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  1. Clara and Connie becoming best friends! The playpen is so useful. Calvin grew up! Here he is registering for homeschool. Here's his everyday wear. Fundies love polo tops! It really is the SOTDRT in the Parker home. You can obtain a violin from the Sims 3 Store. Chloe loves playing instruments! Calvin gets stuck into household chores. Chloe makes a birthday cake for Caleb. There's another teen in the house! He looks pretty handsome. It'll be a lucky young fundie maiden who gets him as her husband! Of course, only boys can get part-time jobs. Because penis. Family band! Excuse Chloe's sluttish pyjamas. There aren't many modest options for fundie teenage girls. "OH MY GOSH MOM WHAT IS GOING ON?" "It's totally normal, Chloe, this is what happens when you have a baby!" Of course, Chris is working. A* father skillz. Amanda had twins again, one girl and one boy, called Callie and Carl. This is officially my first "overstuffed" household, with 9 Sims in total. Dutiful sister-mom Chloe feeding her newest sister. Caleb steps up and becomes a brother-dad. Callie started crying and I caught Chloe looking like this. She likes her siblings, but wishes that they could at least sleep in her parents' room when they were babies... Clara and Connie are due to age up soon so that'll be another two members of the SOTDRT. Chloe is maintaining an A grade in homeskool, which is great! I'm debating on whether to send her to university... I mean, some fundies let their girls go. I'd have her live in a private house, and seeing as I eventually play God in this game, I'll be controlling her actions and can prevent her from doing anything dodgy. And besides, I could treat it as the Parker parents saying "Look! Our kids did GREAT in homeschool and are just as well educated as those people who went to public school! We trust our children to conduct themselves in a Godly manner whilst obtaining their degree. Chloe will be teaching her future children, so it's worth her getting a good education."
  2. I hadn't played the Parker family in nearly two months, but with this coronavirus keeping everyone indoors I figured it would be a good time to play them again. A reminder of the kids so far: Chloe, Caleb, Calvin, Clara and Connie. Last time we saw them, it was Snowflake Day and everyone was getting gifts. It was also the twins' birthdays! Clara is in pink and Connie in lilac. Apparently, when you're at level 7 in politics, your taxi around town is actually a limo. Super fancy. The way that homeschool works is that you can download homework from a computer, and then once it's done you download a new piece. This needs to be done multiple times a day to get the best grades. Amanda was going a little stir-crazy so she went to the grocery store. She then decided to learn a new recipe. Caleb helping out round the house. Yeah, Chloe is the sister-mom/C-slave, but there's only one of her. Plus, it's good for all kids to do chores! Amanda actually decided to get a JOB! Don't worry, it's only a stay-at-home one; she's decided to open a daycare. Chloe decided to make everyone lunch... sadly, though, it burnt. Ah well, every cook must start somewhere! Caleb really likes planes, it seems... Both Amanda and Chris celebrated their birthdays on the same day. Here's Chris celebrating his. Playing together in the playroom. Chloe decided to take her little brothers to the library. Caleb actually gets an opportunity to meet another kid! It's been a while since this happened.... Daycare comes with a uniform. It involved some sluttish trousers, so I changed the outfit a little bit. I think we know what might be going on... Chloe, of course, must clean up the mess. Is that Amanda working out in a GYM??? She's gone outside so she doesn't have to see anyone else. Is that Chloe going off to prom? She doesn't really even know any other young Sims in Appaloosa Plains. Nope! She's got sister-mom duties to attend to. And she's tired, too. She doesn't really mind. Maybe her parents can take her out for a fancy meal. Ta da! Amanda's expecting a new blessing! What will C-baby #6 be called? Caleb ages up soon, as does Calvin. So we'll have two teens, a child, two toddlers and a baby. Lord help them.
