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Fun Fun Fundies: Sims Edition

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Parkers Part Four: Now With Homeschool!

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Considering all the NRAAS mods I downloaded, you'd think I'd have thought about a homeschool one... well, now I have!

It's getting chilly in Appaloosa Plains, so I gave Amanda a more suitable outfit (I often do this for my Sims).


Babymaking time again...


Bass practice!


Chloe is a Genius (yeah, I know, another trait that seems bizarre for a fundie), so she enjoys playing chess.


Chris likes getting to know people. Unfortunately, he's having to look away from Gracie Loveland's big... er... chest.


Awww, poor baby Calvin... I forget why he was upset. Maybe it was hunger?


Peek-a-boo! Chloe and Caleb are good friends. And yep, Amanda's outfit changed, she's pregnant again.


It's snowing! With the Taylors, I had set it so that the game was in permanent summer mode because Joey was a gardener and it was easiest, otherwise plants went into hibernation and never revived. Neither parent is into gardening, so I don't need to worry.


Chloe only attended one day of normal school. On Monday morning, she enrolled in homeschool. You collect assignments either from City Hall or downloaded from the computer.


Here she is completing her first assignment!


Another promotion for Chris - now he's the mayor! 


Calvin's a toddler! And the youngest, for now...


Chloe can't do many sister-mom duties, but she can give her little siblings a bottle.


Do you want to build a snowman...


Chris threw a campaign fundraiser. It was pretty successful! He raised over 22,000 Simoleons!


Oh come on, Chris, your wife has been in labour three times already! After a short freakout he used the computer to work from home.


TWINS! And, they're girls! Welcome to the world, Clara and Connie! 


Caleb is now a child! I don't know why Chloe's talking about the theatre when she's never been... 


Naturally, Amanda has a wish to have another child. Because 5 aren't enough. Chloe is close to becoming a teen, so she'll be able to do sister-mom duties. 




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    • Queen Of Hearts


      I've lost interest in Tom and the Mills family a long time ago but I keep watching for the Rachel drama!

      • Haha 1
    • thoughtful

      Posted (edited)

      Still 4/1 - Gary appears with Becky behind him, to take prayer requests. He wants her to explain about her "corintation." Becky figures out that he means "quarantine" and corrects him. She also almost immediately says that it looks like nobody's signing on, and he might as well shut it off.

      She says all of this with a smile, but I get an impression that they have somewhat of a mom/child relationship. I guess she loves him, as mind-bogglingly stupid and vain as he is. She also does some parenting while trapped behind Gary, quietly telling their son, who is off-camera, what to do, and helping him with math.

      Gary talks again about the governor not realizing that the city officials would "take it that stiff and deep"  :pink-shock: when he said not to gather. Gary mentions that they had some officers come by wantin' to know why they were still havin' church. Gary says he gave them his argument about people goin' to Walmart's. I'm sure they were thrilled.

      He tries to get Becky to say something to the camera, and she pleasantly refuses.

      Gary asks us to pray for Becky, since her back is bothering her (gee, Gary, was she cleaning and cooking while you were making Facebook videos?). He hopes she can get the "kairpracter" to "jerk her around" later in the day.

      Gary is prayin' that this "Creenavahris" will bring people to the Lord. Pray for "prodikals" - some of us have got "prodikal" children who need to come back to the Lord.

      He wants us to pray for Becky to practice the "piana" and get better at it. "Next year at this tahm, if the Lord tarries his comin', she'll be cocky with that thing, she'll be beatin' it up, and playin' it ups one side and down the other. Amen?"

      Becky looks away from her son's math book to say "You've got high hopes, don't you?" with a smile.

      And, just in case you didn't catch it before, Gary makes sure to remind us to stop blaming church for everybody gettin' the creenavahrus - they must've gotten it somewhere else.

      Someone signs on and Becky finally speaks without being urged to do so. She says "you didn't bring me any food last night, but it's all right." She goes on to say that the preacher came in and said "My wife made y'all some tac -" then hesitates. Her son has to tell her that the word she is looking for is "tacos." It sounds like she'd never heard of them before, which seems unlikely. He says the "o" correctly, as it would be pronounced in Spanish, so maybe she just wanted to say it that way, rather than with the diphthong of a US accent.

      She and Gary go on for a while about having Mexican food brought to them being the best thing about being quarantined in Texas. He repeats his victory of introducing the pastors to weenie gravy and biscuits, and they ask for White Lily flour again. Becky's not going to pay $15 for a bag of flour on Amazon.

      The last 10 minutes are spent joking about weens and gravy, mock-fighting with commenters over who gets the flour, and laughing. It's the most human behavior I've ever seen from Gary.



      Edited by thoughtful
    • HereComesTreble


      Replying to Foudeb (I’m having trouble with the quote feature):

      Going 44 weeks is reckless.  Reckless and selfish.  

      42 weeks isn’t necessarily dangerously overdue, nor is it uncommon.

      There’s a difference between crunchy birthers and radical crunchy birthers.  Radicals will legit prioritize their birth plan over their baby’s life.

    • JenniferJuniper


      4 hours ago, Foudeb said:

      Eh. I am one of those radical crunchy birthers. 

      The risk of stillbirth at 42 weeks is lower than it is at 37 weeks. You don't get pressured into induction at 37 weeks. 

      This may be true, I don't know.  I'm not a trained medical professional.  Point is, though, that Shoshanna is quite convinced that she is very soon to be 45 weeks pregnant.  Crunch away, but at some point in certain situations, don't you think one should seek the assistance of trained medical professionals?

      • Upvote 1
    • marmalade


      The video the Forsyths made with the Freedomists was especially gone deaf. They mocked Covid 19 throughout. It can be found on the Forsyth's YouTube.

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