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Fun Fun Fundies: Sims Edition

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Williams Family Part Two: The Family Expands



Michael decided that he wanted to be the one to potty-train Rebecca, so he plonked her down on the potty and waited. 


Bella popped over for a visit.

"Hey, congratulations on your newest addition!" she said.

"Thank you. I know Rebecca will be a great big sister."

"What did you call this little one?"

"We called him Joseph."

"Oh, that's a great name. I've got two myself, Cassandra and Alexander."

Two children, the average family. I hoped that the Lord would bless me with more than that, but I also knew that I would have to be content with what He gave me. I guessed that Bella wasn't religious like me, but even I knew not to comment on the number of children someone had. There were non-religious couples who wanted more than two children, but had difficulties conceiving or keeping pregnancies. It had happened to women I'd known growing up.


Later, with the children otherwise occupied, I went to the easel to paint. I'd always liked art as a child; I knew that I could sell my artwork online to make an income, without having to pick up a full-time job, in addition to selling my knitting on Plopsy.


"How are you feeling, Lisa?" Michael asked.

"I'm well, thank you. I'm happy with the children that the Lord has blessed us with so far, and with life in general."

"Yes, we are blessed. Work is going well, too. I hope and pray it continues that way!"

"Me too," I said.


Joseph as a toddler. He got the Wild trait, which helps the Movement skill. To be honest, Movement increases quite fast even if you don't have the Wild trait, since it improves simply when you're walking.


Now that Joseph was a little older, we decided to see if God would bless us with baby #3.


"Hey! It worked, we're going to be parents again!" I said excitedly.

"Oh, that's amazing," Michael replied. "Praise the Lord!"


With baby 3 on the way, I decided to make something. It was too early to find out the gender, so I decided to make a white hat. 


Summer was here, and we had a day with a heatwave. I donned a shorter skirt (still modest, of course!) and decided to cook some food on the barbecue. 


Naturally, the kids wanted to go outside, so Michael and I set up a paddling pool and put them in it. 

"Are you having fun, Joseph?" I asked.

"Splishy splishy splish!" he replied. 

"I like the water," Rebecca said. 

That was what I enjoyed about raising children; seeing them change and develop. Joseph wasn't that much younger than Rebecca, but there were definite differences. 


Later that evening, when it was a little cooler, Rebecca enjoyed playing on the toddler gym. It gave her a great view of the neighbourhood.


Then, tiring of the toy, she decided to play with the sprinkler. I remembered enjoying water when I was her age.


I had gone to the gynaecologist earlier that day, and was happy to find out that baby #3 would be a girl! I hung up the scan on the wall beneath the one of Rebecca.


Rebecca was a pretty independent little girl, and enjoyed learning from educational apps on her toddler tablet. Michael and I had set up the tablet such that there was no possible way of her encountering anything untoward.


One of my other hobbies was playing the violin. I particularly enjoyed playing hymns, which I would hum along to.


I love that Michael is such an involved dad. He loves interacting with our children! 


All too soon, it was Rebecca's birthday. Oh, she was growing up so fast! She really reminded me of how I'd looked when I was her age.


That day, I also happened to go into labour! We decided to name the baby Elizabeth. Rebecca went to meet her for the first time, but she was rather unimpressed...


Things are going great for the Williams family! Will the Lord continue to bless them?



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    • Sarah (Stelzl) Shultz has been married for more than two years now, and still no baby (her Instagram is public). She is in her mid-late 20s. Her family is very prominent in the IBLP circles, and the FEW conferences circles (good friend with the Staddons, the Neelys, and the Wilkeses), and she's also attended Jill Duggar's wedding. Her family's blog hasn't been active in years. Does anyone here have info?

    • Ozlsn


      1 hour ago, Melissa1977 said:

      What was God thinking??? 

      "Get a vasectomy Shaun"?

    • Green bean satan


      I think Ellie has gotten a lot of backlash over Josh’s most recent sex crimes, bc in 2015 she said that we shouldn’t believe all the stories about Josh and that a lot of people were out to get him. I’m sure this crashed over into her personal nashvillewife blog, which is all about car seats and organic food and staining furniture. I bet a lot of people don’t like it that she’s good friends with a childmolester. 

    • Melissa1977


      3 hours ago, mhainlen said:

      What is her typical baby spacing? When might she start trying for the next one?

      She will start after twins first birthday. But maybe she will delay it a bit this time. Anyway, she said she uses natural birth control (which failed and she got pregnant with the twins too early). But it's apparently up to God because God can send o not a baby to you. One may think that she should have had considered the twins a God's gift... but she was pissed because they came too early, they were twins and they were boys. What was God thinking??? 

    • Melissa1977


      1 hour ago, Idlewild said:

      All the kids being restricted from TV and internet, yet Josh was given a computer with apparently unchecked access?

      I think that Josh was being punished for the molestations, but as Duggars couldn't say that, they said he was guilty of watching porn. I highly doubt Duggars had free internet at home and there weren't smartphones in 2004. They needed an alibi, because sending their son to be punished for weeks would cause people to gossip, and porn was enough for an explanation. Molestation would have been too hard to explain.

      When Duggars said Kellers knew about Josh sins, I bet they were talking about watching "mainstream" porn, not molestations. 

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