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Found 22 results

  1. 47of74

    After the storm

    Well the latest storm has passed through on its way out east. We had about 7.4 inches where I live. Looks like the heaviest snow was in the Cedar Rapids, Williamsville, Charlotte, and Solon areas with 11 inches of snow. My sister in Waukee said they had about 10 inches where they were. And of course some moron was clocked going 114 miles an hour on Interstate 35 cause they wanted to get back to school.
  2. 47of74

    There be a snowstorm a brewin'

    We had just over an inch of snow yesterday around here. Road conditions went downhill fast. My dad said he measured about 1.2 inches this morning. And tomorrow the forecasters are thinking we're going to get hit with some heavy snow here in eastern Iowa. Right now they think we'll get anywhere from 3 to 8 inches with higher amounts possible in places. Yay. So tonight after dinner I'm going to head in to get some provisions. Including the dijion potater salad I'm craving once again.
  3. 47of74

    Sunrise at the Solstice

    We’ve had a couple days of great sunrises. Especially yesterday morning. I took this as the sun was starting to appear yesterday.
  4. 47of74

    Our first Winter 2020 snow storm

    We had our first snowstorm of the season here Friday into Saturday. There was anywhere from 4.5 inches up to a little over 9 inches of snow. (We were in the spot that had 9 inches). They had about 50 cars going off the road during the storm. I went in town Friday afternoon to send in my work computer and take care of a couple other things. Including getting dinner for Saturday in case the weather was still bad Saturday evening. It was pretty much over by noon on Saturday and the roads were fine later that afternoon. I went out and got a bunch of pictures yesterday so I'd have good Christmas card photos. I hope the snow sticks around through the end of the year. My niece was out having a good time in the snow, rolling around and trying to eat all the snow in her parents yard.
  5. 47of74

    Had some snow these past few hours

    We had about 2.5 inches of snow last night into this morning where I am here in Iowa and our first winter weather advisory of the season locally. As usual with early season snowfalls it probably won't last all that long and melt right away. I knew something weather related was about to hit the fan yesterday when I saw a DOT truck out on the highway spraying down the northbound lanes with pre-treat and the southbound lanes had the streaks from that treatment already. If it does melt by Thursday I might be able to get my morning socially distant turkey trot in then.
  6. 47of74

    Warm November day

    Currently it’s 72° F here in Dubuque. So I’m sitting at the winery on their patio having a cold one. No one else here right now and no TVs with the latest news on either. It’s a bit windy out but otherwise not too bad. Not too many more nice days like this for a while so sitting out here beats the fuck out of waiting for the inevitable. (Which hopefully is fuck face finding out he’s a one term Pres and future convict). And I got a good ride in today as well.
  7. 47of74

    First snow of the season

    Got some snow this morning here in eastern Iowa. It was coming down pretty good this morning but most of it didn't stick since the ground is still fairly warm. Looks like the next few days the weather will be cold and windy before warming up a bit by Thursday. Mother Nature, couldn't you have waited until November before doing all this.
  8. 47of74

    Out with the AC for the season

    Yesterday I decided to pull out the window AC from my room. Because of the way the HVAC in the house was laid out my room doesn't get as much from the HVAC as the rest of the house, and I didn't want to switch to another room just because of that after fixing it up the way I liked. So in the summer I have a window unit in and in the winter a space heater going. So if it's 1000 degrees in the shade next week in Iowa, here's why. We have a joke here in Iowa that one can experience all four seasons in the same week, if you don't like the season just wait a day or two and your preferred season will come along. Of course the actual weather forecast is for 70s next week, and my room is perfectly fine at those temperatures. I have fans that I can use to help as well.
  9. 47of74

