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Weather in Iowa

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I cannot wait for spring



We might have some more winter weather coming in this week.  In addition to it getting really fornicating cold this week we also might have some more winter precipitation coming in too.

I am so ready for spring to come now.  I am so fornicating sick of winter.  I need to get off my fat you know what and get riding my bike again.  I need the exercise and I need to resume my nasty and disgusting habit of posting GoPro timelapse videos of my bike ride adventures.

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12 hours ago, Maggie Mae said:

I highly recommend getting a fat tire bike so you can ride in the winter. 

One of my sons has one of those.  I do get nervous about him biking in winter because we have no bike paths or any bike friendly roads between our home and his work, but he takes the side streets which adds some distance but it's safer.

If only I could get him to stop locking it up in our locked garage because one time, years ago, his sister borrowed his bike without asking.  She doesn't even live at home anymore, but still locking it.  

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  • Posts

    • Jinder Roles

      Posted (edited)

       Dr. King had particularly harsh words (and very sound critiques) for the white moderate. 

      Most white Christians disavowed MLK during his time as a fake Christian and a a dangerous Marxist. Today they love to use non-threatening whitewashed quotes from him. It’s disgusting. 

      Derick has no conception of what civil rights and resisting systemic oppression actually looks like. 

      Edited by Jinder Roles
    • griffin


      His latest video is the most hilariously fascinating one he's ever done. He wants us all to get up off our SOAP POPS and do something for Jesus! 

      He starts listing all the states that need a bahble believin' church and I swear he sounds just like Bubba from Forrest Gump

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    • thoughtful


      Just now, Black Aliss said:

      wait. what???? I'm [sort of] agreeing with Bro GHaw? But doesn't he also worship Trump?

      Not exactly. He thinks Trump has been a wonderful president, :my_sick: but has always said the following:

       - he doesn't think Trump is saved, and wishes he'd get saved.

      - he knows Trump has flaws as a person - he's pretty much been on the "I'm looking for a president, not a pastor" bandwagon.

      - Pelosi/Democrats/Hillary/etc. aren't the problem, Christians who stopped praying because they thought things were great once Trump was in caused God/Jesus to punish them by making the country sinful and liberal.

      Since Trump's loss, he has added:

      - Pelosi/Democrats/Biden/etc. aren't the problem, Christians who stopped praying because they thought things were great once Trump was in, or Christians who transferred their allegiance from God/Jesus to Trump, caused God/Jesus to punish them by putting Biden and other Democrats in office.

      - God is still on the throne, no matter who runs the country.

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    • Black Aliss

      Posted (edited)

      On 1/17/2021 at 7:09 PM, thoughtful said:

      After some screaming about how the political situation in the US is the fault of Christians who worshiped Trump instead of God,

      wait. what???? I'm [sort of] agreeing with Bro GHaw? But doesn't he also worship Trump?

      On 1/17/2021 at 7:09 PM, thoughtful said:

      They better be prepared, ya say wha? 'Cause there's fixin' to be bihhg BOOM! up in Washington D.C. amen." Quieter: "That be a good idea, might just blow the White House up, amen."

      Good way to get a visit from the Secret Service, Gary.

      On 1/17/2021 at 7:09 PM, thoughtful said:

      He screams for a long time about Bible-believin' Baptist churches going too far left.

      Oooh, someone must have told him VP-elect Harris is a Baptist (and therefore probably not anti-religion).

      On 1/17/2021 at 7:09 PM, thoughtful said:

      "They say that Black people, when they have a funeral - ah've never bin to one ah've heard people talk about it - they say when they have a funeral they have parties. Mah wahf's gonna have the first white man's party when ah dah amen."

      Sorry, Gary. It's been done. I myself have been to several dead white men's parties. But what a way to show your ignorance of POC. Here's a tip for you though: if you ever are invited to one of those dead black guy parties, it's probably best if Becky doesn't bring her special potato salad.

      Edited by Black Aliss
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    • refugee


      On 1/15/2021 at 11:45 AM, Elegant Mess said:

      Wow!  Doug is really touchy-feely, isn't he?

      Maybe extremely touchy-feely with guys? Although I seem to remember him making Michelle Duggar uncomfortable when presenting her that mother of the year award, and wasn’t there something about singing with his daughter, or standing with her as she sang? Anyhow, I encountered him at the Vision Forum booth at a long-ago Oregon homeschooling state convention and tried to talk to him, and he was incredibly standoffish. Barely acknowledged my existence and made me feel as if I was being inappropriate by just saying a few words. Of course, the VF fanatics at our church had a similar thing; a friend who went to the super-conservative state homeschooling event in WA state reported that she tried to ask one of our church elders (a VF fanatic-of-fanatics whose sons went on to be VF interns) a question, and he ignored her almost completely (gave her just enough attention to make it clear that it was inappropriate for a woman to talk to a man who wasn’t her relative).

      I thought she was exaggerating. I should have believed her.

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