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Like I said, really fornicating cold

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And the forecast around here is so cold tonight that I got the first one of these alerts for the season...


It's supposed to drop to about -8 below tonight.  Cold enough to freeze one's reproductive equipment off along with other extremeties.  Have I mentioned lately my desire to be back in Lima, Peru lately?


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  • Posts

    • HereComesTreble


      Replying to Foudeb (I’m having trouble with the quote feature):

      Going 44 weeks is reckless.  Reckless and selfish.  

      42 weeks isn’t necessarily dangerously overdue, nor is it uncommon.

      There’s a difference between crunchy birthers and radical crunchy birthers.  Radicals will legit prioritize their birth plan over their baby’s life.

    • JenniferJuniper


      4 hours ago, Foudeb said:

      Eh. I am one of those radical crunchy birthers. 

      The risk of stillbirth at 42 weeks is lower than it is at 37 weeks. You don't get pressured into induction at 37 weeks. 

      This may be true, I don't know.  I'm not a trained medical professional.  Point is, though, that Shoshanna is quite convinced that she is very soon to be 45 weeks pregnant.  Crunch away, but at some point in certain situations, don't you think one should seek the assistance of trained medical professionals?

    • marmalade


      The video the Forsyths made with the Freedomists was especially gone deaf. They mocked Covid 19 throughout. It can be found on the Forsyth's YouTube.

    • Lady Grass Lake

      Posted (edited)

      This scares the @$#%@$ out of me.  I lost my first child to Meconium aspiration.  This was back in 1980 and my periods  were irregular, so it was hard to determine when I got pregnant.   I was well over a week overdue.   After 2 nightmare days of labor and no progression my water was broken and suddenly things got hectic.  I was sent to the operating room for an emergency c-section.   

      One of the things that triggers a newborn's first cry is the shock of cold air on their skin.  They were hoping I could push her out, because that clears a lot of the amniotic fluid out of the lungs, but with a c-section, if the baby in turned wrong, like mine was face up back of head against tailbone and deep into my womb, they sometimes gasp and pull in a lot of fluid.  My fluid it turns out was full of meconium, the first dark tarry stool a newborn passes.  Overdue babies run the risk of having their first bowl movement while still in the womb and it puts them in a toxic environment.   My daughter's birth apgar was 0, the 5 minute was 2.  She was taken to a NICU in another city, where she passed the next day.  Her lungs were damaged due to the toxic soup combined with the lack of oxygen to her brain, was the cause of her death.    


      This was 40 years ago, and things in the OB world have changed so much, ultrasounds can accurately pinpoint fetal age, inductions are done earlier in the game, but unfortunately not all babies make it home.  When I hear of situations like this, I just want to go shake some sense into these women.  I had so many people tell me I should sue everyone who treated me, but I couldn't.    I don't feel there was any negligence, no one could have predicted this happening.   My poor GP, he immediately stopped doing OBGYN in his private practice, and the OB doctor changed things in his practice.  He successfully delivered my son 20 months later and cried with me when he was born.  So, some good things came out of this.  My only regret, I asked about organ donations and was told that they didn't do infants and babies.  Today, they could have used her heart, kidneys, and liver.    



      Edited by Lady Grass Lake
      Edited for readability.
    • thoughtful


      Before I listened to Gary's second 4/1 live, entitled "Breaking News," I noticed this comment, from our old friend Jethere, under it:


      So I just couldn't wait to hear how Gary pronounced it!

      Gary begins this live by wheeling himself up to the camera in an office chair.

      The "pasture" told him that the Governor of Texas is now allowing church gatherings. Of course he didn't mean that church shouldn't meet, it was the city officials who misinterpreted it.

      He rants about people going all kinds of places, then go to church and  get the disease and then blame the church for it. Chuckle. "Men have foolish ideas. Amen! If you wanna throw the boldness out there and tell people how foolish they are for havin' church or not havin' church, you're not close to God and you definitely  ain't a Christian."

      You're throwing stones again, Gary.

      He suggests that people write their governors and other officials, and ask them if they can have church, too.

      He says that when his daughter had open-heart surgery right after she was born, the doctor said they couldn't go to church. Of course, Gary went to church (it's unclear whether this involved taking her or not, or if it was just that he wasn't supposed to bring back germs). So Gary has a history of this sort of shit. He says he can control how far from him people get at church. Not if JRod ever comes to the same church you're in, Gar!

      So, the tent revival is on! "Thank God for a governor in Texas that'll stand up for right!" Church is "issinchl." He says either the church building or the tent are large enough to stay six feet apart, because not that many people come.

      This vahrus been around since 1993, and now all of a sudden we all have to quit our jobs.

      The rest is long, long strings of the usual shit - he sure can repeat! In the middle of his rant, we hear a moan, sounding like someone is in real pain, in the background. Gary doesn't even flinch. Focus - that man has focus!

      And I never did hear him say Jethere's name. The comment was right at the beginning of this video - maybe it happened in a previous one, and I just missed it.

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