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Baking with veggies




So lately I've been doing my best to empty out the freezer. So I got out my pumpkin puree and my lumpy beetroot puree and went looking for recipes. The purees were made from roasted veggies last year.

I have a go-to pumpkin waffle recipe thanks to Smitten Kitchen. The trick to a good texture for those is to have a good smooth puree and do not over-beat your egg whites. It makes a huge difference to the recipe if the egg whites are still soft. I didn't take photos because I forgot and I won't rehash the recipe, because you can just follow the link if you want to see if.

I came very close to making beetroot puree waffles, but at the last minute decided not to. It was probably a good plan because there really is such a thing as too many waffles. Instead, I decided that I didn't want to cook something for dinner and we would eat beetroot pikelets (mini pancakes). I also forgot to take photos so this is the only picture you will get:




My Beetroot Pikelet recipe:

  • Whisk together beetroot puree*, one egg, milk* and a packet of vanilla sugar (you can also just use a spoonful of plain sugar)
  • Add self-raising flour*, a dash of cinnamon and a pinch of salt.
  • Melt a bit of butter in your frying pan then pour the excess into your batter.
  • Mix it all together; it should be only just slightly thicker than pancake batter - mine was too thick. Add more milk, or flour to get to the right consistency
  • Add spoonfuls of the batter onto your frying pan. Flip when you get little holes appearing on top and cook the other side.

Serve warm with freshly made raspberry and strawberry jam. YMMV but I swear, it's not quite as weird as it sounds.


*If I was going to guess how much milk, puree and flour should be used, I'd go with half a cup for puree and milk, and a cup of flour. I could be way off because estimations of stuff like that is really not my thing. 

And my ginger is still growing, just in case you were wondering



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We could exchange ginger pics!

I have decided mine is not getting enough sun so OUT! it goes for the summer.

We shall see how it does.

I'm not sold on beetroot pancakes.  I would suggest it to Mister Spoon, but his opinion of beets is unprintable . . .

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@SpoonfulOSugar you could add any other sort of vegetable puree; like carrots, turnip or parsnip, but then probably without the jam, cinnamon and sugar.  ;) I've also seen pumpkin pancake/pikelet recipes floating around out there.

I remember to feed my ginger plant every time I do a foodie blog :P

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Geechee Girl


I haven't been successful in growing ginger. What's your secret? If I had some beet purée, I would probably try latkes.

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@Geechee Girl mine hasn't ever given me much ginger-root so I just leave it in the ground to regrow the next year (it worked, i was a bit surprised). The trick to getting it to start is to find ginger than hasn't been sprayed, or one that already has nice eyes (sometimes if you wash them enough they'll grow even having been sprayed).  I was planning on experimenting more this year but ran out of time.

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Geechee Girl


I haven't been successful in growing ginger. What's your secret? If I had some beet purée, I would probably try latkes.

@OnceUponATime do you bury the whole piece underground?

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@Geechee Girl yup. I didn't put too much soil on top. I probably need to add compost again because that container should be pretty depleted  by now.
There are some cool youtube videos out there for growing ginger. I would love to have a setup like this guys


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Geechee Girl


I love ginger beer, but I have yet to find some as spicy to my liking. 

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      12 hours ago, BensAllergies said:

      When they took his phone as part of the search warrant, he said he wanted to talk to a lawyer.

      But then when the agents told him that he was free to leave, curiosity got the better of him and he stayed and ended up chatting with them. Then tried to use a defense strategy that he was denied a lawyer because they took his phone.

      Surely there was a land line in the office he could have used? Maybe not these days I suppose. 
      not that I’m defending him the guy is stupid and dense and dangerous. 

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      5 hours ago, closetcagebaby said:

      I have a pack of silicon rings I use when volunteering around food or at the beach. It’s only been a bit over a year but I’m already so used to wearing a ring nonstop. My engagement ring was picked by us together and purchased together. I love it so much but wish I had an option for a plain band I could wear sometimes on its own!

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      Nails still better than Katie’s claws lol 

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      I don't think that's quite true.  I know Moriah was working at a gym and I think Micah at one point was either working at the gym as well or at a mechanic's (similar to Ethan).  I will say that if Micah is able to earn money from modeling, that IS a real job.  

      I can understand why people feel tired from the 'drama' on the show, but I don't think it's made up.  Both Ethan and Olivia have individual and together as a couple gone through major changes in how they see themselves and their values.  Especially with Ethan's confrontation with his parents, that made a huge shift in Ethan's viewpoint.  It's not surprising, this was probably coming.  But it does mean that the way their relationship worked will most likely no longer work.  That would mean there is a lot of friction which can lead to a lot of sadness, confusion, and anger to both Ethan and Olivia.  Remember that we are also talking about two fairly young people (~23).  They've been going through major changes fairly isolated from proper support systems.  That's a lot for anyone, but especially two very young adults.  It might seem repetitive to us, but it will take some time for them to figure these things out, if they can be figured out.

      I just need say thank you for your clear, measured responses advocating for these young people (or any others) and why they may be acting/reacting to the path that got them to where and who they are now. You have made me think and had me nodding along more than once. 🙂

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      18 hours ago, hollyfeller said:

      My engagement ring has a 1 carat, very high quality diamond.  My ex paid about $15k for the ring even though it was twice the size I wanted.  (Not surprise that we're divorced now!)  I want to sell it and give the money to my goddaughter when she goes to college, but I'm afraid I won't get very much for it.  My goddaughter lost her dad last week and the whole family is in mourning.  It just makes me sad to think about now, but I still want to be able to give her some money when she's older.  I think I just need to shop the diamond around to a bunch of jewelers here in Los Angeles and see what I can get for it.

      Sadly jewellery has a terrible resale value :(


      My experience is that few people want to risk or can afford to buy from an individual, and jewellery stores prefer to do trade in's. If you get 1/2 you are doing pretty good in selling your ring. Not wanting to be the bearer of bad news, but been there watching a friend and it's not easy to sell once you cross a certain value.


      Cheaper jewellery actually holds value better. Under about $500 your more likely to get near what you paid, the higher you go it's hard, until you get into super rare pieces and celebrity connections. A lot of the value in resale is the size of the market. 



    • Dana723


      3 hours ago, Xan said:

      @thoughtful -- The closed captioning and your comments about it are hilarious.  

      Between the two of them, they just about kill me!  😂

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