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  1. It's been a little while since we checked in with Chloe Parker at Sims University. She wakes up bright and early on Monday morning, and has time to grab a quick bowl of cereal. She ends up being a little late to her first class, but she's not that worried as she sees someone go through the door just before she does. That evening, she's feeling a little lonely, so she decides to chat to someone online. On Tuesday, she only has a lecture, which starts at midday. She sits down and eagerly begins taking notes. ... oh dear. Once the lecture is over, Chloe greets one of her coursemates, Ann Conners. She barely registers Ann's shorts... perhaps she's losing some of her prejudices. After all, no-one's thought her modest outfit weird. Chloe's fridge was a little low on supplies, so she heads over to the grocery store. Building skills can help with university performance, so Chloe grabs her guitar and plays outside. It's a beautiful evening with the sun setting. Chloe was a little low on money, so she decides to apply for some extra funding. The person in charge of funding at the St John Administration Centre is so impressed by Chloe's good grades that he awards her (just over) 3,500 Simoleons! Almost immediately, she heads over to the local branch of SimBurger to eat. Thursday is Class Activity day, which involves sitting outdoors and sketching. Chloe is more a musician than a painter, but she's still pretty talented. Other students have been talking about "street art", so Chloe decides to investigate by taking a class. She then purchases herself a street art kit and begins spray-painting her kitchen floor! The weather's getting a little cooler, so she dons her autumn/winter outfit. It's 3:30 am and she's hungry, so she bakes some cookies. Mm, chocolate chip... I didn't get a screenshot, but Chloe befriended somebody called Asala Karam. Asala is a level 10 Rebel... and now Chloe is a Rebel, too! Wonder what her parents would think? Ah well, she no longer lives at home. One rebellious activity your Sim can do is dumpster dive. So, feeling brave, Chloe dives through one of the dumpsters behind the grocery store. She finds a dining chair and a Lapis Lazuli ore. Exams are on Friday, and Chloe passes all of them with flying colours! She has just one week left, and then she'll graduate! She's done pretty well so far. So... Chloe's now a little rebellious! Will this carry on when she goes back to Appaloosa Plains?
  2. I've mostly been playing Sims 4 recently, but I've recently got back into Sims 3. I also have a few saves other than the Parkers, and I've been playing them. I do have a few screenshots of Chloe at university, though. Chloe lives on her own at university, rather than in a dorm with heathens. Of course it'd be better if she lived with someone else, but I am ultimately the one in control of Chloe so I'll make sure she doesn't get up to anything dodgy. In this first screenshot, we see that Chloe's top and her sofa match. It's rather an odd look. but Chloe loves that pattern and this is her first taste of independence and being able to decorate as she wants. Chloe loves playing music, and she decided to play guitar on her porch. Every new student gets invited to the Student Union at midday, to learn more about their course and to meet other newbies. Chloe hopped on her bike and headed towards the student union. Chloe was a little concerned when she first met her fellow students. One of them was wearing a skirt, albeit a very short one, and another was wearing SHORTS! Chloe had never met any woman wearing shorts or trousers of any kind. Chloe eventually swallowed her feelings and began chatting to another student. The student didn't really need to be told that red was Chloe's favourite colour; it was patently obvious. Chloe was intrigued by the pool table. Her parents had never owned one, but she was intrigued and decided to have a go. It didn't look too complicated, after all. Back at her house, Chloe was hungry. She decided to make herself a hamburger for dinner. She was eager to begin classes the next day, although she did have some doubts as to whether her homeschool education was enough.
  3. The first photo of the last post involved Calvin and an unfortunate bladder accident. This first photo is better... it's his birthday! Chris continues his plan of befriending as many inhabitants of Appaloosa Plains as he can. Perhaps if he dazzles them with his amazing charisma, they won't really notice his larger-than-normal family or conservative beliefs. Here's Calvin as a teen. Amanda actually does some parenting! Caleb and Calvin are NOT impressed by Carl's wailing. All the school-aged kids doing their schoolwork. Clara decides to be a one-girl member of the School of the Dining Room Floor. They originally had an ice-cream machine and deep fryer, but everyone kept using the dang fryer when they were hungry, so I removed them. I bought them a pizza oven instead! It's been a while since the bed has seen any action other than sleeping... *wink wink* When everyone else was asleep, Callie and Carl were still in the playpen. Not only does the playpen help toddlers learn to talk, it also (I don't know how) manages to keep all their needs up. Oh dear... Chloe making herself a birthday cake! The eldest Parker child is becoming a young adult! Congratulations, Chloe! Are those... *gasp*... SHORT SHORTS, Chloe? NIKE! *faints* Much better. I gave her a little make up. The Parkers aren't against it, but Amanda just chooses not to wear any. After praying and talking to her parents, Chloe decided to apply to university. She took the entrance test and did very well! Before she headed off, there was one final event to attend... high school graduation! Even the toddlers came! Somehow, without a single lesson, Chloe is magically able to drive. Parents can teach their kids to drive in Sims 3 (with the Generations expansion pack), but I never got round to it. Well, there were nine Sims to keep an eye on... Somehow, despite being homeschooled, Chloe still managed to graduate as class valedictorian, and Most Likely to Fulfill her Lifetime Wish. Her LTW, by the way, is the exact same one as her mother's: One Sim Band, or mastering the four musical skills of guitar, piano, bass and drums. We end on an appropriate photo of Chloe leaving to go off to university to study Fine Arts. It's sweet that she's thinking of Callie; perhaps she's hoping that Callie will also leap at the chance of going to university when she's old enough?
