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Sospiro di dama-A dame's sigh



This was my birthday cake this year, I took pics because I meant to post it to celebrate with you the first Madam President (my birthday in November 7th) but we all know how well that plan went. The romantic and delicate name (no idea where it comes from) of the cake wasn't fit for the rage inducing occasion anymore. 

Anyway here's it, containing the right amount of chocolate and grappa (or rum, or cognac as you prefer) many of you may find helpful to face a festivity with unbearable relatives. 


-6 eggs, 6 spoonfuls of sugar, 250gr of white flour, 150gr whole wheat flour, 200gr amaretti, 200gr of chocolate, 140gr of butter, 4 big pears (or nashi or apples as you prefer), 50gr of grappa, a pinch of salt, baking powder. 


I prepared all the ingredients, melted the butter, sifted the flour with the baking powder and the salt, put the yolks in a bowl with half the sugar and the whites with the other half of the sugar, cut the chocolate in chunks, crushed the amaretti (not too much, better to leave them in pieces not a flour) and peeled and diced half a pear (the other half became my daughter's mid afternoon snack) and some little nashis (to be honest the recipe required apples but I love chocolate and pears). Heated the oven.

I whipped the whites till hard and then the yolks until they change consistency, ripples and the sugar melts. 

I mixed them carefully stirring with a slow bottom-up movement until the mixture became homogeneous. 

Added the flour slowly one spoonful at a time always mixing as before, when it started becoming too dense to mix well I started adding some melted butter and alternating it with adding the flour. 

When the mixture was homogeneous again I added the chocolate, the amaretti and the fruits. Last thing the grappa.

Poured everything in the oven pan and cooked for 45 minutes more or less (always check with a toothpick) at 180ºC.

And this is it


If you take it out immediately from the oven pan and let it cool on a grid it won't shrink.

And the following morning for breakfast



I should have put confectioners sugar on it but my daughter tends to inhale it eating and then chokes and coughs. 

I love this cake, it's a spirit lifter.

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Interesting. Is chocolate a traditional addition? I have had similar cakes but without chocolate. Chocolate makes everything better. Looks delicious.

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Yes chocolate is part of the traditional recipe. The only changes I made are in the process (ie I whipped whites and yolks separately) and I used pear and nashis instead of apples.

Agreed on chocolate, it makes everything better. 

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  • Posts

    • mollysmom


      59 minutes ago, SassyPants said:

      I distant relative just named his baby Emerald and she will be called Emmy.

      I love that! I think it's beautiful....both her name & her nickname! 

    • nelliebelle1197

      Posted (edited)

      22 hours ago, mstee said:

      From what I read, he said he’d known since he was 12 but repressed it after that. He gave a couple of interviews to radar online. I feel so badly for his former wife. That must’ve been such a blow. I believe he’s 65 so that’s a huge life change. I think he’s very brave to be so honest, I just feel badly for the family. He mentioned in the interview that his children have been accepting, which is wonderful.  I wonder if this will change any of the kids’ belief in the Mormon church. I think the kids are all adults, now, though so it may be different than had they been children when he came out. 

      Marriages break up all the time. I am proud of Ed for finding courage. We don’t know the dynamics and if the wife wanted out because she wants real fulfillment in her dotage and to stop pretending. Ed may just be taking the blame. This could be a good thing for the whole family.

      19 hours ago, hasunah said:

      Well he is . Maybe I'm just not into the mood of celebrating somebody who essentially ruined a woman's life and cheated her out of a real relationship . 

      Damn, that attitude drips with patriarchical homophobic pig grease. A woman’s life is not runined by divorce.  In this case, she may be happy as hell. She may be INSTIGATING the divorce. They may have both gone into this with eyes open and had a wonderful journey they both want to end. She may be a closeted lesbian. She may have a lover on the side who just freed himself for marriage. You have no idea the dynamics of this family. 

      The Smarts have money and well adjusted grown children they obviously parented well based on Elizabeth. She has a new chapter opening and to say her life is ruined is cruel as hell.

      Edited by nelliebelle1197
    • nelliebelle1197


      1 hour ago, Howl said:

      So, I have to wonder if the wife is being encouraged to stay with her husband, no matter what.  Seven kids.  She has few (no?) options for financial independence.  Her now disgraced husband may very well go to prison. 

      This asshat (the pedophile) believes that the punishment for women having an abortion is death.  The abuse went on for years. I have to wonder (if the victim is a girl) how she avoided pregnancy, or if the whole thing blew up because she became pregnant.  And the victim is a relative. 

      Yes, it's great that the church folks went straight to the police and CPS, yada yada, but the toxic stew that is patriarchal headship is still ongoing for all the women and girls in that church.  

      Howl, heartbreakeningly she was was likely too young to get pregnant.

    • notsocommon

      Posted (edited)

      I know this couple, went to college with them.

      His wife is visually impaired, if not completely blind.  It is going to be extremely hard for her to work and support her kids. 


      Someone in a FB thread is claiming to be from the church and are saying that the church is ‘not holding her to this marriage.’

      Pretty sure the church only went to the police because of all the recent focus on this issue. 


      Lastly, the victim has to be his own child.  Who else would he have access to multiple times a day, everyday? 

      Edited by notsocommon
      • Sad 2
    • Caroline


      13 hours ago, VVV said:

      This professional musician could not agree with you more. :::::::::applause:::::::::

      And congratulations to your daughter!

      Thanks, WV :)

      Last weekend I was admiring the work of a local artist and told him that I'm not artistic in any obvious sense, but I'm an appreciator of all kinds of art and music  He assured me that was an important role too!   My daughter is just at the beginning of her journey, but we're hoping she'll be successful in the ways she wants to be.  Congrats to you to sticking to your dream.

      • I Agree 1