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Weather in Iowa

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I cannot wait for spring



We might have some more winter weather coming in this week.  In addition to it getting really fornicating cold this week we also might have some more winter precipitation coming in too.

I am so ready for spring to come now.  I am so fornicating sick of winter.  I need to get off my fat you know what and get riding my bike again.  I need the exercise and I need to resume my nasty and disgusting habit of posting GoPro timelapse videos of my bike ride adventures.

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Maggie Mae


I highly recommend getting a fat tire bike so you can ride in the winter. 

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12 hours ago, Maggie Mae said:

I highly recommend getting a fat tire bike so you can ride in the winter. 

One of my sons has one of those.  I do get nervous about him biking in winter because we have no bike paths or any bike friendly roads between our home and his work, but he takes the side streets which adds some distance but it's safer.

If only I could get him to stop locking it up in our locked garage because one time, years ago, his sister borrowed his bike without asking.  She doesn't even live at home anymore, but still locking it.  

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    • EmCatlyn


      12 hours ago, Howl said:

      Came across this on a Twitter thread discussing why Christians and Evangelicals in particular don't want to come to terms with why people really leave the church.  Then this exchange happens: 

      The "Josh Duggar didn't do anything wrong" wing-nut brigade is marching briskly along. 

      Okay, so according to these people, Josh had hundreds of pictures of innocent-babies-in-the-womb and the FBI considers these pictures pornography because babies-in-the-womb are naked?😀😁😀

      Never mind that ultra-sounds don’t really give great pictures.  Never mind that there is no law against transmitting or viewing pictures of naked-babies-in-the womb.  What I want to know is what is Josh supposed to have been doing with those hypothetical ultrasounds?  I mean, who has hundreds of ultrasounds (other than a doctor’s office or research facility)? 🙄

      The excuse is so absurd that it makes you wonder.  Is there a phenomenon called “fetus porn” that we don’t know about?  😉😀😉






    • refugee

      Posted (edited)

      On 5/11/2021 at 9:39 AM, AliceInFundyland said:

      I think you have a skewed perspective of how easy it is to have certain state benefits. It doesn't "guarantee" that anyone is checking in on anything more often. That statement comes off as a little bit classist.

      I hit the “I agree” reaction on the comment you were replying to because it brought up the memory of my first friend in college. I remember her telling me she thought everyone’s dad beat the crap out of their kids. Her dad was a highly respected professional and very skilled at making up excuses for injuries. “She tripped at the top of the stairs.”

      The kids even thought the mom was okay with it—until the day she came home from work early (sick? I don’t recall) and caught him as he threw my friend against a wall. She scooped up the kids and walked out. Everyone took the husband’s side. He moved in the highest circles professionally and politically. The mom got custody but couldn’t get child support (it could be he threatened to get custody if she tried, I don’t remember anymore, but that would make sense to me. I do recall he trashed her reputation; everyone believed his side of the story and not hers). They lived below the poverty line, but my friend won a full ride to college.

      I’ll never forget her telling me she grew up thinking it was normal for parents to beat the crap out of their kids—until the day her mom walked in on it and gave up everything in the same moment—money, security, reputation—to rescue her kids.

      I think about this when reading about the various families discussed here. That maybe the kids think their condition is “normal” for families who are “pursuing righteousness”. That would make escaping even harder and rebellion unthinkable—as if it is only their own personal problem, that they try to hide so they can be as “normal” as possible in the culture.

      2 minutes ago, refugee said:

      I’m not sure what just happened. I tried to edit my post to add clarity, and it put the edited version in a text box. I came back and edited it again and removed the text in the box.

      Edited by refugee
      Tried to clarify something.
    • PennySycamore


      @smittykins,  we also watched some Sunday afternoons for the shits and giggles.  

    • AussieKrissy


      14 minutes ago, viii said:

      I think it’s more likely that nobody wants to live in the house where their beloved grandmother died. 

      Smugs to get out from jim boobs watchful eye would. windowless warehouse of shame didnt stop him though I suppose

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    • HarryPotterFan


      5 hours ago, amaznmom2u said:

      Am I recollecting wrong but didn't the Rebers say they only have dial up? How is the daughter able to conduct piano lessons via Zoom/FaceTime? I suppose she could have an unlimited data plan on her phone, but what prevents Josh from walking in on a lesson? 


      If they’re anything like other fundies and Trump lovers we follow, they probably pretended there is no pandemic and continued as usual. I’d imagine some parents would discontinue lessons and others would keep going. 

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