    Now the rain hits

    Last night into today we got two inches of rain. That might make the yard perk up again since it's been kind of dry lately so when I get back from Des Moines I might have some grass to cut. I haven't had to mow the lawn in a couple weeks because of how dry it's been, which slows the growth down quite a bit. (That just prompted me to ask my sister in law if she's still interested in learning how to run the mower here like she offered one time. If I have to move for work then I'd want someone nearby who can help my parents with the lawn). And of course they're saying rain both up here and down in Des Moines over this coming week. Fornicate. Why couldn't it hit some other time? Hopefully it's not raining all the time down in Des Moines and I have some chances to get out and do some riding.
  10. 47of74

    We got hit by a derecho

    We had a line of thunderstorms roar through Iowa today. Bunch of trees are down throughout the state and a number of buildings were damaged - all by the high winds. Here's a slideshow of some of the damage from the NBC station, and one from the ABC station. A couple spots in our yard had some water but we didn't have much damage here. We didn't lose any trees or have other damage. My sister had called us from Des Moines to let us know the storms were pretty bad so we were able to bring chairs and stuff inside beforehand.
  11. 47of74

    Yeah summer is here now

    Yes summer has arrived. Supposed to be up in the high 80s and 90s (plus 30c) the next couple weeks. I think most of my bike riding for the next couple weeks will be early in the morning or later on in the day. Most of my trips around the yard on the industrial strength salad shooter (aka the lawnmower) will also be in the evening. Too goddamn hot out to be fooling around outside right now.
  12. 47of74

    The insects have arrived

    Now that it's getting warmer out the insects are out in force now. Had to get a trusty bottle of bug soother from the local Hy-Vee to hose myself down with before going out on rides or walks to keep from having all the bugs (gnats, flies, etc) away. Still I almost feel like I have to do this some days before heading out....
  13. Winter isn't quite done with Iowa yet. We had snow off and on all day. It didn't amount to much and did not stick though when it hit the ground. What little did stick melted right away once the snow came out. I went for a quick bike ride this afternoon and the pavement was dry. Of course the wind gusts probably helped with that. On Easter Sunday it looks like we could have some more snow which might even be accumulating. A few inches are possible. I do have to say since we're all going to be stuck at home anyways this would be a good year for it. Save the nice weather on Easter for years when we can be around friends and family. We're far enough north that Easter weekend can vary considerably in the type of weather conditions experienced. Some years it's cold and generally a miserable time to be outside for any length of time. Other years no jacket is required and it's almost shorts and t-shirt weather on Easter. Some years the trees, grass, etc have not yet come back to life. Others the trees have their leaves and we've already mowed for the first time. Next year Easter is supposed to be on April 4. It will be interesting to see how the weather shakes out then. Hopefully it'll be a much more pleasant Easter that we can celebrate normally, with the horrors of Fuck Face and his fucked up response to the corona virus being in our rear view mirror.
  14. The old saying here in Iowa is if you don’t like the weather forecast just wait 24 hours. It’ll either ge much better or worse. Case in point tomorrow. Yesterday it sounded like we were going to get hit with a snowpocalypse here. Fast forward 24 hours and now it looks like most of it is going south of us.
  15. And the forecast around here is so cold tonight that I got the first one of these alerts for the season... It's supposed to drop to about -8 below tonight. Cold enough to freeze one's reproductive equipment off along with other extremeties. Have I mentioned lately my desire to be back in Lima, Peru lately?
  16. 47of74

    After the storm

    Last Friday in to Saturday we had freezing rain followed by a couple inches of snow here in Iowa. Where I live we had two inches of snow by Saturday morning. Not much but enough to cover the ground and make travel interesting. It was mostly done by Saturday evening but I had picked up pizza since I didn't want to risk going out and having the weather take a turn for the crappy. It sounds like tomorrow we're going to have some freezing drizzle which has the potential to make the morning commute interesting. At least with my new job they allow me to work from home when the weather is bad or around holidays.
  17. 47of74