  3. I actually haven't played the Parkers for a bit, but I do have some pictures from the last time I played them. Last time, Caleb had just aged up into a child. So, we had a second pupil in the Parker Homeschool. Sorry, Chloe. Mommy and Daddy are clearly prioritising their sleep over yours. She decided that it would be best to nap on the sofa. CHANGE ME MOMMY! Woo, snow angel! Strange that he didn't change into his outerwear, though. Taking advantage of a moment of peace to practise the piano. Caleb cleans up in the boys' room. It's Chloe's birthday! Now she's a teenager, she can finally act as a sister-mom! She spent time playing the xylophone as a toddler, so she gets a headstart on adult music skills. Family band practice! It was soon Snowflake Day, so they threw a gift-giving party. Note Calvin in his walker... Even though Kim Marshall is a short-skirts-wearing heathen, Chloe knows to be polite. Getting ready for present-opening! Calvin still in his walker. Chloe got a good one! (I forget what she actually got). Unable to take part in present opening, Calvin just ambles about in his walker, amusing himself. Chris got a good present, although for some reason it didn't actually show up in-game; it came up as "*** Failure Object". Googling seems to indicate that it's not a major issue; it's in the family inventory for now.
  4. Considering all the NRAAS mods I downloaded, you'd think I'd have thought about a homeschool one... well, now I have! It's getting chilly in Appaloosa Plains, so I gave Amanda a more suitable outfit (I often do this for my Sims). Babymaking time again... Bass practice! Chloe is a Genius (yeah, I know, another trait that seems bizarre for a fundie), so she enjoys playing chess. Chris likes getting to know people. Unfortunately, he's having to look away from Gracie Loveland's big... er... chest. Awww, poor baby Calvin... I forget why he was upset. Maybe it was hunger? Peek-a-boo! Chloe and Caleb are good friends. And yep, Amanda's outfit changed, she's pregnant again. It's snowing! With the Taylors, I had set it so that the game was in permanent summer mode because Joey was a gardener and it was easiest, otherwise plants went into hibernation and never revived. Neither parent is into gardening, so I don't need to worry. Chloe only attended one day of normal school. On Monday morning, she enrolled in homeschool. You collect assignments either from City Hall or downloaded from the computer. Here she is completing her first assignment! Another promotion for Chris - now he's the mayor! Calvin's a toddler! And the youngest, for now... Chloe can't do many sister-mom duties, but she can give her little siblings a bottle. Do you want to build a snowman... Chris threw a campaign fundraiser. It was pretty successful! He raised over 22,000 Simoleons! Oh come on, Chris, your wife has been in labour three times already! After a short freakout he used the computer to work from home. TWINS! And, they're girls! Welcome to the world, Clara and Connie! Caleb is now a child! I don't know why Chloe's talking about the theatre when she's never been... Naturally, Amanda has a wish to have another child. Because 5 aren't enough. Chloe is close to becoming a teen, so she'll be able to do sister-mom duties.
  5. Caleb being placed into his crib. He's still too young to play with his older sister, so Chloe has to entertain herself for now. Look who's able to use the potty all by herself! Notice the clear difference between the girls' room and the boys' room. Gotta reinforce those gender roles! Mommy and daughter playtime. Chloe might look scared, but she's actually about to be tickled. The interaction is "Attack with the Claw". Mmm, fish and chips. The glowy lighting is because it's a full moon. Last time this happened a zombie appeared in the garden, but there weren't any this time. I love this cute little outfit Chloe's wearing. Caleb grew up! I think we know what this means...! Getting a massage from #besthubbyever. Playtime! The playpen is actually a great way for toddlers to build a relationship, even if they haven't learnt the talking skill. Chloe and Caleb are now best friends! It was Spooky Day, and Chris threw a feast party. Looks like a pretty good spread! Amanda also made a bowl of chili, although it's not in shot. Uh oh, a trick or treater... Amanda decided to play along, but included a tract about the Good Message with the candy. Chloe is now a Child! Her first port of call was to clean the bathtub. The only one in the girls' room... You can't actually tell just by the photo, but Amanda was in labour with... ... another boy, baby Calvin! Sorry Chloe, looks like you're going to be the only girl for a little while longer. I know we usually want only boys to be born to fundies, but I think it'd be nice for Chloe to have a sister to share sister-mom/mommy-slave duties with, and to chat about girly things together. So, that's three kids and counting for the Parkers. Will Chloe get her wish of a baby sister soon? Chris is also level 6 in the Politics career. Part of his job is to throw campaign fundraisers. Let's hope they're successful!
