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Fun Fun Fundies: Sims Edition

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About this blog

I’ve been a Sims fan for a long time, and I’ve always been a fan of creating big families and trying to control them all. So, what better way to do this than play a fundie family? 

This blog contains various fundie families and their stories, from Sims 2, 3 and 4. There are also some non-fundie Sim families included. It also has a few of my short stories, entirely non-Sims related, about a normal family who encounters some of our beloved (ahem) fundies in various situations, including at Wa-La Diner. 

Entries in this blog

Williams Family Part Six: TWINS

At the end of part 5, Lisa had just found out that she was going to be doubly blessed - she was expecting TWINS!  *** Just a screenshot of the upstairs extension, with a girls' room, boys' room and bathroom. Back to the usual first-person (Lisa's POV) narration... I always love it when my kids play together! Elizabeth and Naomi love playing at the dollhouse. Rebecca is a great musician, and loves practising her violin. We converted the old boys' room into a m


mango_fandango in Fundie Sims post

Williams Family Part Five: We're Gonna Need An Extension

At the end of Part 4, Lisa had just given birth to baby #5, Andrew. *** As space was now rather at a premium, we purchased a bunk bed for the girls' room.  My garden plants needed weeding, so I got going that evening whilst whistling my favourite hymn. Once all the older children had gone off to school... Success! Baby #6 was on the way! Meanwhile, little Andrew became a toddler. We love you, Andrew! Baby #6 turned out to be... ano


mango_fandango in Fundie Sims post

Williams Family Part Four: They Just Keep Coming

Having been blessed with four pregnancies so far, I had gained a little weight. I also hadn't had much time to exercise and keep fit, so I decided to have a go on the treadmill. Household chores aren't just for girls you know! Elizabeth had made a bit of a mess with the potty, and Joseph decided to clean it up. Such a good kid! As our kids were going to public school, we naturally required that they worked hard and did their homework.  And... baby #5 was on its w


mango_fandango in Fundie Sims post

Williams Family Part Two: The Family Expands

Michael decided that he wanted to be the one to potty-train Rebecca, so he plonked her down on the potty and waited.  Bella popped over for a visit. "Hey, congratulations on your newest addition!" she said. "Thank you. I know Rebecca will be a great big sister." "What did you call this little one?" "We called him Joseph." "Oh, that's a great name. I've got two myself, Cassandra and Alexander." Two children, the average family. I hoped that the Lord would


mango_fandango in Fundie Sims post

NEW Family! Introducing the Williams Family, Sims 4

Yep, I decided to start another fundie Sims family, because I haven't done one in a while. I have quite a few fun/useful bits of CC I can use, as well as a couple of mods.  So, without further ado, let me introduce you to Lisa Williams and her lovely, Godly hubby, Michael. Both have the "Big Happy Family" aspiration. Lisa is demonstrating a very useful bit of CC I found - the accessory top! Now I have access to a much wider variety of clothing, as long as I use the fundie-approved acce


mango_fandango in Fundie Sims post

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