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pumpkin cheesecake disaster (but delicious)



So I attempted to bake a pumpkin cheesecake (in my new to me fancy oven) for a holiday party. Let's just say it didn't go very well, to say the least.  My new range is electric viking (never used electric before). The oven has settings i have never used such as convection oven, bake, oven, convection bake, and another setting. *side note I didn't buy this range it came with the new house i just purchased. Well lets just say I used the convection bake option and it didn't work out well for me. :my_huh:  I wish I had pictures, but sadly i do not. Inside of the cheesecake was delicious, the crust and top were burnt to a crisp and uneatable. So my mom being the master baker she is took the recipe and made it correctly and it was  delicious. So, i wanted to share it with all of you.



Chocolate pumpkin cheesecake

3 8 oz cream cheese, softened

1 Oz can pumpkin puree

4 large eggs

3/4 c sugar

1/2 c light brown sugar

1/4 c sour cream

2 tsp van extract

2 tbsp all purpose flour

1 tsp pumpkin pie spice

1/2 tsp cinnamon

1/4 tsp kosher salt


24 Oreo, whole

6 tbsp melted butter


preheat 350* don't use convection bake option lol

beat cream cheese until smooth, add pumpkin puree, eggs, sugars, sour cream, vanilla, pumpkin pie spice, cinnamon, and a pinch of salt. Beat until combined and no lumps. set aside

Crust crush Oreo until fine crumbs form, add melted butter and coat Oreo crumbs.

spray 9in spring form pan with cooking spray and press Oreo mixture to the bottom of the pan.

pour cheesecake mixture on top of Oreo crust.

Bake for 1 hour.

once baking is done release pan and let cool for 1 hour, then refrigerate for at least 4 hours


Optional but delicious

drizzle chocolate and caramel on top and serve with whipped cream you won't be sorry 


PS my mom said next time she will bake this using a water bath but i don't know to do that.  I'm just a girl who reads recipes tries them and usually burns it. Then gives mom said recipe and she makes them better. But i am determined to learn how to bake. :pb_lol:


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I bet this makes a yummy cheesecake! Can you clarify how much pumpkin puree to use? The recipe says: "1 Oz can pumpkin puree"


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When using convection, you have to lower the temperature by about 25 degrees and keep an eye on things. I also learned this the hard way!

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On 12/19/2016 at 1:22 PM, withaj said:

When using convection, you have to lower the temperature by about 25 degrees and keep an eye on things. I also learned this the hard way!

Thank you for the tip!! I will try that next time. I'm having a really hard time with this range. I have always had a basic run of the mill gas range my entire life. This electric range with all of its bells and whistles, has really got me. I have burnt just about everything i have tried to bake dessert wise. I'm not the best cook, but i have never been this bad.

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    • mymelody

      Posted (edited)

      Caitlin talks so much about how 'traditional' she is, she is so traditional that she was able to leave her parents, go to college, marry a man they don't approve of etc. What I don't understand is that 'tradition' means those terrible things too, it means your father (in some cases mother) promising you to a man he chose from your birth/a very young age. There would be no chance for her to be with her current husband and marry him without the presence of parents. Of course I don't know about her father but we do know her Mother didn't go to her wedding because of her disapproval of the groom. The only reason she could do this is because of the current free society that emerged from hardwork of people including feminists!! who as we know she is so against.


      She also mentioned in one video (too lazy to look through) that women's femininity allows them to nurture and take care of those around us for example aging parents. Then I wonder, why not mention briefly that some parents are too toxic to be around so you shouldn't care for them as they will take advantage of you and try to control you. I also do not like people who think this way parents shouldn't be having children thinking that the children will always take care of them, it's selfish. If Caitlin is not 'taking care' of her mother than can she please be honest as this is not a healthy standard to put on anyone. I know because I was forced to look after my grandmother and she took advantage of me.


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    • Renee


      22 hours ago, Gussie said:

      Ironically, I fear less for the little kids, and more for the older kids who will give themselves to the nurturing of their younger siblings, only to be left resentful, and anxious and disadvantaged when later facing the world.  It is pretty clear that the situation is overwhelming for the dad in the family.  The boys seem to understand the situation, but that Thomas is moving out (he never ever said that while his mom was alive.  He planned to stay home till he could afford to buy a house in cash.  Now he will be gone in a matter of months.).  The next older boys are not ready for this challenge.  

      I find it so interesting, surprising actually, that Thomas is saying he will move out very soon after his 18th birthday in January.

      Thomas seems so close to his Dad. It looks in the videos that he is always attentive to him, watching him, and of course he's his moderator. Thomas sat at his Dad's side for the whole 2 hour random Wednesday chat.

      I just find it so curious that Thomas wants out, particularly during a time the family is reeling at losing Mom. Tom clearly wants him to stay, so ...... I just find it surprising and we may know more with time.

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    • Pleiades_06


      11 hours ago, louannems said:

      My youngest is 30 years old so it's been a while since I have bathed small children but I'm pretty sure it included soaping up the private bits.  I honestly feel uncomfortable having an older brother washing his baby and toddler sisters. I'm sure Asher is doing a fine job but it just doesn't seem like a job a teenage boy should have to shoulder.  And I'm sure he has to.

      I'm aware Andrea said the kids only get one bath a week, but still.  All the more reason to thoroughly soap up!

      I agree that the kids don’t need to  take so much responsibility for  the younger kids, but I don’t think an older brother bathing younger siblings is any more of a problem than an older sister doing it. In fact, I think it’s good kids go beyond gender prescribed roles so they can learn how to be well rounded, capable adults. 

    • Eternalbluepearl

      Posted (edited)

      In the latest instagram post, B is for Braggie says she feels weird quoting herself from her speech at church, then does. I'm not buying the felt weird part. 

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    • marmalade


      In a Twitter post a while back, Derelict said that he never said that he opposes birth control. So, there's that

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