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I made die-hard cranberry haters like cranberry sauce, so I've got that going for me, which is nice.

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All right guy
s, I'm quite proud of the apple-cranberry sauce I whipped up this year. Just toss a bag of dried cranberries, a half cup of cranberry juice, a half cup of apple cider, and a cup of sugar, and a cinnamon stick into a pot. Cook five minutes. Add two chopped apples (I used honeycrisp). Cook another five minutes. Make a slurry with two teaspoons of cornstarch and some of the juice from the pot. Add that, and cook another five minutes. Chill until jiggly. I want to try it with fresh, I think I'd need to up the sugar content for that. It might not look like much, but it's autumnal and festive and delicious.

Also: one part spiced rum, two parts cranberry juice, two parts apple cider. I like the combination of cranberries and apples, can you tell?


Cranberry Sauce.jpg


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  • Posts

    • nelliebelle1197


      22 hours ago, mstee said:

      From what I read, he said he’d known since he was 12 but repressed it after that. He gave a couple of interviews to radar online. I feel so badly for his former wife. That must’ve been such a blow. I believe he’s 65 so that’s a huge life change. I think he’s very brave to be so honest, I just feel badly for the family. He mentioned in the interview that his children have been accepting, which is wonderful.  I wonder if this will change any of the kids’ belief in the Mormon church. I think the kids are all adults, now, though so it may be different than had they been children when he came out. 

      Marriages break up all the time. I am proud of Ed for finding courage. We don’t know the dynamics and if the wife wanted out because she wants real fulfillment in her dotage and to stop pretending. Ed may just be taking the blame. This could be a good thing for the whole family.

    • nelliebelle1197


      1 hour ago, Howl said:

      So, I have to wonder if the wife is being encouraged to stay with her husband, no matter what.  Seven kids.  She has few (no?) options for financial independence.  Her now disgraced husband may very well go to prison. 

      This asshat (the pedophile) believes that the punishment for women having an abortion is death.  The abuse went on for years. I have to wonder (if the victim is a girl) how she avoided pregnancy, or if the whole thing blew up because she became pregnant.  And the victim is a relative. 

      Yes, it's great that the church folks went straight to the police and CPS, yada yada, but the toxic stew that is patriarchal headship is still ongoing for all the women and girls in that church.  

      Howl, heartbreakeningly she was was likely too young to get pregnant.

    • notsocommon

      Posted (edited)

      I know this couple, went to college with them.

      His wife is visually impaired, if not completely blind.  It is going to be extremely hard for her to work and support her kids. 


      Someone in a FB thread is claiming to be from the church and are saying that the church is ‘not holding her to this marriage.’

      Pretty sure the church only went to the police because of all the recent focus on this issue. 


      Lastly, the victim has to be his own child.  Who else would he have access to multiple times a day, everyday? 

      Edited by notsocommon
      • Sad 2
    • Caroline


      13 hours ago, VVV said:

      This professional musician could not agree with you more. :::::::::applause:::::::::

      And congratulations to your daughter!

      Thanks, WV :)

      Last weekend I was admiring the work of a local artist and told him that I'm not artistic in any obvious sense, but I'm an appreciator of all kinds of art and music  He assured me that was an important role too!   My daughter is just at the beginning of her journey, but we're hoping she'll be successful in the ways she wants to be.  Congrats to you to sticking to your dream.

      • I Agree 1
    • SweetLaurel


      43 minutes ago, SilverBeach said:

      VS is positively tame, does anybody remember Fredericks of Hollywood?

      My mom used to shop there....she went out once with a dress that showed her butt crack in back and I can remember being traumatized....I was like 13 or so.