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Fun Fun Fundies: Sims Edition

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Williams Family Part Eight: Courtship and Marriage and Kids




This part will be narrated by Rebecca. I've skipped a few days; the main thing that happened was them moving to Henford-on-Bagley.


I decided to form a club for musicians. Most of the members were female, although I had invited one male to the club. At our first meeting, he introduced himself as Alex Miller. As I got chatting to him, Elizabeth joined our conversation; I definitely had a bit of a crush on Alex, and Mum and Dad had emphasised to us about the importance of a chaperoned courtship. And anyway, it was an easy way for him to get to know my family.


Once the meeting was over, I decided to write in my prayer journal.

Lord, please help me as I get to know Alex Miller better. Help me also be content with my future, whether Alex turns out to be my husband or not. Amen.


It was soon my birthday! I threw a party, and decided to invite Alex over. Mum made me a cake, and I was keen to blow out the candles!


"You look very pretty today, Rebecca," said Alex.

"Why, thank you!" I replied. "Have you a big family?"

"No, sadly not. I'm an only child. My mother suffered from secondary infertility after having me. She prayed for more babies, but has learnt to be content with just the one child."

"Oh no, that's awful about the infertility," I sympathised. "But yes, being content with what the Lord has given you is important. I would love to be blessed with many children, but if that's not what the Lord has in store for me, I can hopefully be content."


The next day, Alex invited me over to his cottage. Mum had reminded me of the courtship guidelines we'd agreed upon. Front hugging was OK, as was hand-holding. Some families were strict and didn't allow any touching during courtship at all, but Mum and Dad were fine with it, saying that it was only natural to want to touch your partner. I just had to be careful, and they trusted me.

(Rebecca didn't have a chaperone this time, but I kind of considered myself to be the chaperone! :pb_lol:)


"So, how's it going with Alex?" Mum asked.

"Great! I really like him, Mum. Hopefully things will continue to go well and we may end up married one day."

"I'm so happy for you! I remember what it was like when I was courting your dad. Obviously I had to be careful, and I prayed a lot, but it's still natural to feel completely in love. You seem to have similar goals in life, which is a great start."


Things were going brilliantly, and the following evening I was invited round to Alex's cottage again.

"Rebecca, I love spending time with you. We're so similar in our outlook on life. I've been praying, and God has consistently put you on my heart as a future wife. Therefore, I would love it if we could spend the rest of our lives together. Will you marry me, Rebecca?"

"Yes, of course!!"


Naturally, the first person I told was Mum. She was delighted with the news.


We decided to get married at Myshuno Meadows in San Myshuno. I had found a lovely, modest wedding dress with three-quarter-length lacy sleeves. 


The whole family! Elizabeth is the one on the far left, standing up. She decided to wear her hair down for the wedding. The guy in the middle is Daniel, who's a teenager. 


We shared our first kiss at the altar! It was so amazing to finally be able to kiss Alex. It was worth waiting!


"Oh, I can't believe that my oldest child is now married! Gosh, I feel so old," Mum laughed.

"I know, I can hardly believe it myself!" I replied. 


The next morning, I went to the bathroom...

"Oh! I'm pregnant!" I grinned, looking at the positive test.


I decided to change my look and went for a casual top and denim skirt. I wasn't in work, of course, so I filled my days with practising the violin.


Time flew by, and I soon went into labour. I ended up delivering TWINS! Wow, twins as my first children would be a challenge. But, of course, God would help me in my parenting journey. I named them Alice and Anna.


We owned a hen and a rooster, and I made sure to keep them fed, which was much less stressful than dealing with the twins!


Soon, I discovered I was expecting again!


I was grateful when the twins aged up. Alice, who's in pink, looks a lot like me with her green eyes and brown hair. Anna, meanwhile, looks just like her dad, with brown eyes and blonde hair! 



I decided to take the twins over to meet their grandma. 

"Oh, they're adorable!" Mum smiled. "Alice looks so much like you."

"Yes, I know. And Anna looks like Alex. Aren't genetics interesting?"

"They are. I never really understood biology when I was in school, it wasn't my best subject."


