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Feed Jinger

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Baking with veggies



So lately I've been doing my best to empty out the freezer. So I got out my pumpkin puree and my lumpy beetroot puree and went looking for recipes. The purees were made from roasted veggies last year.

I have a go-to pumpkin waffle recipe thanks to Smitten Kitchen. The trick to a good texture for those is to have a good smooth puree and do not over-beat your egg whites. It makes a huge difference to the recipe if the egg whites are still soft. I didn't take photos because I forgot and I won't rehash the recipe, because you can just follow the link if you want to see if.

I came very close to making beetroot puree waffles, but at the last minute decided not to. It was probably a good plan because there really is such a thing as too many waffles. Instead, I decided that I didn't want to cook something for dinner and we would eat beetroot pikelets (mini pancakes). I also forgot to take photos so this is the only picture you will get:




My Beetroot Pikelet recipe:

  • Whisk together beetroot puree*, one egg, milk* and a packet of vanilla sugar (you can also just use a spoonful of plain sugar)
  • Add self-raising flour*, a dash of cinnamon and a pinch of salt.
  • Melt a bit of butter in your frying pan then pour the excess into your batter.
  • Mix it all together; it should be only just slightly thicker than pancake batter - mine was too thick. Add more milk, or flour to get to the right consistency
  • Add spoonfuls of the batter onto your frying pan. Flip when you get little holes appearing on top and cook the other side.

Serve warm with freshly made raspberry and strawberry jam. YMMV but I swear, it's not quite as weird as it sounds.


*If I was going to guess how much milk, puree and flour should be used, I'd go with half a cup for puree and milk, and a cup of flour. I could be way off because estimations of stuff like that is really not my thing. 

And my ginger is still growing, just in case you were wondering



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We could exchange ginger pics!

I have decided mine is not getting enough sun so OUT! it goes for the summer.

We shall see how it does.

I'm not sold on beetroot pancakes.  I would suggest it to Mister Spoon, but his opinion of beets is unprintable . . .

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@SpoonfulOSugar you could add any other sort of vegetable puree; like carrots, turnip or parsnip, but then probably without the jam, cinnamon and sugar.  ;) I've also seen pumpkin pancake/pikelet recipes floating around out there.

I remember to feed my ginger plant every time I do a foodie blog :P

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Geechee Girl


I haven't been successful in growing ginger. What's your secret? If I had some beet purée, I would probably try latkes.

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@Geechee Girl mine hasn't ever given me much ginger-root so I just leave it in the ground to regrow the next year (it worked, i was a bit surprised). The trick to getting it to start is to find ginger than hasn't been sprayed, or one that already has nice eyes (sometimes if you wash them enough they'll grow even having been sprayed).  I was planning on experimenting more this year but ran out of time.

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Geechee Girl


I haven't been successful in growing ginger. What's your secret? If I had some beet purée, I would probably try latkes.

@OnceUponATime do you bury the whole piece underground?

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@Geechee Girl yup. I didn't put too much soil on top. I probably need to add compost again because that container should be pretty depleted  by now.
There are some cool youtube videos out there for growing ginger. I would love to have a setup like this guys


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Geechee Girl


I love ginger beer, but I have yet to find some as spicy to my liking. 

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    • forgetmenow

      Posted (edited)

      8 hours ago, older than allosaurs said:

      I've always liked the phrase folie à deux. I associate it with besotted lovers who've lost all touch with objective reality. Wikipedia says "Folie à deux ('madness for two'), also known as shared psychosis or shared delusional disorder (SDD), is a psychiatric syndrome in which symptoms of a delusional belief, and sometimes hallucinations, are transmitted from one individual to another." Is that what's going on here?

      Interesting thought!

      Weirdly, I was close to two people that I fully believe wound up sharing folie à deux.  It ended two lifelong friendships for me and it was an unsettling and sometimes scary situation at its peak.  I believe that the pair that I knew fit into the subcategory referred to as folie imposée (a dominant personality imposes their delusions on the other, but with separation the delusions disappear from the non-dominant person).    Until just now, I assumed that was the only manifestation of this illness. 

      I just saw, though, that there's another type, folie simultanée.*  If Spanky and #2 suffer from it, judging solely from what they've put out for public consumption, I would believe it's this one, as both parties seem to have had serious problems prior to meeting, which have only gotten more public, if not more severe.

      It is a weird, horrible thing to witness firsthand.

      *two people considered to suffer independently from psychosis influence the content of each other's delusions so they become identical or strikingly similar, or one in which two people "morbidly predisposed" to delusional psychosis mutually trigger symptoms in each other.

      Edited by forgetmenow
    • hoipolloi


      1 hour ago, JMO said:

      And @browngrl it was Kelly Brown who was married to Bradrick. 

      Yes, she remarried a couple of years ago and has at least one more kid with the new husband.

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    • Banyan


    • AmericanRose


      5 Ways To Be A Better Wife! || Treat your husband the way you would want to be treated 💙
      CA says she's also going to do a video about ways Husbands can be better for their wives. I think I would like her if she hadn't decided her personality was "married conservative".


      1. Communicate. She uses the examples of a husband not noticing you wearing a new dress, getting a haircut, or giving the house an extra cleaning, which is totally not stereotyping at all. Her advice is to tell him what would make you happy (IE, "if you come home and notice the house is clean, give me a hug and thank me"), because he wants to make you happy. She also says not to let anger percolate, and don't let your emotions run away with you.
      2. Respect your husband even if you disagree. "But it is very important for men to feel respected; that their wives respect everything about what they do and who they are and how they think." I guess women don't care? 
      3. Show him love in the way he receives it, not the way you want to give it. This is based on the book "The 5 Love Languages", which CA loves. Weirdly enough, she mentions having made her whole family read it, but when she says "figuring out your husband's love language", she doesn't mention having your husband read it.
      4. Always make your husband feel loved and respected when you're around other people. CA asks if you've ever been out with a couple and the wife is constantly poking fun at/complaining about her husband while he's right there. CA suggests you want to be the kind of wife an unmarried man looks at and hopes he can find someone who loves and respects him as much as you do your husband, and making your husband feel the same way you do when he makes you feel beautiful and loved.
      5. Figure out the chores each of you likes and dislikes, and make it work. I'm shocked to hear CA washes the dishes and her husband takes out the trash.

      Me clicking play: "Eh, can't be that bad."
      Me at the end of the video: "I should count how many eye-rolls these videos receive."

      I mean, the advice isn't bad, but how is it specific to husbands? Do women not value being respected? She could have made just one video... but I guess that would be too inclusive. If you put "spouse" in the title, LGBTQI+ might watch! She and MM do the same thing; the advice is gender-neutral, but they make it specific.

      I'm interested in her video for the husbands, though I have a feeling it's going to focus on how to make your wife feel loved... and beautiful. 🙄

    • mstee


      I saw Joy and Austin’s dog in the latest episode on their front porch with his food dishes and only a towel to sleep on. 😕 They could at least get him a bed if they are going to make him live outside. 

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