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Fun Fun Fundies: Sims Edition

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Parkers Part Four: Now With Homeschool!

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Considering all the NRAAS mods I downloaded, you'd think I'd have thought about a homeschool one... well, now I have!

It's getting chilly in Appaloosa Plains, so I gave Amanda a more suitable outfit (I often do this for my Sims).


Babymaking time again...


Bass practice!


Chloe is a Genius (yeah, I know, another trait that seems bizarre for a fundie), so she enjoys playing chess.


Chris likes getting to know people. Unfortunately, he's having to look away from Gracie Loveland's big... er... chest.


Awww, poor baby Calvin... I forget why he was upset. Maybe it was hunger?


Peek-a-boo! Chloe and Caleb are good friends. And yep, Amanda's outfit changed, she's pregnant again.


It's snowing! With the Taylors, I had set it so that the game was in permanent summer mode because Joey was a gardener and it was easiest, otherwise plants went into hibernation and never revived. Neither parent is into gardening, so I don't need to worry.


Chloe only attended one day of normal school. On Monday morning, she enrolled in homeschool. You collect assignments either from City Hall or downloaded from the computer.


Here she is completing her first assignment!


Another promotion for Chris - now he's the mayor! 


Calvin's a toddler! And the youngest, for now...


Chloe can't do many sister-mom duties, but she can give her little siblings a bottle.


Do you want to build a snowman...


Chris threw a campaign fundraiser. It was pretty successful! He raised over 22,000 Simoleons!


Oh come on, Chris, your wife has been in labour three times already! After a short freakout he used the computer to work from home.


TWINS! And, they're girls! Welcome to the world, Clara and Connie! 


Caleb is now a child! I don't know why Chloe's talking about the theatre when she's never been... 


Naturally, Amanda has a wish to have another child. Because 5 aren't enough. Chloe is close to becoming a teen, so she'll be able to do sister-mom duties. 




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  • Posts

    • Skeptic55


      There’s a video of York and Noelle dancing, with Davia (I think) watching very intently from the side. It was very sweet, but I couldn’t help compare the two and what Davia et al will be missing out on.

    • AmericanRose

      Posted (edited)

      4 hours ago, PennySycamore said:

      I'm pretty sure that @AmericanRose was referring to Jinger.  

      I was :D

      But you know, Jinger is right. My mom was married at 20. Jinger really held out for Jeremy.*

      * I would have kept waiting.

      Edited by AmericanRose
    • JermajestyDuggar


      Online enrollment opened on February 15th for our district. I know this because I enrolled my younger son. I also have to bring in paperwork and stuff at some point this spring as well. 

    • VeryNikeSeamstress


      I saw Susannah's gown in a People atricle. She looks so much like Anna except beautiful strapless dress.

    • CheeseGirl


      6 hours ago, feministxtian said:

      That's some bullshit right there...college? They don't give a fuck how you got the answer. Social Skills? How the hell can you learn "social skills" when it's like a riot on a daily basis, bomb threats, gangs? You're too busy trying to avoid attention so you don't get your ass beat. Bullying, semi-illiterate teachers, fuck that noise...I can't tell you how many teachers' notes I sent back with the grammar corrected. I talked to the teachers in my family and they all sort of shrugged their shoulders...

      I can't speak for everyone else, but my and my family's college experience required showing work, as did all education leading up to it.  It didn't matter if the subject was math, chemistry or social sciences.  Even in subjects that had no math equations, you had to 'show your work' by properly citing sources or be in danger of plagiarizing.  

      I don't know how you can learn anything in the settings you describe.  School systems are woefully underfunded and lacking resources to battle all the things you mention.  I was trying to make the point that things like social skills SHOULD be part of formal education in addition to learning math and facts etc.  I'm sorry I didn't make myself clear.  I was also specifically referencing my husband's situation;  his was in the early 90's  at a private college-prep school. In his particular situation, gangs and bomb threats etc. were not something that were prohibiting him learning social skills.  Again, I agree with you that schools today are in desperate need of major help.

      P.S.  2 year degrees, tech degrees and all other vocational certifications should never be diminished.  I respect your degree and the expertise that represents.  Maybe I misunderstood your sarcasm.


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