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Sospiro di dama-A dame's sigh




This was my birthday cake this year, I took pics because I meant to post it to celebrate with you the first Madam President (my birthday in November 7th) but we all know how well that plan went. The romantic and delicate name (no idea where it comes from) of the cake wasn't fit for the rage inducing occasion anymore. 

Anyway here's it, containing the right amount of chocolate and grappa (or rum, or cognac as you prefer) many of you may find helpful to face a festivity with unbearable relatives. 


-6 eggs, 6 spoonfuls of sugar, 250gr of white flour, 150gr whole wheat flour, 200gr amaretti, 200gr of chocolate, 140gr of butter, 4 big pears (or nashi or apples as you prefer), 50gr of grappa, a pinch of salt, baking powder. 


I prepared all the ingredients, melted the butter, sifted the flour with the baking powder and the salt, put the yolks in a bowl with half the sugar and the whites with the other half of the sugar, cut the chocolate in chunks, crushed the amaretti (not too much, better to leave them in pieces not a flour) and peeled and diced half a pear (the other half became my daughter's mid afternoon snack) and some little nashis (to be honest the recipe required apples but I love chocolate and pears). Heated the oven.

I whipped the whites till hard and then the yolks until they change consistency, ripples and the sugar melts. 

I mixed them carefully stirring with a slow bottom-up movement until the mixture became homogeneous. 

Added the flour slowly one spoonful at a time always mixing as before, when it started becoming too dense to mix well I started adding some melted butter and alternating it with adding the flour. 

When the mixture was homogeneous again I added the chocolate, the amaretti and the fruits. Last thing the grappa.

Poured everything in the oven pan and cooked for 45 minutes more or less (always check with a toothpick) at 180ºC.

And this is it


If you take it out immediately from the oven pan and let it cool on a grid it won't shrink.

And the following morning for breakfast



I should have put confectioners sugar on it but my daughter tends to inhale it eating and then chokes and coughs. 

I love this cake, it's a spirit lifter.

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Interesting. Is chocolate a traditional addition? I have had similar cakes but without chocolate. Chocolate makes everything better. Looks delicious.

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Yes chocolate is part of the traditional recipe. The only changes I made are in the process (ie I whipped whites and yolks separately) and I used pear and nashis instead of apples.

Agreed on chocolate, it makes everything better. 

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    • Mama Mia


      That definitely looks like Josie Duggar. It’s always so surprising at that age — she looked so little in the last photos of her (maybe in the spring?) - she looks much older here, like the almost teen she is. As to where she is sitting, it’s clearly either quite a bit before, or right after the ceremony, when people are milling about. She might have just sat there for a minute to talk to whoever the girl is next to her. Then moved to a seat near a sibling or her parents.

       At most weddings I’ve been to the first couple of rows are closest family — but how would that even work when your siblings, their spouses, and their kids total 50+ people?  Just save the front row for parents and grandparents? 

    • FeministShrew


      @SassyPants the major healthcare system in my area (that most of my doctors are connected with) has a space on forms for your preferred name, so I don't get called by the long version of my name (which I detest and never use unless I have to). My ophthalmologist and glaucoma specialists do the same thing. Makes me happy! The long name vs. short is a minor annoyance in the grand scheme of things, I know, but it's nice to be called by your preferred name.


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      You have to believe, except Jesus.


      Ok folks you can go to Church, you can go to the alter, you can read your KJB but if you have never been Born Again. You won't be going to Heaven. You have to Believe, receive and Except what JESUS did on the old Rugged cross and Repent from yourself to GOD.


    • AussieKrissy

      Posted (edited)

      I agree that kid looks so much like Josie D 

      but the twin duggar looks like Jed not Jer to me but the girl looks like Hannah not katey 🤷‍♀️

      Edited by AussieKrissy
      Edit to add der that’s what the original poster said about the twins
    • backyard sylph


      My dad was christened Billy Joe, back in the early 30s. People called him Bill. I guess that would twist the minds of people who thought you had to backname a Chloe. 

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