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Fun Fun Fundies: Sims Edition

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Parkers Part Three: Chloe Grows Up

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Caleb being placed into his crib. 


He's still too young to play with his older sister, so Chloe has to entertain herself for now.


Look who's able to use the potty all by herself! Notice the clear difference between the girls' room and the boys' room. Gotta reinforce those gender roles!


Mommy and daughter playtime. Chloe might look scared, but she's actually about to be tickled. The interaction is "Attack with the Claw".


Mmm, fish and chips. The glowy lighting is because it's a full moon. Last time this happened a zombie appeared in the garden, but there weren't any this time.


I love this cute little outfit Chloe's wearing. 


Caleb grew up!


I think we know what this means...!


Getting a massage from #besthubbyever.


Playtime! The playpen is actually a great way for toddlers to build a relationship, even if they haven't learnt the talking skill. Chloe and Caleb are now best friends!


It was Spooky Day, and Chris threw a feast party. Looks like a pretty good spread! Amanda also made a bowl of chili, although it's not in shot.


Uh oh, a trick or treater... Amanda decided to play along, but included a tract about the Good Message with the candy. 


Chloe is now a Child!


Her first port of call was to clean the bathtub.


The only one in the girls' room...


You can't actually tell just by the photo, but Amanda was in labour with...


... another boy, baby Calvin! Sorry Chloe, looks like you're going to be the only girl for a little while longer. I know we usually want only boys to be born to fundies, but I think it'd be nice for Chloe to have a sister to share sister-mom/mommy-slave duties with, and to chat about girly things together.


So, that's three kids and counting for the Parkers. Will Chloe get her wish of a baby sister soon? Chris is also level 6 in the Politics career. Part of his job is to throw campaign fundraisers. Let's hope they're successful!

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  • Posts

    • Peaches-n-Beans


      1 hour ago, Idlewild said:

      Which makes me wonder why on earth Derick would engage with her? She sounds as bad as Pickles,

      Attention. He wants attention

    • Ozlsn


      14 hours ago, AmericanRose said:

      For the past several hundred thousand years of human life on this planet, masculine men have preferred feminine women in all areas of life;

      Lol. Yeah, nah. These men are (unsurprisingly!) as ignorant about history as they are about most things. Men generally have preferred women who are competent and able to work - farming is hard work, and a woman who can milk cows, maintain a large vegetable garden, wash, sew etc is definitely a good thing. This definition of feminitity seems to me to stem from wealthy women in European (and other) cultures - women who could focus on their culture's feminine ideal because they were wealthy and didn't have to work.  Peasant women weren't learning the basics of sewing because it was "feminine", they were learning it so they could maintain clothes for longer, reuse fabric, save the family as much as possible. They weren't learning cooking as an art, but a necessity - and they were picking, milking, preserving, and planting for the same reason. They were weaving as a skilled trade (which it was), trading alongside their husbands, running farms etc. The attraction of the "feminine ideal" is effectively an ideal of wealth display - and frankly the majority of the dipsticks going to this conference have about as much chance of landing a submissive idealised supermodel as their peasant ancestors did. 

      14 hours ago, AmericanRose said:

      I hope this event is sparsely attended

      I look forward to it being cancelled due to pandemic and lack of interest.

      14 hours ago, AmericanRose said:

      For anyone wondering, these are the 9 Laws: Survival, Concealment, Purpose, Endurance, Posture, Freedom, Power, Preposterousness, and No Laws

      Wait, what? That makes no sense, how is "no laws" a law? This guy's an idiot.

      14 hours ago, AmericanRose said:

      do believe that's what this convention is really about - these men want to train women how to be their perfect subs. But for some reason they can't just join Fetlife like everyone else

      OK, this made me laugh out loud. But also sigh, because the reason they can't/won't join Fetlife or similar is because the whole Dom/sub thing requires respect - and the power lies with the sub. And they don't want that - they want an actual slave, with no safe words and no escape. 

      14 hours ago, AmericanRose said:

      Phil teaches men on how to navigate the family court system, while protecting their children and money.

      Phil is an arsehole who has screwed over any previous wives who had the temerity to leave and expect that they had a right to joint assets. Phil is the one reason I would encourage young women to go to this conference - and then to research how to protect their own assets, to know what their state's laws are in the case of divorce, and to ensure how to have skills and ability to survive if the relationship breaks down.

    • Idlewild


      2 hours ago, VBOY9977 said:

      Regarding Fort Rock, they posted this 10 days ago. Confirmation that they didn’t cancel the marriage retreat. These people are idiots. If they were taking “extra precautions” they would call it off. The sad thing is that it seems their guests didn’t cancel either 🙄



      I’m sure many will cancel- but this is a way of telling them they won’t be getting a refund.

    • Idlewild


      6 hours ago, Peaches-n-Beans said:

      I mean, not only does she ramble on and get repetitive, some of the stuff she said in previous videos isn't true. Like her claim in a past video that it's well known that Jill had a hysterectomy after her second birth. So I would take anything she says with a grain of salt. I haven't watched this video yet, but I'm hoping to get around to it today. 

      Which makes me wonder why on earth Derick would engage with her? She sounds as bad as Pickles,

    • Starrynight


      8 hours ago, Pleiades_06 said:

      Haha! Plumbing is NOT a hobby, Tom. I mentioned that on the Rodrigues thread too-David built Jill a bathroom too. This might be a (literal) shitshow

      Ah, but who built it better? David or Tom? Say Yes To The Bathroom or Fundie Father Plumbing Wars coming to station near you. 😆

      Ooh,  what about a fundie Dad Swap? 😆😆
      Tom can live with Jill for a few weeks and David can take on the Mills clan. I think both families would go for it if it meant getting on a tv show. 

      And I would definitely watch that. 👍

      (Hope I’m not repeating something that has already been suggested😜


      • Haha 1

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