  4. We start off with a rather unfortunate situation... Calvin peed himself. Whoops. I changed Clara and Connie's outfits, to a t-shirt and skirt combo. Awww, baby snuggles! The kitchen was kind of gross, so sister-mom-helper Chloe stepped in. Ya gotta pay the bills! This is also the 2000th screenshot in my Sims 3 album. I bought the girls a kids' oven (forgetting that there were already two in the family inventory) and Connie approved. All the siblings, plus Chris, watching baby Callie grow up! Callie's toddler outfit. If you recall, this is the same dress style that Chloe wore, and same hairstyle. Poor Clara was exhausted, and had to go to the bathroom on a gross toilet. Chris off to work. He's currently at level 9 of the politics career, Vice President. Just one more promotion and he'll have achieved his Lifetime Wish! Chloe was going a little stir-crazy, so she took her school-aged siblings to the library to do some of their schoolwork. Working! (I don't actually know what Caleb was reading. It's not always easy to keep an eye on 9 Sims!) Clara got hungry so she cycled home on her own. Callie teaching herself to walk. I use the walker with all my Sim toddlers, but it's particularly useful with fundie families who don't really interact a huge amount with their kids. Family jamming session! That thing above Carl's head is a skill bar, which appears when a toddler's learning a skill. It's gone that cool purple-y colour because he'd just mastered learning to walk! In order to keep building his Charisma skill, Chris needed to make some new acquaintances. It was terrible weather (rain), so he decided to go to the library, which proved to be a great idea. This guy is Booker Singleton. Chris threw a fundraising party that evening. He invited several friends. When you invite Sims to a party, you often get some turning up who weren't actually invited. This is Honey Darnell, who's a level 3 Celebrity. Naturally, Chris was intrigued. And, the title of the post should give you an indication of what happened... Chris became a Celebrity! You don't actually have to befriend a Celebrity to become one, you just need to impress them. There are five Celebrity levels, and the first one is (rather appropriately, for a fundie) called Fame Leecher. Chris did also manage to become Friends with Honey. Because he's so accomplished with the Charisma skill, befriending others comes pretty easily to him. One of Chloe's traits is Dramatic. I didn't actually choose this for her, it happened because (I think) she didn't get an A grade at elementary/child age, which is when you can choose a trait.* As of the last time I saved, Chloe has three days left in the Teen stage. I am planning to send her to college (the Parkers are OK with that, because to them it's a way of proving that their homeschooling is just as good as a public school education). So, while she's still at home, she's going to be helping out as much as possible! As well as her schoolwork, Chloe has spent a lot of time earning skill points. The process of getting into university is rather long-winded to explain here, but to simplify things, the more skill points she does, the better she does on her entrance test and the higher chance she has of getting a good scholarship! There are six degrees, and she's hoping to do a Fine Arts degree.
  5. I haven't really played Sims 3 recently - I've been more into Sims 4 - but I had some screenshots. I gave Amanda a new do! There aren't really any curly hairstyles in Sims 3, so I had to make do with some gentle waves instead. In the last part, Amanda had recently given birth to twins Callie and Carl. I decided to put them into the parents' room, so Chloe could get a little sleep. I'll move Callie into the girls' room when she's a toddler. Caleb off to work. Not quite sure what Caleb's dreaming about... perhaps about the fact that he's not in unGodly public skool? (If you can't quite see, it's a desk and chair). Clara and Connie grew up. I might change their outfit, not sure. Thankfully the girls can get a proper night's sleep. Amanda can do the adoring wife gaze, even in her sleep. Although maybe she's starting to wake up because Carl's crying. Playing chess. Enrolling in homeschool. Clara gets to work on some chores. When you don't get a proper night's sleep, you have to snatch a nap where and when you can. "Birthdays are so much fun!" "I know, I love cake!" I need to build them a second full-size bathroom, but I'm not sure where to put it.
  6. Clara and Connie becoming best friends! The playpen is so useful. Calvin grew up! Here he is registering for homeschool. Here's his everyday wear. Fundies love polo tops! It really is the SOTDRT in the Parker home. You can obtain a violin from the Sims 3 Store. Chloe loves playing instruments! Calvin gets stuck into household chores. Chloe makes a birthday cake for Caleb. There's another teen in the house! He looks pretty handsome. It'll be a lucky young fundie maiden who gets him as her husband! Of course, only boys can get part-time jobs. Because penis. Family band! Excuse Chloe's sluttish pyjamas. There aren't many modest options for fundie teenage girls. "OH MY GOSH MOM WHAT IS GOING ON?" "It's totally normal, Chloe, this is what happens when you have a baby!" Of course, Chris is working. A* father skillz. Amanda had twins again, one girl and one boy, called Callie and Carl. This is officially my first "overstuffed" household, with 9 Sims in total. Dutiful sister-mom Chloe feeding her newest sister. Caleb steps up and becomes a brother-dad. Callie started crying and I caught Chloe looking like this. She likes her siblings, but wishes that they could at least sleep in her parents' room when they were babies... Clara and Connie are due to age up soon so that'll be another two members of the SOTDRT. Chloe is maintaining an A grade in homeskool, which is great! I'm debating on whether to send her to university... I mean, some fundies let their girls go. I'd have her live in a private house, and seeing as I eventually play God in this game, I'll be controlling her actions and can prevent her from doing anything dodgy. And besides, I could treat it as the Parker parents saying "Look! Our kids did GREAT in homeschool and are just as well educated as those people who went to public school! We trust our children to conduct themselves in a Godly manner whilst obtaining their degree. Chloe will be teaching her future children, so it's worth her getting a good education."
