gets the fuck out of Rodville at his first opportunity. Usually in Fundie land, the girls are treated worse than the boys. But wow. Jill treats Gabriel like crap.
  15. AmazonGrace

    Trump 41: Waiting For My Impeachment

    that tie looks like he forgot to remove his disposable plastic bib after lunch
  16. So she can talk about Gabriel's height and make him uber-sensitive about it--because, obviously, it bothers Jill enough for her to keep driving this point home in a public arena--but you try to talk about her makeup and she gets all defensive? She can talk about David's ears but would throw a fit if someone suggested she lay off the eyeliner? How is she not making money off of offering herself as a subject to be research in a psychology/psychiatry clinical trial somewhere?
  17. fraurosena

    Trump 41: Waiting For My Impeachment

    Ah. This might be the reason the presidunce felt the need to make a statement about his stable genius.
  18. Alright, the time has come for another shitty Jill video. And like Jill, I am also joined by one of my children this morning--my 5 year old, who is not feeling well and staying home from pre-school. She is pressed up against my side feverishly as we watch. The cat is also making occasional appearances; she likes to scold me in the mornings (I have the audacity to sleep at night and ignore her). *Phillip and Gabriel are indeed here. Phillip is wearing a suit and tie. Gabriel is wearing a sweater vest and tie. Jill is wearing short sleeves. It is the end of May; someone is either overdressed or underdressed here. Excuses according to the book: *Pants are more modest in some occasions. BOOK RETORT: No they aren't, lol!!! JILL RETORT: sometimes skirts fly up so Jill and other modest people wear something under it. Something long. *It is not always convenient to wear a dress. BOOK RETORT: That's no excuse, heathen! Wear them all the time and you will feel uncomfortable in pants. Train yo-self! JILL RETORT: Jill had a cold shower because the girls used all the hot water this morning. But it's good to suffer sometimes. Not everything has to feel good. It's worth feeling uncomfortable for Jesus' sake (I guess he...likes that?) *It's legalism to dress a certain way. BOOK RETORT: The author isn't telling you to dress like that, Jesus/the Bible are telling you to. Even heathens have standards; is that legalistic? JILL RETORT: (she doesn't make one) *Kids will rebel if you stifle their dress. BOOK RETORT: The kids will not rebel because it's Jesus wanting this, not just the parents. Remove temptation by dressing them in potato sacks from birth so they don't chafe at a change in dress later in life. JILL RETORT: When David was an unsaved youth his parents drank but said he wasn't old enough to. They were only basing that on the stupid old manly law, not a Godly law/standard. Children judge those weaknesses/double standards. So if the parent dresses modestly, the kids will also, and if they have a problem it's an issue with them and God, not them and Jill. *It is not okay to use the Bible to make men and women dress differently because that scripture is about ceremonies. (I may have fucked that up) BOOK RETORT: All those ceremonial laws were done away with when Jesus came on the scene.....*however*….the verses in question are exempt and don't apply to ceremonial law--they just happen to be in the same place as those other laws. Gosh guys, how can you not see that? Har har har! JILL RETORT: We make any excuse to do what we want. That seems to be the end of the rebuffs. (To be continued)
  19. Why do people want to make fun of someone else's weight? There's not enough actual uncool things to snark on other than someone's struggles with their body that exist outside of the realm of their harmful beliefs? Kind of difficult to believe we're on a better level than the folks we're discussing here if we're willing to stoop to such cheap and hurtful shots that can be just as painful for the people reading here as you intended it to be for the target. I'm sure it's wonderful living with zero flaws and I'd also like to be in that position. Unfortunately, I am not. Hopefully, if I ever regress to the level of snark-worthy behavior in fundamentalism, you'll care more about my actions and beliefs than whether I'd ought to be hopping on the stair master on the reg.
  20. The picture Jill posted on Instagram with a baby picture of Kaylee for her graduation clenches it for me. I’ve always thought Janessa was a little Kaylee and that baby picture looks so much like Janessa. At least Kaylee’s cake had everything spelled right. And the balloons look less sperm like when they aren’t sideways. Although it was very sloppy handwriting.
  21. fraurosena

    Mueller Investigation Part 2: Release The Report

    I'm sorry Bob, but if you're such a stickler for the rule of law as you say you are, you know the witness doesn't get to decide how they testify before the committee. Begs the question why you are so anxious to hide from the public...
  22. Sorry, the presidunce is too busy boasting about his stable genius to answer your letter, let alone invite you over.
  23. Pink Muffin

    Lori Alexander 66: An Assortment of Cheap Whines

    No honey, "the haters" are there because your godly mentor pays money to boost her posts, thus her post shows up on random people's feeds. Oh how I despise Lori.
  24. fraurosena

    Trump 41: Waiting For My Impeachment

    Good grief. I wonder why he feels the need to reiterate this blustering braggadocio.
  25. It's not to me, I think that's vile. To snark on Josh's weight is to imply that what he looks like has anything to do with how horrible he is. He deserves the hate for who he is as a person, but if he looked exactly the same but was a wonderful person people wouldn't mock his looks so why do it now? And ditto their hair - I am sure the nasty comments (which I don't see much of and can't remember the last time, but I don't see everything) hurts other perfectly lovely men who happen to be losing their hair early. IMO the comments about people's inherent looks are just mean girls shit and detract from what the real problem with these people are. Now the part of their look that they choose? If JRod gets mocked for that makeup, or Michelle for sporting a crunchy perm in 2019 so be it...they choose some ridiculous fashion statement for attention than attention they will get. I see your point, but for me it illustrates mine. I'm not concerned about protecting their feelings. I'm concerned about the message the body scrutiny sends to other FJ members and guests who read here. I'm just speaking for myself.
  26. fraurosena

    Britain and Brexit business

    Teresa May is out. Boris Johnson is in. Sadly, it will make no difference to the shitshow that is Brexit.
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