Alex and I agreed that our cottage was far too small, so we were happy to be able to move to a bigger property in Brindleton Bay. It would be difficult for me not to be near my family, but I knew the importance of "leave and cleave." We each tucked in a twin on the first night in the new house.


Ah, who knew how dirty toddlers could become? Bathing was fun in the sense that the girls loved playing in the water, but not so fun in the sense that I often got very wet...


We now had the space to own a cow and a llama. I learnt that you could shave llamas to obtain wool! Perhaps I should take up knitting and put it to good use.


Our third child was also a girl, and we named her Ava. She inherited my brown hair and Alex's brown eyes. I'm keen to see what my next blessing will look like!




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    • AussieKrissy


      12 hours ago, BensAllergies said:

      When they took his phone as part of the search warrant, he said he wanted to talk to a lawyer.

      But then when the agents told him that he was free to leave, curiosity got the better of him and he stayed and ended up chatting with them. Then tried to use a defense strategy that he was denied a lawyer because they took his phone.

      Surely there was a land line in the office he could have used? Maybe not these days I suppose. 
      not that I’m defending him the guy is stupid and dense and dangerous. 

    • AussieKrissy


      5 hours ago, closetcagebaby said:

      I have a pack of silicon rings I use when volunteering around food or at the beach. It’s only been a bit over a year but I’m already so used to wearing a ring nonstop. My engagement ring was picked by us together and purchased together. I love it so much but wish I had an option for a plain band I could wear sometimes on its own!

      Here are my rings! Pls ignore my messy nails. 

        Hide contents



      Nails still better than Katie’s claws lol 

      lovely ring. Xo

    • JustEnough


      On 9/16/2021 at 12:43 PM, Natalie22 said:

      I don't think that's quite true.  I know Moriah was working at a gym and I think Micah at one point was either working at the gym as well or at a mechanic's (similar to Ethan).  I will say that if Micah is able to earn money from modeling, that IS a real job.  

      I can understand why people feel tired from the 'drama' on the show, but I don't think it's made up.  Both Ethan and Olivia have individual and together as a couple gone through major changes in how they see themselves and their values.  Especially with Ethan's confrontation with his parents, that made a huge shift in Ethan's viewpoint.  It's not surprising, this was probably coming.  But it does mean that the way their relationship worked will most likely no longer work.  That would mean there is a lot of friction which can lead to a lot of sadness, confusion, and anger to both Ethan and Olivia.  Remember that we are also talking about two fairly young people (~23).  They've been going through major changes fairly isolated from proper support systems.  That's a lot for anyone, but especially two very young adults.  It might seem repetitive to us, but it will take some time for them to figure these things out, if they can be figured out.

      I just need say thank you for your clear, measured responses advocating for these young people (or any others) and why they may be acting/reacting to the path that got them to where and who they are now. You have made me think and had me nodding along more than once. 🙂

    • tankgirl


      18 hours ago, hollyfeller said:

      My engagement ring has a 1 carat, very high quality diamond.  My ex paid about $15k for the ring even though it was twice the size I wanted.  (Not surprise that we're divorced now!)  I want to sell it and give the money to my goddaughter when she goes to college, but I'm afraid I won't get very much for it.  My goddaughter lost her dad last week and the whole family is in mourning.  It just makes me sad to think about now, but I still want to be able to give her some money when she's older.  I think I just need to shop the diamond around to a bunch of jewelers here in Los Angeles and see what I can get for it.

      Sadly jewellery has a terrible resale value :(


      My experience is that few people want to risk or can afford to buy from an individual, and jewellery stores prefer to do trade in's. If you get 1/2 you are doing pretty good in selling your ring. Not wanting to be the bearer of bad news, but been there watching a friend and it's not easy to sell once you cross a certain value.


      Cheaper jewellery actually holds value better. Under about $500 your more likely to get near what you paid, the higher you go it's hard, until you get into super rare pieces and celebrity connections. A lot of the value in resale is the size of the market. 



    • Dana723


      3 hours ago, Xan said:

      @thoughtful -- The closed captioning and your comments about it are hilarious.  

      Between the two of them, they just about kill me!  😂

      • Thank You 1

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