  7. I hadn't played the Parker family in nearly two months, but with this coronavirus keeping everyone indoors I figured it would be a good time to play them again. A reminder of the kids so far: Chloe, Caleb, Calvin, Clara and Connie. Last time we saw them, it was Snowflake Day and everyone was getting gifts. It was also the twins' birthdays! Clara is in pink and Connie in lilac. Apparently, when you're at level 7 in politics, your taxi around town is actually a limo. Super fancy. The way that homeschool works is that you can download homework from a computer, and then once it's done you download a new piece. This needs to be done multiple times a day to get the best grades. Amanda was going a little stir-crazy so she went to the grocery store. She then decided to learn a new recipe. Caleb helping out round the house. Yeah, Chloe is the sister-mom/C-slave, but there's only one of her. Plus, it's good for all kids to do chores! Amanda actually decided to get a JOB! Don't worry, it's only a stay-at-home one; she's decided to open a daycare. Chloe decided to make everyone lunch... sadly, though, it burnt. Ah well, every cook must start somewhere! Caleb really likes planes, it seems... Both Amanda and Chris celebrated their birthdays on the same day. Here's Chris celebrating his. Playing together in the playroom. Chloe decided to take her little brothers to the library. Caleb actually gets an opportunity to meet another kid! It's been a while since this happened.... Daycare comes with a uniform. It involved some sluttish trousers, so I changed the outfit a little bit. I think we know what might be going on... Chloe, of course, must clean up the mess. Is that Amanda working out in a GYM??? She's gone outside so she doesn't have to see anyone else. Is that Chloe going off to prom? She doesn't really even know any other young Sims in Appaloosa Plains. Nope! She's got sister-mom duties to attend to. And she's tired, too. She doesn't really mind. Maybe her parents can take her out for a fancy meal. Ta da! Amanda's expecting a new blessing! What will C-baby #6 be called? Caleb ages up soon, as does Calvin. So we'll have two teens, a child, two toddlers and a baby. Lord help them.
  8. I actually haven't played the Parkers for a bit, but I do have some pictures from the last time I played them. Last time, Caleb had just aged up into a child. So, we had a second pupil in the Parker Homeschool. Sorry, Chloe. Mommy and Daddy are clearly prioritising their sleep over yours. She decided that it would be best to nap on the sofa. CHANGE ME MOMMY! Woo, snow angel! Strange that he didn't change into his outerwear, though. Taking advantage of a moment of peace to practise the piano. Caleb cleans up in the boys' room. It's Chloe's birthday! Now she's a teenager, she can finally act as a sister-mom! She spent time playing the xylophone as a toddler, so she gets a headstart on adult music skills. Family band practice! It was soon Snowflake Day, so they threw a gift-giving party. Note Calvin in his walker... Even though Kim Marshall is a short-skirts-wearing heathen, Chloe knows to be polite. Getting ready for present-opening! Calvin still in his walker. Chloe got a good one! (I forget what she actually got). Unable to take part in present opening, Calvin just ambles about in his walker, amusing himself. Chris got a good present, although for some reason it didn't actually show up in-game; it came up as "*** Failure Object". Googling seems to indicate that it's not a major issue; it's in the family inventory for now.
  9. Considering all the NRAAS mods I downloaded, you'd think I'd have thought about a homeschool one... well, now I have! It's getting chilly in Appaloosa Plains, so I gave Amanda a more suitable outfit (I often do this for my Sims). Babymaking time again... Bass practice! Chloe is a Genius (yeah, I know, another trait that seems bizarre for a fundie), so she enjoys playing chess. Chris likes getting to know people. Unfortunately, he's having to look away from Gracie Loveland's big... er... chest. Awww, poor baby Calvin... I forget why he was upset. Maybe it was hunger? Peek-a-boo! Chloe and Caleb are good friends. And yep, Amanda's outfit changed, she's pregnant again. It's snowing! With the Taylors, I had set it so that the game was in permanent summer mode because Joey was a gardener and it was easiest, otherwise plants went into hibernation and never revived. Neither parent is into gardening, so I don't need to worry. Chloe only attended one day of normal school. On Monday morning, she enrolled in homeschool. You collect assignments either from City Hall or downloaded from the computer. Here she is completing her first assignment! Another promotion for Chris - now he's the mayor! Calvin's a toddler! And the youngest, for now... Chloe can't do many sister-mom duties, but she can give her little siblings a bottle. Do you want to build a snowman... Chris threw a campaign fundraiser. It was pretty successful! He raised over 22,000 Simoleons! Oh come on, Chris, your wife has been in labour three times already! After a short freakout he used the computer to work from home. TWINS! And, they're girls! Welcome to the world, Clara and Connie! Caleb is now a child! I don't know why Chloe's talking about the theatre when she's never been... Naturally, Amanda has a wish to have another child. Because 5 aren't enough. Chloe is close to becoming a teen, so she'll be able to do sister-mom duties.
