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Weather in Iowa

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Got a bit nicer today

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After a couple days of it being fornicating cold out it got a bit nicer today.  I got my vehicle washed.  Yeah I know it won't stay clean for very long but she had a layer of dirt that I was getting tired of looking at. 

Meanwhile, several members of my family are on their way to a Caribbean cruise so they'll be in for several days of it being nice and warm.  So I'll be going over to my brother and sister in law's place reguarly over the next week to do some cat/house sitting.  I already got the don't unplug the fridge request this time.  Along with some other requests as well.  

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  • Posts

    • Marmion


      14 hours ago, AmazonGrace said:

      Gwen the other day: Love overflows and she is able to love so many people, even the haterzzz.

      Gwen today: Love is an extremely finite resource and you can't love two things at the same time.

      You can only love one thing and it should be Gwod. 

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      You Were Made to be Devoted

      July 05, 2020

      by Gwen Shamblin Lara

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      God describes Himself as passionate and jealous for us. It is right to return what has been given.

      No matter how unemotional some people have grown, at one time they had a heart of flesh. We all have 100 percent of a heart— but some people have given pieces of their heart to other things. The passion is so divided and dissipated, and it now appears weak with no energy to be passionate about any single thing!

      Many people have idols in their lives and are not even aware of what they are giving their devotion and energy to. “No one can serve two masters.” Matthew 6:24 Why? Because you only have one heart. It was made to be devoted. It will not be devoted to two things. It cannot be. It is not possible.




      This devotional from Gwen reminds me of this song .   


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    • CyborgKin


      11 hours ago, Howl said:

      First, I can't even with these self anointed leaders. He's def one of these gas bags who is a legend in his own mind because he's the center of his own very tiny world. 

      Exactly the sort of thing I was thinking.  The future leaders of tomorrow aren't going to be flocking to hear a self-important hasn't-actually-been expound forth on the finer points of manly Biblically-oriented dominion building.

      Okay he's already got 170 subscribers but those must be his diehard fanclub who get his newsletters.


      meanwhile in the land of videogames, Aimbotkin has 6750 followers and spent some hours last week playing Call of Duty



    • freethemall


      10 hours ago, lexiloumarie said:

      So Michael Holloway was still around - they announced their engagement. Spinster sister no longer.


      Makes me wonder if one of the boys is courting now. I assume she was kept home to help with the house. If all but one are gone, she's free to move on. 

      Well I guess Jana Duggar has hope after all (though Sarah Maxwell is still doomed).

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    • thoughtful


      OK, folks - back to Gary's words of wisdom on training up a child.

      Gary tells us about a great preacher whose son went to prison. But he did say that if he hadn't gone to prison, he would have gone to Hell.

      Gary says that some of his own kids have departed from the path. So, that train up thing doesn't work? Got it.

      Oh, wait - he wandered in his youth, but his mama and daddy kept prayin' for him and he came back. So that should fix it.

      When you go to vote on November the 3rd "maybe ya better go early, 'cause if ya die, yall probably vote Democrat, amen. HAYMUN."

      That's gets a big laugh. It took me a second, then I realized the "joke" was that cheating Democrats would somehow steal the votes of dead people.

      He then, of course, tells them to vote for their children, but "ah didn't say nobody's name," after which he makes it clear that he's not ashamed, and he's "votin' Donald Trump, all the way."

      Yeah, Gary - we'd figured it out. And you should be ashamed, but I don't think you are capable of feeling shame.

      So we got voting Trump, but not whipping, this time. As Eliza Doolittle would say, that's a mercy anyhow.

      Luke 10:2 Gary's going to keep giving out tracts, even if they put him in the electric chair.

      Drama queen.

      "Duct tape can fix some things, but ah'm not sure it can fix mah mouth amen."

      Don't lose your burden. After some sentence fragments that seem to be about churches losing people, he says "Even some these mega-churches that don't believe nothin' have seen a big fallin' away."

      He does his corona spiel - he hasn't thrown a stone, it's no worse than the flu, etc. This time he adds something about swine flu, but it will all go away on November 4th "whether we win or lose."

      NBC and ABC an' all them Cs is lying to you - there aren't as many cases as they say, and none of them are that bad. He knows, because he's talked to some people and seen some videos.

      Way to use that scientific method, Gar.

      He announces 2 Timothy 1:2, then reads something completely different. The pastor looks at Becky:



      as if she'd know WTF is wrong with her husband. She says "I don't know where he was," and they share a laugh.



      Someone asks him where he is, and this time he says 2 Timothy 1:12.

      Gary's not ASHAMED of his beliefs. He does the Pope hope dope joke, and the pastor wheezes with laughter, and slaps his leg three times.

      1 Peter 2:9   Gary does the "spiritual soap" digging in to his heart bit - no dishrag this time.

      Gary says preachers should be strange.

      Gary looked at a picture of Lester Roloff, and thought the eyes were following him around the room. "Those old-tahm guys had some kinda look. And ah think it was the look o' God."

      He not only does the "tadpoles know my SSN" joke, he adds that he's afraid they're gonna give it to somebody someday. The pastor chuckles and pounds the back of the pew twice.

      The rest is more Garybabble.

      That pastor is one easy laugh.

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    • clueliss


      Extrapolating from Christian environments, this is what is called testimony.  

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