    Winter is coming

    In the GoT sense too Looks like I'll be sticking round the house Saturday.
  18. News reports are coming in from Illinois, Michigan, Indiana and Ohio of a huge flash of light and earth shaking booms. They're saying it was a meteor. My question...how does a meteor that size get THIS close and we have no warning??!
  19. Looks like winter might be extra ugh this year Winter is coming indeed.
  20. The pacing. The drooling and shaking. It is just rain. When the thunder/lightning starts, Marbles loses her mind. She goes UNDER the bed she does not really fit under. Aside from a ThunderShirt, any other advice to calm her? Thank you.
  21. Well, happy solstice and full moon, World! The last couple of days have been some of the warmest of the season for us - highs in the mid to upper 80s. I swear I could see the plants shaking off their doldrums and saying, "Summer? Are you really here? Oh, wrap me in your arms and make me yours!!!" I realized that I really cannot see the progress everything is making because I am seeing it every day. But we are getting finally into the legitimate growing season now, and things are "going." I have 21 containers (various sizes) of tomatoes. "What are you going to do with them all?" seems to be the dominant question. But - you see - I'm accustomed to crop failure - so I am hedging my bets! I have planted peas three times (actually also three different types). They seem to be the only crop really happy with the current weather. The bell peppers are in a whisky barrel; the hot peppers are staying in the greenhouse along with the okra. I have two cedar planters, a Garden Tower, and a nice mix of other containers. All of the house plants are out and mostly acclimated with the exception of the amaryllis (delayed by flowering) and the ginger (a new experiment that I do not know how to handle.) I transplanted more herbs just last week, and I have a few more seedlings there that are slow growers. I think I should mark an "x" on the pavement and try to take pictures same time/same angle more often. When I try to make comparisons, I am not looking apples to apples because of the time of day. Probably my next project ought to be making herbal vinegars. We have so many options! Here are some comparison shots: This is an avocado - grown from refuse/pit - three? years old. It spent the summer out last year and put on lots of huge leaves - but just one stalk. This summer, every node where those leaves were is growing an entire bunch. I will be watching to see how it develops. This is our garden tower - almost entirely herbs except for some beans on top. Again, not quite exact on angles. I may compare again on the 23rd. And now, off to feed the hummingbirds!
  22. Summer Solstice has come and gone. While this isn't exactly the end of summer, it's definitely a turning point. Day length has peaked with 19 hours, 21 minutes, and 32 seconds of daylight. I'm not quite ready to turn in my flip-flops, tank-tops, and other assorted hyphenated signs-of-summer yet. I am, however, ready for some deep sleep. With that, here are some random thoughts from this week. One of the "benefits" of 19+ hours of daylight is that not everyone realizes that it's actually 11 p.m. and therefore it's a great time to mow your lawn. Neighbors be damned! I realize now why my yoga membership was 50% off. Who wants to be inside right now? Has anyone read this book? White Trash: The 400-Year Untold History of Class in America. I want to read it but I don't want to spend $14.99 for a Kindle book. I wish American states were allowed to peacefully vote themselves out of the Union. Not that I think my state would be able to stand alone, but we have different issues and a different economy than, say, Washington D.C. Why is pho so delicious when someone else makes it? I use the same ingredients and it's NOT the same. I'm going to guess that Burger King's target demographic is "teenage stoners" as their latest offering has somehow managed to be even more disgusting that that Taco Bell monstrosity. clipping. released a new song and I'm kind of disappointed. CLPPNG was one of my favorite albums of 2014. I recently set a PW (personal worst) at a recent triathlon. I can't say I'm surprised, I've not been eating correctly or training properly. I'm disappointed, though. I'm glad I will be backpacking all weekend. It will keep me from wandering about my house, looking for Game of Thrones spoilers. I'm disappointed I'll be missing my weekly long run with friends. I need to remember that l'habit ne fait pas le moine, as I've found myself a bit judgemental of both myself and others recently. Speaking of french proverbs, I suppose petit a petit, l'oiseau fait son nid, also fits. Speaking of birds, has anyone else read this article about the creator of Oiselle? I am so annoyed by giant corporations and especially Nike. I do not like Nike products and never have. Wait, that's not true. I have a pair of dry-fit socks which were the most bestest socks ever for the first three times I wore them.
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