  10. Caleb being placed into his crib. He's still too young to play with his older sister, so Chloe has to entertain herself for now. Look who's able to use the potty all by herself! Notice the clear difference between the girls' room and the boys' room. Gotta reinforce those gender roles! Mommy and daughter playtime. Chloe might look scared, but she's actually about to be tickled. The interaction is "Attack with the Claw". Mmm, fish and chips. The glowy lighting is because it's a full moon. Last time this happened a zombie appeared in the garden, but there weren't any this time. I love this cute little outfit Chloe's wearing. Caleb grew up! I think we know what this means...! Getting a massage from #besthubbyever. Playtime! The playpen is actually a great way for toddlers to build a relationship, even if they haven't learnt the talking skill. Chloe and Caleb are now best friends! It was Spooky Day, and Chris threw a feast party. Looks like a pretty good spread! Amanda also made a bowl of chili, although it's not in shot. Uh oh, a trick or treater... Amanda decided to play along, but included a tract about the Good Message with the candy. Chloe is now a Child! Her first port of call was to clean the bathtub. The only one in the girls' room... You can't actually tell just by the photo, but Amanda was in labour with... ... another boy, baby Calvin! Sorry Chloe, looks like you're going to be the only girl for a little while longer. I know we usually want only boys to be born to fundies, but I think it'd be nice for Chloe to have a sister to share sister-mom/mommy-slave duties with, and to chat about girly things together. So, that's three kids and counting for the Parkers. Will Chloe get her wish of a baby sister soon? Chris is also level 6 in the Politics career. Part of his job is to throw campaign fundraisers. Let's hope they're successful!
  11. So, when we last saw the Parkers, Amanda had just found out that she was pregnant with blessing #1. Time to make breakfast! Hey look, Chris is cleaning up! #besthubbyever Doing the laundry. Chris had a wish to work from home, because he's a Workaholic. I know, you're howling with laughter at the idea of a workaholic fundie, but hear me out. When he's not busy at work, he will sometimes 'work from home' autonomously, which is a great excuse for not helping with the kids! Late night drum practice. Mmm, deep fried food. Labour! It's... a girl! Welcome to the world, baby Chloe! Chloe isn't old enough to be a mommy-slave yet, so Amanda has to clean the toilet herself. Despite what I said earlier, Chris decided to be the one to change baby Chloe (item is from the Sims 3 Store)! #bestdaddyever Sweet fellowship time again! I got Chris to learn some piano skill, and they decided to jam together. Amanda took Chloe to the summer festival next door, but had to leave Chloe on the ground in order to go and throw up. Pregnant again! Amanda got a spray tan at a booth at the fair the night before. Reading a pregnancy book outside the bookstore. Chloe is now a toddler! I changed her outfit later. Time for some late-night potty training! What a cute little kid! With the Local Motion Toddler Walker, there's no need for Chris or Amanda to teach Chloe to walk, she can do it herself! And the second baby is... a BOY! Welcome to the world, baby Caleb! I think you can guess what the name theme is... I'll round off the post with a snapshot of Chloe teaching herself to talk. So, how soon will Amanda be pregnant with #3? Will she end up having a laundry room breakdown? Which C name will be used next? Until next time!
  12. Meet Chris and Amanda Parker, who reside in Appaloosa Plains. They live on the same lot as the Taylors did, at 1004 Pomona Promenade. However, I bulldozed the original small house there, and built a much bigger one. In reality, I used "freerealestate", allowing them to move in for free; in-game, I decided that the narrative would be that they grifted the house. Chris wants to be a politician, so his first task is to get a job as a podium polisher. Like Melissa Taylor, Amanda wants to be a One Sim Band, which requires mastery of Guitar, Piano, Bass and Drums. So, I sent her to a piano class. I also sent Chris to a Charisma class. Most skill classes cost 400 Simoleons, but the Charisma one cost 320 (one random class a day gets a discount). Smoochin' time! Time for some sweet fellowship! Amanda doesn't have much Cooking skill yet, so she makes hot dogs for dinner. Hot dogs are nice, but Amanda wants to expand her repertoire, so she reads a cooking skill book. Since the Charisma skill involves befriending people, Chris heads out to the library. This turns out to be an inspired move, as he bumps into his boss, Cheyenne Fox. That's right... a FEMALE boss. It's not ideal, but Chris isn't the type to cause a ruckus. They discuss their favourite colours (him: blue, her: orange) and a bit about the job before he heads home. Around 2am, Amanda has to wake up... She doesn't feel too good... was it the hot dogs? Once Chris has gone to work the next day, Amanda decides to take a guitar class. It was a successful first day for Chris, he got a promotion! Aha, NOW Amanda knows why she felt ill... she's pregnant! Blessing #1 is on the way! They both decided to make themselves food. Chris made Deep Fried Ice Cream Fritter, which sounds fucking awesome. Amanda made Apple Pie, which sounds equally awesome. Chris had a work opportunity to complete, which didn't finish until 11pm(ish). I'm ending the post on an appropriate screenshot of Chris getting into bed. Next part will, of course, feature the birth of the first child... what gender will it be? What name scheme will I give the kids? How will they adapt to being parents??
  13. Trying to keep tabs on multiple families isn't the easiest task! Bob knows that red roses are a solid romantic gesture. "Bethany, you are such a beautiful, Godly young woman..." "... will you do me the honour of becoming my wife?" Front hugs a go-go!! Popping back over to the mothership, where little Hannah had aged up. I changed her outfit. Then we go to Andrew's house. Time for the twins to age up! Here's Molly! And here's little Morgan on the xylophone! This is also the 800th screenshot in my album. This top and this skirt are the most modest options I have for formal/bridal wear. I'm guessing that all the females will be wearing this combination, or similar. You may be able to notice the subtle floral decoration I added for Bethany's outfit. I could go for a slightly shorter skirt (still covering those *sinful* knees), or else something that doesn't cover the shoulders. I wish I could create my own CC sometimes, but I don't have those sorts of skills, so I have to make do with what I have. Hand-holding! It's happening! Wedding #2 for the Taylor offspring! I didn't capture the kiss that occurs as part of the wedding vows action. But just-married-that-second Sims, particularly fundie ones, don't need an excuse!! I couldn't spot Diana in the immediate congregation, and then, searching the lot, I found her. Cake time! Slow dancing in a bedroom. This was where Bob slept when they weren't married; it'll probably be a kids' room in the future. That's two weddings down and six more to go. Of course, the two youngest are only toddlers.