  6. So, when we last saw the Parkers, Amanda had just found out that she was pregnant with blessing #1. Time to make breakfast! Hey look, Chris is cleaning up! #besthubbyever Doing the laundry. Chris had a wish to work from home, because he's a Workaholic. I know, you're howling with laughter at the idea of a workaholic fundie, but hear me out. When he's not busy at work, he will sometimes 'work from home' autonomously, which is a great excuse for not helping with the kids! Late night drum practice. Mmm, deep fried food. Labour! It's... a girl! Welcome to the world, baby Chloe! Chloe isn't old enough to be a mommy-slave yet, so Amanda has to clean the toilet herself. Despite what I said earlier, Chris decided to be the one to change baby Chloe (item is from the Sims 3 Store)! #bestdaddyever Sweet fellowship time again! I got Chris to learn some piano skill, and they decided to jam together. Amanda took Chloe to the summer festival next door, but had to leave Chloe on the ground in order to go and throw up. Pregnant again! Amanda got a spray tan at a booth at the fair the night before. Reading a pregnancy book outside the bookstore. Chloe is now a toddler! I changed her outfit later. Time for some late-night potty training! What a cute little kid! With the Local Motion Toddler Walker, there's no need for Chris or Amanda to teach Chloe to walk, she can do it herself! And the second baby is... a BOY! Welcome to the world, baby Caleb! I think you can guess what the name theme is... I'll round off the post with a snapshot of Chloe teaching herself to talk. So, how soon will Amanda be pregnant with #3? Will she end up having a laundry room breakdown? Which C name will be used next? Until next time!
  7. Meet Chris and Amanda Parker, who reside in Appaloosa Plains. They live on the same lot as the Taylors did, at 1004 Pomona Promenade. However, I bulldozed the original small house there, and built a much bigger one. In reality, I used "freerealestate", allowing them to move in for free; in-game, I decided that the narrative would be that they grifted the house. Chris wants to be a politician, so his first task is to get a job as a podium polisher. Like Melissa Taylor, Amanda wants to be a One Sim Band, which requires mastery of Guitar, Piano, Bass and Drums. So, I sent her to a piano class. I also sent Chris to a Charisma class. Most skill classes cost 400 Simoleons, but the Charisma one cost 320 (one random class a day gets a discount). Smoochin' time! Time for some sweet fellowship! Amanda doesn't have much Cooking skill yet, so she makes hot dogs for dinner. Hot dogs are nice, but Amanda wants to expand her repertoire, so she reads a cooking skill book. Since the Charisma skill involves befriending people, Chris heads out to the library. This turns out to be an inspired move, as he bumps into his boss, Cheyenne Fox. That's right... a FEMALE boss. It's not ideal, but Chris isn't the type to cause a ruckus. They discuss their favourite colours (him: blue, her: orange) and a bit about the job before he heads home. Around 2am, Amanda has to wake up... She doesn't feel too good... was it the hot dogs? Once Chris has gone to work the next day, Amanda decides to take a guitar class. It was a successful first day for Chris, he got a promotion! Aha, NOW Amanda knows why she felt ill... she's pregnant! Blessing #1 is on the way! They both decided to make themselves food. Chris made Deep Fried Ice Cream Fritter, which sounds fucking awesome. Amanda made Apple Pie, which sounds equally awesome. Chris had a work opportunity to complete, which didn't finish until 11pm(ish). I'm ending the post on an appropriate screenshot of Chris getting into bed. Next part will, of course, feature the birth of the first child... what gender will it be? What name scheme will I give the kids? How will they adapt to being parents??
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