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Totally Not A Blog

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I thought it might be a good idea to have a place to write about what's going on in my life, since big things are rapidly happening.

First thing is that I'm getting married April 2016. Possibly even March. It's happened pretty fast but there's really no reason to wait since we don't want a party or a big wedding, and the sooner we're married the sooner my fiance can apply for a spouse visa and live here full time. I'm so happy and excited to marry him, I wish we could do it even sooner. I really couldn't hope to find a better partner than him <3

Second thing is that I'm disabled and live with chronic pain. I've finally managed to get in to see a pain clinic that offers comprehensive treatment. That comprehensive treatment means 5 hour sessions with everything from psychologists, psychiatrists and surgeons. Three five hour sessions. That's going to be really hard for me. I hate talking to strangers, especially strange doctors because doctors have been so fucking useless to me for the past 15 years of my life. My fiance will be able to come to my final appointment with me (thank god), and my mother will come to the first (you have to bring a relative/partner to certain appointments) but I know she's going to say stuff that will humiliate me because she has zero fucking tact.

I'm also going to have to work on fixing up my apartment that I haven't lived in for 2 years so my fiance can move into it with me. It's going to be a bit of an adjustment, going from living by myself, being on my own all day to living with a partner full time.

He has a job lined up (not that he can be paid until his spouse visa is approved) that means in a few months when his tourist visa expires he'll be out of the house most of the day. I never really saw myself as the stay at home wife type, but here I am. Hopefully we can both finish up our degrees and one day I'll be in a position to work. I don't want him to have to be the breadwinner, that's too much pressure on top of having to move half a world away. He's prepared to do it because he's wonderful, but it's not what I want.

So yeah, got to fix up the apartment. Needs tons of cleaning (which I can't do, but my family is helping). I'll have to sort a lot of my shit into boxes and put the boxes... somewhere. God knows where. It's a lot going on at once for me and it's a bit overwhelming.

On top of all that I'm really sick at the moment. Like, can't get out of bed for more than a trip to the bathroom or kitchen for a glass of water.

If anyone actually reads this (which I doubt), don't worry. I'm sure I'll be on to bitterly eviscerating episodes of A Game of Thrones in no time at all. God damn, the writing on that show...

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Hope you feel better soon! Take good care of yourself. Lots of exciting things to look forward to. 

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    • danvillebelle


      Oh I'm sure Braggie would brush it off with "that's what we wanted" or "that's the aesthetic we like."  

      I guess so, if your aesthetic is "don't know what the fuck we're doing but plowing ahead anyway because we're too arrogant and cheap to hire a decent architect".

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    • xenobia


      Schools for kids under 16 and daycare centers have been open here in Sweden during all this time. No child under 19 has died. Two teachers died in April (separate cases, not related). Even if that's tragic, we don't know how they got infected. That could have happened anywhere, not just at work. And in the age group 20-39 (presumably the parents to these kids) there are very few fatalities. 24 to be more precise, in a population of more than 10 million people. We know that several of them didn't have children, so kids were not involved in those cases. Statistically more teachers, children and parents would have died if it was high risk to keep schools and daycare centers open. But I also want to add that this of course includes that you were not allowed in school (goes for both teachers and kids) if you're sick. You have to stay home even for the smallest hint of a cold. That is easier when you get paid sick leave for up to three weeks without as much as a doctors certificate. I'm very grateful that we have that safety net here. 

      I do understand that there are big differences between different countries. What's right in one place isn't necessarily right in another. My point is that it's very likely that younger children don't seem to get sick even if they catch the virus and - perhaps more importantly - they don't seem to transmit the virus that easily to other kids, teachers or parents.

      I'm fully aware that there are cases where kids have been really sick and even died from C-19. Each of those cases is of course a horrible tragedy. But unfortunately those things happen, even before C-19. The question is where we draw the line, when closing schools is overall a better thing than keeping them open. It's also dangerous to keep schools closed. I'm thinking of kids who live with domestic abuse or other bad situations at home. For some kids, school is their only safe place.

      There is a lot of research going on on this topic, and today the first bigger comparative study of schools and evidence of transmission in Sweden and Finland was published. Finland had much fewer cases, and their schools were closed. Sweden has had a very high infection/death rate, and kept schools open. So the comparison is interesting. If someone is interested you can download the report here. Don't worry, It's in English :) (hint: their conclusion is that it was better to keep schools open)



    • TuringMachine


      8 minutes ago, danvillebelle said:

      The doors at the bottom of the built-in close over the baseboard.  It looks like he didn't measure it out properly and just stuck the doors on anyway.  :pb_lol:

      McMansion Hell would have a field day with the Braggie Barn.

      Yeah the mismatched heights are all over the house, so I guess that's just the "aesthetic"? But the doors ending halfway through the baseboard just looks so silly.

      Definitely on the McMansion Hell. A lot of her interiors would get a circled "how?" on their ceilings. 

      Like whatever is happening in these two


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    • allthegoodnamesrgone


      1 hour ago, Knight of Ni said:

      They could at least have ironed their suits.

      Jana was busy and didn't have time to get to it. Give her a break, she's only one woman. 


      That was sarcasm, and it would be funny if it weren't at least partially true. 

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    • libgirl2


      2 minutes ago, livinginthelight said:

      Child care is a huge issue which hasn't been decided. How to do child care safely? What about the parents who need it who can't afford it? There are truly no good answers.

      The district is saying (and I do agree with this) that a consistent half day is better than random full days. The bulk of the learning will be during that half day, with supplemental (like PE) being done remotely.

      A few of the smaller private schools in the area are meeting in person full-time, with masks. Those schools are at capacity now. There are a number of homeschool groups that are getting a lot of new applications.

      I'm so glad my son is past those days. He is planning on going back to school for computer networking but the community college in our area is doing almost all online learning. 

      I have a friend who has two little ones. She is a science teacher who has taken a few years off to be at home with the kids. They are really lucky as she has some wonderful lesson plans for them. The oldest will be entering first grade and I believe she is looking at structured  online learning for him. 

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