  14. It's been some time since I updated on the Taylors! Gabriel is a cute little dude. Melissa was pregnant with #8 and went into labour in the music room. Only Francesca (hidden by the piano) is really freaking out. Elijah is so bored he's yawning! And here's baby #8, Hannah. I've decided that she will be the last blessing, as the next generation has started now. Sadly, Melissa wet herself. Over at Andrew's, Natalie goes into labour again! Andrew is totally freaking out but Natalie is so chill she's eating dinner. She gave birth to twins Morgan (boy) and Molly (girl). I haven't really got any photos of them yet. It's always hot in Appaloosa Plains, so Joey decided to head to the beach and sunbathe. The triplets became young adults whilst I was playing with Andrew and his family. Elijah went somewhat bald, and for some reason Melissa is wearing a very NIKE dress. Diana adopts her mom's hairstyle. Francesca rocks the casual look. I've got a "rebellious" daughter in Sims 4 (Emily Smith), and maybe Francesca will be my "rebellious" Sim in this game. Here's Gabriel playing with some toys... ... and baby Hannah in her crib. For some reason a babysitter randomly spawned even though there were two adult Sims on the lot. I think this just happens when you play a family with kids, go to a different family, then go back. Here's Andrew feeding little Molly! I'll make sure to take photos when they age into toddlers. Matilda is three days off becoming a child. The Taylors are a pretty musical family, and Natalie fits right in. Bethany has a special friend! His name is Bob Wilson. I went to briefly check in on the Andrew Taylor family, and... erm... there was a bit of congestion going on. Don't sit on your siblings, Matilda! That's not very loving! The second part of the title refers to something odd that I've not noticed before. I clicked on Andrew and he'd been randomly given a Fine Arts degree, grade B. What's even weirder though is that MELISSA was given the exact same thing!! Having googled, I think it does happen sometimes. I never sent them, and they didn't even get an extra trait. I can't screenshot with the UI up, so here's a random shot of Andrew in his work gear. Back to Bethany and Bob. Flirting in a BAR? They didn't partake in any sinful drinking, though. I got Bethany to do the Sims University Aptitude Test, just to see which degree she'd be suited to. I'm planning to make Bob a politician, and I'll give him some skills and maybe send *him* to university. HAND HOLDING ALERT Y'ALL "Will you enter a courtship with me?" Late-night dancin' And here's Bob doing the aptitude test. I foresee marriage for these two! Well, of course they're gonna get married, that's the Godly way.
  15. The Taylors have also had an eventful time on this blog. So, we were introduced to Joey and Melissa. Melissa got pregnant quickly. Joey is a gardener. You'll notice that Joey gardens in his stripy pyjamas quite a lot. Andrew was blessing #1. Melissa is a wannabe musician (mastering piano/guitar/bass/drums, not a job). The basement serves as the music room. Melissa conceived again quickly, and had twins Bethany and Christopher. Compared to *some* fundie dads *cough cough*, Joey was quite an involved dad. A rare photo of Joey tending to his garden while fully dressed!! A zombie appeared on my lot... and promptly died. The kids taught themselves how to walk and talk. Melissa soon conceived TRIPLETS, Diana, Elijah and Francesca. For a brief period, there were FIVE TODDLERS in the house. I don't have a homeschool mod, so the kids had to go to ebil public school. Melissa kept up with her musical skills whilst also raising six arrows for the Lord. Everyone was involved in keeping the house clean - even the boys! Andrew was also musically-minded. The triplets soon became children, and life got a lot easier. Joey mastered Gardening! When the twins became teens, they were able to practice music together as a family in the basement. They even got pets! And a pool! Melissa opened a daycare. Andrew moved out, and met a VERY pretty young lady... They quickly began a courtship... ... and got married!!! Melissa showed up... pregnant. Again. Blessing #7, Gabriel, arrived. Natalie then gave birth to the first member of the next generation, Matilda. Not to be outdone, Melissa... you know the rest. Natalie also made progress with the next blessings. Yep, she too had twins! Morgan and Molly. Final count: eight children, three grandchildren. I probably won't have Melissa conceive again now that the grands are appearing. There'll be plenty of grandkids.
  16. When we last visited the Taylors, Melissa had just had baby #7, Gabriel. A good bit has happened since then! The morning after her wedding to Andrew, Natalie feels a little queasy... Natalie loves the heat (it's a trait), so she decides to sunbathe in the yard. Given her sooper-modest outfit, she won't get much of a tan. She went to the library to brush up on cooking skill... and bumped into Melissa... ... who then decided to randomly play piano by the bookshelves. Andrew attended a party at his parents' house, and got to meet his kid brother. Looks like the next generation is on its way! Natalie had a real craving for watermelon. Freakout! Looks like the baby is a-coming! It's a girl! Welcome to the world, baby Matilda! Of course Natalie naturally pops back to her pre-pregnancy size instantly. Back to the mothership. Bethany and Christopher aged up and moved out. So, naturally, Melissa took advantage of this. Gabriel grew up! It's been a while since Melissa had to potty-train any of her kids but she remembers what to do. I sent the teens to school when they weren't feeling great. Diana spent most of the day sleeping in class (tut tut) and landed herself in detention, so she had to stay after school. Is that... a... TELEVISION?? Don't worry, Natalie only uses it to improve her cooking skills. Andrew got a promotion! Of course, Natalie has to be the one to attend to her crying daughter whilst Andrew sleeps on. Got insomnia and can't sleep? Go to the library! Matilda is due to age up soon. The family doesn't know it yet, but Matilda is going to become a big sister soon. Plus, of course, there's baby #8 for Joey and Melissa on the way.
