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Remy almost ended up in the brining bag with the turkey. Samsam danced all over the kitchen.

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I love the fact my turkey is bathing in a white bucket.  A sanitized white bucket.  

Sweet circle of life, I am using a white bucket.  For food.

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    True story, I used one of those giant oven bags to brine my turkey this year because the whole white bucket thing just grossed me out and I was already in a bad mood.

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The white bucket thing is one reason I've not tried brining my turkey.  My usual recipe works fine.  I know you don't have to use a white bucket, but you do need space in your fridge which I don't have.

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This is the "party" bonus fridge in the garage. 

If I had to use the one in here, no way.  It never would have worked.

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Posted (edited)

@Blahblah let me introduce you to the Naugler thread and their ... use.... of white buckets.  And I am sorry for introducing you, but yet, you need to know.

I think it starts here:  http://www.freejinger.org/topic/23282-naugler-family-10-children-removed-from-home/


And it goes on and on.  Not just on FJ, everywhere.

Final word: my white bucket was pristine, and no one had had to lay in the yard in pain.

Here, Grappa!  Here, Cognac!  Come on, ya'll are needed.  

ETA I almost feel guilty telling you about this.  I am sure you have more important things happening in your life.  

Edited by MarblesMom

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Ah. Ok. It's like that is it :D

Haven't been down that rabbit hole yet. I get limited time here so have been selective about where I venture. If you don't see me for a while please send in the ferrets.

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  • Posts

    • squiddysquid


      Well you inevitably have to get naked during some point of the birthing process...

      Even fundies have to - hell, Anna Duggar was filmed giving birth on a toilet - I challenge you to top that!

      But srsly just the pre surgery process - you can't be more exposed than that - luckily in that case we can knock people out.

      Bare chest for the 12 ECG, than the catheter insertion - which in males requires firmly holding the penis up with one hand at 90° - so honestly we are used to it.

    • SweetJuly

      Posted (edited)


      Childbirth is lots of things, it's amazing and magical, but it's also a very physical experience that can be quite raw and rough. I do think it's important to be able to ask these questions and get honest answers - after all, it's concerns many women share, and it's always better to have it all out in the open so we don't feel too embarrassed about things happening to our bodies that are natural and normal.

      Edited by SweetJuly
      sorry if I used women, I am a non-native speaker and unsure about the correct terminology to use "people who give birth"(?)
    • mymelody


      Apparently I am obsessed with her cringe, i felt sick at the husband's 'seed' tweet🤢🤮

      I don't have to explain how messed up the other tweet is 🙄



    • adidas

      Posted (edited)

      I didn’t need a pregnancy test to know I was knocked up - my breasts were shouting it loud and clear from about a week before my period was due. I always did a test for confirmation anyway, but I didn’t really need to. Even my Dr used to joke about it. 
      I was stark naked during both labours because I was in the birthing tub. I will admit, I was shocked when my midwife helped me out of the tub to go to the bathroom and I started to walk to the door ... she said no, just stay there - and put one of those absorbent disposable mats under me. She told me just to pee on it and it was SO hard to do. Easier than getting dressed and walking down the hallway though 🤣

      I figure if it wasn’t okay, she wouldn’t have encouraged me to do it. 

      Edited by adidas
      Smelling pistake
      • Upvote 1
    • squiddysquid

      Posted (edited)

      41 minutes ago, Iamtheway said:

      they were all probably traumatized over the fat, naked lady.

      They definitely were not, a lot of what we do requires patients to be stark naked, that doesn't leave an impression on us. If staff are traumatized by people in their birth suits, they picked the wrong freaking job, cause that happens every 15 minutes. Srsly if somebody flashed me in a park i wouldn't even shrug my shoulders, business as usual.

      Edited by squiddysquid
      The only thing I'm concerned about is that it makes patients feel embarrased cause they think we might feel uneasy... rest assured we don't care.
      • Love 1

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