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Found 12 results

  1. 47of74

    Yeah Summer is Coming

    I finally got around to putting in the window unit in my room today. (We have central air but the way the HVAC was designed I need a window unit to cool my room as my room is at the end and it can't keep up). I think this is about the latest I've put it in. Usually I put it in earlier so I'm not putting it in when it's 1,000 degrees in the shade.
  2. Winter isn't quite done with Iowa yet. We had snow off and on all day. It didn't amount to much and did not stick though when it hit the ground. What little did stick melted right away once the snow came out. I went for a quick bike ride this afternoon and the pavement was dry. Of course the wind gusts probably helped with that. On Easter Sunday it looks like we could have some more snow which might even be accumulating. A few inches are possible. I do have to say since we're all going to be stuck at home anyways this would be a good year for it. Save the nice weather on Easter for years when we can be around friends and family. We're far enough north that Easter weekend can vary considerably in the type of weather conditions experienced. Some years it's cold and generally a miserable time to be outside for any length of time. Other years no jacket is required and it's almost shorts and t-shirt weather on Easter. Some years the trees, grass, etc have not yet come back to life. Others the trees have their leaves and we've already mowed for the first time. Next year Easter is supposed to be on April 4. It will be interesting to see how the weather shakes out then. Hopefully it'll be a much more pleasant Easter that we can celebrate normally, with the horrors of Fuck Face and his fucked up response to the corona virus being in our rear view mirror.
  3. The old saying here in Iowa is if you don’t like the weather forecast just wait 24 hours. It’ll either ge much better or worse. Case in point tomorrow. Yesterday it sounded like we were going to get hit with a snowpocalypse here. Fast forward 24 hours and now it looks like most of it is going south of us.
  4. 47of74

    Got a bit nicer today

    After a couple days of it being fornicating cold out it got a bit nicer today. I got my vehicle washed. Yeah I know it won't stay clean for very long but she had a layer of dirt that I was getting tired of looking at. Meanwhile, several members of my family are on their way to a Caribbean cruise so they'll be in for several days of it being nice and warm. So I'll be going over to my brother and sister in law's place reguarly over the next week to do some cat/house sitting. I already got the don't unplug the fridge request this time. Along with some other requests as well.
  5. And the forecast around here is so cold tonight that I got the first one of these alerts for the season... It's supposed to drop to about -8 below tonight. Cold enough to freeze one's reproductive equipment off along with other extremeties. Have I mentioned lately my desire to be back in Lima, Peru lately?
  6. 47of74

    I cannot wait for spring

    We might have some more winter weather coming in this week. In addition to it getting really fornicating cold this week we also might have some more winter precipitation coming in too. I am so ready for spring to come now. I am so fornicating sick of winter. I need to get off my fat you know what and get riding my bike again. I need the exercise and I need to resume my nasty and disgusting habit of posting GoPro timelapse videos of my bike ride adventures.
  7. 47of74

    After the storm

    Last Friday in to Saturday we had freezing rain followed by a couple inches of snow here in Iowa. Where I live we had two inches of snow by Saturday morning. Not much but enough to cover the ground and make travel interesting. It was mostly done by Saturday evening but I had picked up pizza since I didn't want to risk going out and having the weather take a turn for the crappy. It sounds like tomorrow we're going to have some freezing drizzle which has the potential to make the morning commute interesting. At least with my new job they allow me to work from home when the weather is bad or around holidays.
  8. formergothardite

    Winter Reading

    I'm starting to get out of my reading slump. I read all summer and then spent all autumn getting books from the library and then just not feeling like reading anything. The book that got me started reading again is A Beautiful, Terrible Thing by Jen Waite and I absolutely hated it. I kept reading it to see if it got any better but it didn't. This is a non-fiction book written by a woman who found out her husband was cheated on her. It is told in a back and forth way where one chapter is about when they first started dating and the next will be about her finding out her husband cheated. One of the big issues with this book, besides that no one wants to read pages about looking at Google, is that the author internet diagnosis her husband as a sociopath. She then finds a therapist that on the first visit, after just meeting the author and never meeting the husband, also diagnosis the husband as being a sociopath. I give the side eye to any therapist who would do that. The author went to another therapist who would not place a diagnosis on her husband without actually meeting him and asked what the author's goal in her marriage was because if it was to stay married she recommends marriage counseling. It is implied that that therapist is bad. Half this book is about how the husband is a monster sociopath. I can't believe the ex-husband hasn't sued. Also I'm bothered because they have a child together and there is no way she isn't telling this kid the father is evil. The guy has a child from a first marriage and even the author admitted he is a loving, devoted father. The second issue I have with the story is a great deal of time is spent talking about the "Croation" which is what she calls the woman her husband cheated on her with. There is a lot of talk about how she can't understand how a woman can do that do another woman and how absolutely awful the woman is. It isn't until the end of the book that she casually mentions that her husband was in a serious relationship with someone else when they started dating and that relationship only ended because the woman found text messages showing Marco(the ex-husband) was cheating. She sort of mentions that she probably caused pain to another woman, but there is no real understanding that SHE did the same thing that this woman she hates so much did. Her getting involved with Marco when he was in a serious relationship is just presented as how he is a sociopath. Finding out your husband cheated on you is terrible, but this book was poorly written and cheaters are not always sociopaths. Sometimes people are just assholes. The husband is a total cheating asshole. There is not doubt about it. Is he some sort of a sociopath? I don't know. She didn't sell me on the idea that he was. I think he is probably just your average, everyday jerk who married her because he needed to become a citizen and her wealthy parents were giving him lots of money to fulfill his dreams.
  9. 47of74

    Winter is coming

    In the GoT sense too Looks like I'll be sticking round the house Saturday.
  10. Looks like winter might be extra ugh this year Winter is coming indeed.
  11. SpoonfulOSugar

    Rescue mission to Antarctica

    Fascinating challenge underway for those tasked with caring for the health of the team of researchers at the South Pole. Someone is ill enough that pilots are undertaking a risky middle of the winter trip: https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/speaking-of-science/wp/2016/06/16/a-rare-risky-mission-is-underway-to-rescue-sick-scientists-from-the-south-pole/ I remember when the scientist treated her own breast cancer back in 1999. It's interesting to read of the difficulties and dangers - when not facing them myself.
  12. I really don't mean to be a whiner about our weather, but this is what I awoke to this morning: Here are my poor little goldfinches: This looks like many of the pictures I've taken before . . . in January, February, March . . . . Mr Spoon has our screen house all ready. The good news?! The greenhouse only went to 35 and it was already warming up when I got up. Tulips are hardy little buggers, thankfully. It's melting now, and it will be gone before mid-day, but I am Miss Bitter McBittercakes over here this morning.
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