  17. Most of my Sims couples are white and straight, like me. So, for my newest save game in Sims 3, I decided to create a mixed-race lesbian couple, Helena May and Roseanne Baker. Helena is the white woman and Roseanne the black. They started off in CAS as Girlfriend and Girlfriend. They got married within a couple of days. They then adopted their first kid, Amelia. Helena wants to be a Hit Movie Composer. Her main skills are Guitar and Logic. Sadly no-one really listened to her when she played in the park. Helena's third main skill, not related to her career, is Alchemy. Here's Amelia as a toddler... ... and as a child, off to a Writing class. The family currently has three pets: Pistachio the cat and Cashew and Macadamia the dogs. Pistachio and Cashew are into the Hunting skill. One day... an effing SNAKE appeared INSIDE THE HOUSE. OMGWTFBBQ Amelia was a child during winter, and she had a couple of days off school, as well as the Snow Day holiday. She only went to school twice. She used the time off to write some science fiction novels. What do dogs like to do? CHASE THE MAILWOMAN!! Sadly he developed the Aggressive trait, which kinda sucks. Roseanne took him for a walk in the snow. Snow Day gift giving party. Amelia ended up getting three of the same thing, Helena got one crappy gift, and weirdly Roseanne got nothing. Amelia aged into a Teen. I later changed her hairdo as the result of a "mood swing" wish. Mason is very close to his imaginary friend, Puzzle. I've currently got an opportunity to make Puzzle real, but I've got to find a Rainbow Gem, which are super rare. Helena discovering some potions. At level 8 of logic, you can make a potion that'll turn the Imaginary Friend real, without needing to do the opportunity, but she's only level 6 right now. Given how rare Rainbow Gems are, she'll probably reach Level 8 before we find a gem Whoops! Potion discovery gone wrong! Mason is a Loner and Angler, so he's really into fishing. The lakes were all frozen, so he had to go fish in the sea. Here he is learning bait for a particular type of fish. You can also see little Felicity in the background. Felicity grew up! She's a Virtuoso so I'll probably get her to develop music skills, but you can't develop them till you're a teenager. That painting is by Amelia, who wants to be an Illustrious Author and master the writing and painting skills. The most recent picture is of Amelia going to prom. She hooked up with another Sim there, who's a Vampire. The vampire lifestyle isn't really my thing. Plus, vampires live longer than normal Sims, so Amelia would be an Elder whilst he's still a Young Adult, so I'll get them to break up, although they can still enjoy a teen romance.
  18. OK, so the last part ended with a "mystery" photo.... but I bet you can guess what role she'll have to play. Andrew's turning into a Young Adult! He also gets Kicked Out of the house. This is much easier than manually moving him, plus they choose a random vacant lot. Andrew ends up going for a pretty fancy place. Christopher was VERY NAUGHTY one day and SKIPPED SCHOOL. He got scolded by Melissa, so he had to help out round the house. So, the "mystery" woman from the end of the last post is called Natalie Jones. Andrew takes an immediate fancy to her... Joey shows up. I know fundies love chaperones, but it's a bit of a style cramper... DAT HUG. They went on a date to a diner. I heard some random piano music... yep, it was Melissa randomly jamming behind the diner That outfit is the Level 2 Daycare uniform. The next morning, Andrew gets a job in the Music career track, which fits with his Lifetime Wish as a One Sim Band (the same as his mother). Natalie works on her Cooking skill. Her nightie is somewhat sluttish, but I decided length was more important than sleeves (ok and low-cut-ness). After all, her Everyday skirt shows *knee*, so... Seems like Melissa and Joey took advantage of a slot finally being available after Andrew moved out... Girly jamming session! Getting in the mood for a proposal... Engaged!! Sadly I missed the actual down-on-one-knee moment as I was looking at something on my phone. Oh well. It happened. The next morning, Andrew practises guitar whilst Natalie brushes up on her cooking. On their way! I decided to build a small wedding venue in town. I am pretty sure Andrew invited his whole family. In the end, only Joey, Christopher, Diana and Elijah watched the ceremony. Hmm. KISS! KISS! Melissa eventually showed up in a VERY sluttish skirt. The two married couples slow dance. Time to start the next generation!! I then went back to the mother ship just in time to witness... ...the birth of baby #7, Gabriel! It's a big, big gap between the DEF triplets and baby Gabriel, but oh well. Bethany and Christopher are also due to age up into Young Adults, so we may well also get an H and an I baby soon. There aren't really any H biblical names for boys, so if the theoretical H baby is a boy I'll call him something like Henry, or Hugo, a nice traditional name. I names are more obvious (Isaac). It's the reverse for girls... Hannah is the obvious H choice, whereas there are no I names so it'll be something like IDK Imogen or Isabelle. (If its twins, H baby would be born first, I baby second). I'm probably gonna stop at ten (so, that'd be Joseph/James/etc or Joanna/Julia.)
