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Fun Fun Fundies: Sims Edition

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New Family: The Sinclairs




I decided I wanted to start afresh with a new fundie save. I deleted the Williams/Millers save. I downloaded a mod that'll essentially allow me to homeschool, although the children are still only toddlers.


Meet Sarah Sinclair! Note: I'm not trying to play this family as an Amish-style family with mandatory headcoverings, it's just a fashion choice on Sarah's part; it happens to match her outfit too. I could do an Amish family with the "off-the-grid" lot trait, but the homeschool mod requires a special computer (it's online school) that doesn't work off-the-grid. 


This is her husband, Paul. I just went with the most popular male/female name of the 70s in the UK according to this site: https://www.retrowow.co.uk/social_history/70s/babies_names.html. According to ssa.gov, the equivalent US names would be Michael and Jennifer. Paul is at #27 for men and Sarah is #19 for women. 


They live in Henford-on-Bagley. Of course, the first thing they did was try for a baby...


Sadly, Sarah did not get pregnant that first time. Although her mother had warned her that this could happen, she still felt upset.


Sarah had always enjoyed gardening, and she was keen to start one in her own garden. She'd visited the Henford market, and was soon sowing crops.


She also enjoyed recycling. (I know fundies generally think that climate change isn't real, but let's roll with it. Maybe I can spin it as some sort of variation on buy used and save the difference. You can manufacture various bits of furniture with the fabrication skill).


Later that day, Sarah and Paul decided to try for a baby again... and this time, God decided to bless them! Sarah was so excited!


Sarah enjoyed making things. She decided to start building her knitting skill. She wanted to be able to make a baby sleepsuit, but realised the patterns were a little too complicated for a beginner like her, and so she started making a beanie hat.


The next day, she decided to also develop her cross-stitch skills. She enjoyed making the pattern, but did not enjoy the numerous needle pricks she got. 


The day before Sarah was due to give birth was Easter. Both Sarah and Paul had grown up in households where baking was a time-honoured Easter tradition, so they both got creative in the kitchen. Paul made some breadsticks.


The next day... Sarah went into labour. Wow, it was painful. 


She gave birth to a little girl she named Anna. 


It wasn't long before Sarah and Paul decided to give Anna a sibling...




Aside from the garden produce stall at the Henford-on-Bagley market, there was also a produce stall that went round the various neighbourhoods of San Myshuno. As well as grabbing some pomegranates, Sarah also purchased a "rainborz" gemstone that she thought looked pretty. 


Her garden was coming along nicely. One of the local children, Imran Watson, had dropped by to introduce himself, and proved to be very helpful! Without even being asked, he began to help Sarah with her garden. Sarah hoped she could raise her children to be as helpful as Imran.


In what seemed like no time at all, it was Anna's birthday. (I know the skirt doesn't quite reach her knees, but it's difficult to find long enough skirts and dresses for toddlers. It's a dress, anyhow!)


When Anna woke up the following morning, she was pretty hangry and decided to throw a tantrum. Sarah was busy downstairs in the kitchen, and Paul was still asleep. 


The family owned a cow, Daisy, and a llama, Fluffy. Every morning, Sarah would milk Daisy. She enjoyed living in the countryside and being able to obtain fresh milk. 


Paul needed to raise his logic skill for work, but the family were too poor to purchase a chess table. So he went to the park in Oasis Springs in order to play. 


In time, Sarah went into labour again. She didn't think she'd ever get used to the pain, but she knew it would be worth it in the end!


She ended up giving birth to TWINS! Both of them were girls, and were named Bethany and Chloe. 

"Man, two babies and a toddler? This will be tough," Sarah said to herself. "I'll need to pray to God as much as I can in order to get through the next few days!"


Anna was excited to meet her little sisters.


As well as tending to the babies, Sarah made sure to spend plenty of time with Anna. 


Sarah was soon pregnant again. Anna was an independent little kid, which was pretty useful as she could entertain herself for hours.


Sarah had often wondered how she'd be able to tell Bethany and Chloe apart, although it turned it to be fairly easy; Bethany was a little chubbier than Chloe. 



So... will baby #4 be Daniel or Diana? How will the family cope when the time comes to start homeschooling?



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    • throwaway9988


      Various members of my family have been reaching out to me since seeing the documentary. Their main question that wasnt fully answered by the documentary was “How did our family member get sucked into believing this?” So it’s been a good conversation-starter.

    • Milly-Molly-Mandy


      It makes my heart sing to see all these comments about Chelsea and her sister. 

      Its going to annoy me til my dying day that we don’t know what went from Nicole and Chelsea always being together, the girl cousins all matching, to a sudden split where they don’t even like one another’s posts anymore. What went on!!?? 

      Not sure the education is that poor, I follow a massive amount of their church from when Chelsea went private and I had to follow all her friends to get her to accept me. Anyway lots of physicians assistances, RN’s, chiropractors etc from the graduates. 
      I don’t think the school turns out well rounded students but academically they seem to do pretty well. 

      I really worry about any LGBTQ young people in their church.  They’d have to be in the closet or leave.  

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    • DottyC


      Oh my eyes! What sort of fresh hell is all this?


      I have so many words but so little time...that poor boy-child having to wear those awful bonnets nearly all the time.

      She is only one step down from that batty woman that used a ton of wedding dresses to make a Christmas tree and decorate her dining chairs.

      I'm going back in, wish me - and my eyes -  luck.

    • Bluebirdbluebell


      Here's a video from youtube so you can see for yourselves.*

      *Warning: Contains spit.

    • cacophony_grey


      On 1/14/2022 at 4:48 PM, OHFL2009 said:

      In our last house, our dryer was on the first floor, against an exterior wall, so it vented right out the wall behind it. The vent opening on the outside was only about a foot off the ground. One night I tried to turn on the dryer and it made an awful thumping noise and then shut off. My husband took it apart to find a 5 foot rat snake wrapped in the motor fan. The builder had forgotten to install the exterior vent cover flap. That was a fun night. 

      In our case, it was a possum, and it died in the vent pipe after it fell down and couldn't crawl back up. And then my husband unknowingly started a heated dry cycle and left the house. I will never forget that stench!

      Moral of the story: clean the external entrance to your dryer vent regularly. If lint builds up and props the vent flap open, wildlife can get in.

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