  19. Melissa is now the only member of the family left at home during the day, so she decided to open a daycare. It allows her to stay at home, so there's no boss or women with green hair around. It's Leisure Day! Normally there are four festivals a year, but because I have this game in permanent summer mode, you only get Leisure Day, once every four weeks. They wanted to throw a pool party, so I built them a pool. The flowers are from the Weather Stone, which supernaturals can activate. This is Reviving Sprinkle, exclusive to Fairies, that fertilizes plants and revives dead ones. It's useful to Joey and his big garden. Bethany contemplating life and God under the stars. Teens and up can wear a modest mermaid skirt, but the best kids can wear is a wetsuit. For some reason, Melissa decided to buy a digger to see if there were any gems buried in the garden. Now it's time for the triplets to age up! For a short time, I will only have Teens in the family. Andrew is close to becoming a Young Adult and aging up. I'll probably kick him out. Yes, he'll be alone, but it's easiest this way. Plus Melissa may be able to have another kid. There'll be a huge age gap, but that's not a concern for me. Fairies live much longer than normal Sims. The girls are all wearing the same skirt, but have different tops, hairstyles and shoes. Here's Diana. And then Elijah and Francesca. There aren't any modest nighties available to teens, so they just wear dressing gowns instead. I decided to make Christopher "eccentric"; this doesn't mean he acts weirdly or says crazy stuff, it actually means he's good at inventing. I thought it was a way for him to make money, by creating toys and mini sculptures and stuff. Oh noes! Christopher got electrocuted! I hired a repair woman to fix the shower, but she inevitably decided to go for a dip. So I got a woman in a BIKINI mending the shower. NIKE!! Jacob grew into an adult cat. Only Andrew was there to watch. More band practice. The daycare only operates Monday-Thursday for some reason. Melissa got the job on the Thursday, so didn't start until the following Monday. Here are the first two toddlers, Alexa and Catherine Givens. The game automatically generates toddlers, so they're not necessarily living in the town. On the second day, we get a different pair of kids entirely. Here are Janis and Tommy Spain. Alexa and Catherine Givens are no longer in Melissa's relationships panel, so who knows what happened to them. Basement homework club!! Sims in The Sims 3 tend to autonomously do their homework much more than in Sims 2 or 4. That's the end of Part Six! But wait? Who's this... ??
  20. Gotta start those homemaker skills early! Francesca and Elijah ended up sleeping in each other's beds, but I didn't regard it as a big problem. You can claim beds in Sims 3, such that they will automatically sleep in those beds. Bethany dancing this time. Perhaps they're OK with it? Francesca really needed the loo one morning, but it was filthy so she had to clean it. OK. It's official, the Taylors are OK with dancing. Melissa gets involved. I have Classical music playing all the time, so it's not ebil pop with a beat. Joey mastered the Gardening skill!! Bethany decided to try and sell some baked goods. Sadly, nobody bought anything. I managed to get everyone in shot! That's Diana talking to Joey; kids with the Excitable trait often pretend to rule over an imaginary kingdom, dressing up in a costume and with a crown. Only God can really rule over a kingdom, though! It was an automatic action, and with eight people in a household you can't control everyone at once. What's this? It's a cute little kitten! His name is Jacob. Bethany did get a customer one day, but Patricia Bedlington didn't buy anything. Joey's not looking at Patricia's vest and shorts. Plus, the visitor is a vampire... The twins age up! We can have family band practice now. I wish I could attach a video file of the music they're playing, but I can't. It sounds pretty cool when they jam together. There are two styles, "Jam" and "Blues". Whenever someone plays an instrument, the others like to come and watch. This is mostly OK, except when they're supposed to be going to bed. Then it's just stupid. Oi, you're tired, go to bed. You can watch your mom play the piano tomorrow. Everyone's off to school! Cleaning up around the house isn't just for the girls in this family. Or is he doing something else...? Oh noes! Melissa's hair! Turns out Andrew was playing a prank. Fairies love to prank. I don't get the Taylors to do it much, but Andrew was having a mood swing and had a wish to play a prank. Melissa wanted to earn some money by playing piano in the park, but no-one gave her any tips. Perhaps I'll try somewhere else. Joey decided to enter a hot dog eating contest. The natural consequence of stuffing your face... throwing up afterwards. A couple of days later, we got another kitten. This is Eliza, short for Elizabeth. Jacob was pretty lonely, so I got another pet of the same species. I still intend to take them on vacation one day. I don't know where I'll go. Maybe France.
  21. As the title says. Late-ish one evening, I sent Andrew on a scavenger hunt looking for gems and metals. Melissa wants to be an awesome musician, so it's time to practise the guitar! Potty training! Andrew is now a teenager! One evening, Elijah decided to play the xylophone. Sadly, he woke Christopher up. Andrew was able to sleep through thanks to the Heavy Sleeper trait. Everyone was either at school, at work, or asleep, and Melissa and Francesca were the only ones up. Although you can't be a travelling music ministry family, you can play instruments. You can only play once you become a teen, so right now Andrew is the only kid who can join in jamming sessions. Melissa was going a little stir crazy, so she decided to visit the consignment store. There wasn't anything she liked, though. Bethany brought a friend home from school, but they didn't interact much. Melissa then decided to visit the library. She sat opposite a dude with a ponytail, but she decided to ignore him. Jam session! Bethany and Christopher will soon turn into teens so they can join in and form a full "band". Late night sliding! (Or could be early morning, I don't know). Andrew can now be a brother-dad and look after his toddler siblings. Cleaning the bath! Gotta start training to be a homemaker early! Melissa herself cleans the shower. Melissa wrote a book, Being Purposeful in your Marriage. She decided to start on a second, to do with parenting (I forget the exact wording). Sister time! They've got a small pond/lake in their garden, so Christopher takes advantage and goes fishing. The triplets aged up! I gave the girls slightly different styles. Bethany is technically wearing a top and skirt, but I made it look like it's a dress (the top was 'tucked into' the skirt). Diana has a different type of top. And Francesca is wearing an actual dress. They've also all got long hair, but done differently. The glowy effect is from the full moon. I find it rather annoying as it makes me feel like my glasses are smeary, even when they're not!! The full moon gives a positive moodlet to fairies, though, so it's worth keeping.
  22. I loaded Sims 3 today. I thought I'd muted all the sound options (voices, music, ambient, sound effects). Turns out I'd only muted music. I played and... NO CRACKLING PRAISE RUFUS. It cured itself! Tis a true Rufus miracle!! So I unmuted music and.... played!!! The game is a tiny bit slow, but it's barely noticeable. I get the occasional visual glitch, but nothing major or that impedes game play. I haven't really played the Bancrofts all that much. It can be a little strange playing a whole bunch of families without story progression, i.e. when you play as Madison Walker and her family, her siblings/nieces/nephews are frozen in time, don't age etc. And really, they're getting to the point where it's just marriage and babies... just like the Duggars eh?? I will probably still play them, maybe just focusing on one or two of the kids. And I always wanted to try and figure out what was wrong with my Sims 3 game. I *really* should have thought of uninstalling and reinstalling sooner. I is a dumbass. So, without further ado, let's jump into the Sims 3 Taylor family. Melissa was asleep, so I got Joey to take care of the kids. Always the grossest part of parenting... emptying the potty. It's gotta be done, Joey. And a diaper change for Diana. Toddlers are so cute! This is Elijah and Francesca playing peek-a-boo in the playpen. Time to teach yourself to walk, Diana! The bedrooms as they are currently. There are officially four days before the toddlers age up, but I age up Sims 3 toddlers when they still have one day left. Time to wake up and be a mom, Melissa! Aww, poor little Francesca. Gotta start on those wife-and-mommy skills early, Bethany! Early-morning sprinkler play. This is the best game for modest swimwear. Quick nap whilst there's not much going on with the toddlers. Joey came home from work feeling stressed, so he decided to tend his garden. It's doing pretty well. The kids are home from ebil public school. Andrew needs a bath. I bought a jungle gym! Christopher gets up early to play. Playtime in the girls' room! Managed to get most of the family in this shot. Melissa decided to actually TEACH Francesca how to talk. Is... Christopher... DANCING?? Yep. BONUS! I currently have two Sims 3 save games. The Taylors live in Appaloosa Plains, and my other game is in Sunset Valley. Martin Brown and Stephanie Langley are married with two grown-up kids, Alexandra and Jessica. I built some venues (aka bars of various types) and the Langley-Browns own two of them (out of a possible six I built). Martin decided to visit one of the ones he doesn't own one evening. He was dancing downstairs when someone had a medical emergency (he's a doctor). Incidentally, this guy (in the yellow fairy outfit) is Alexandra's father in law; he's called Marty Jackson. The person in the background is Emma Hatch, one of the premades, who is a werewolf. She's partly shocked at what's going on and partly starstruck (the Langley-Brown family members are all Celebrities to some degree. Needless to say the Taylors are NOT celebrities).
  23. mango_fandango

    Boo hiss to crackly audio.

    So the audio is still fairly crackly in Sims 3. It's not all the time, but it's enough that it's irritating. Sims 2 and 4 are fine. My audio drivers seem to be up-to-date. So, for now, I won't be playing the Taylor family. I managed to get Bethany and Christopher to age into Children. But for now I'll be focusing on the Bancrofts and the Smiths. Sucks, but it happens sometimes. And 2 out of 3 games isn't bad.
  24. mango_fandango


    SIMS 2 AND 3 ARE WORKING AGAIN!!! Not sure why Sims 2 was fucked. I disabled a mod I had, and it seemed fine after that, so I assume that might be why. It had been working fine beforehand with the mod, but games can fuck up sometimes. Sims 3 was more complex. I looked it up, did a lot of what internet forums said, made sure it was fully updated via Origin... PRAISE RUFUS it's working again. So YAAAAAYYYYYYYY! Soon I can do updates on the Bancrofts and the Taylors. And I've now got a Sims 4 family I've gotten in to... oh, splitting my attention between 3 games... it can be done. All fingers crossed that they continue to work. Sims 3 was more tricky but thankfully the Internet seemed to come up with the solution(s, I'm not sure what it was that got it to work) so I can just do them again if needs be (bloody well hope not). PRAISE RUFUS AGAIN!!!ELEVENTY!!!!!!
  25. mango_fandango

    Unsure what to do

    After I stopped playing with the Taylors the other day, I went to bed. Next time I tried loading Sims 2, the graphics had gone weird. The texture of the grass in the Sapphire Springs neighbourhood looked off, and then when I tried to make a new community lot the build/buy grid kept disppearing whenever I moved the mouse. Sims 3 was similarly fucked; the graphics settings had seemingly changed by themselves. After changing them back to how they were, suddenly the sound was crackly during the loading screen (play with headphones) and when it actually loaded, the screen kept going black and then back to the game, repeatedly. Bearing in mind that I had done nothing to the laptop, no updates or anything. Running fine one day and weirdly the next. By contrast, Sims 4 is fine. I twiddled a bit with the graphics and put it on laptop mode, which has seemingly not affected gameplay and it runs amazingly smoothly. I’ll have to investigate why Sims 2 and 3 have gone weird. In the meantime, I was wondering whether I should bother introducing a Sims 4 fundie family, or just leaving it at the Sims 2 and 3 ones and just playing normal “secular” families on The Sims 4 instead and not blog.
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