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  • Posts

    • Dominionatrix


      Based on the photos we’ve seen of the Helferich daughters, the skirt extenders the Bontrager women wore around them, and the one Allison is wearing in her most recent photo, Jeremiah's family appears to have extra-conservative standards for women’s dress: skirts must be fully below the knees. 

      I really wonder what he’s like, and how his fundie-ness will affect their relationship. Allison seems like she would gladly do many things expected of a picture-perfect fundie wife, but if Jeremiah expects full submission from her I think they are going to have problems.  

    • RosyDaisy


      Cousin Amy did a live stream yesterday with Katie from Without a Crystal Ball.  I haven't watched it yet.


    • Ozlsn


      4 hours ago, browngrl said:

       What does Allison mean when she says " when we follow His plan, marriage is SO GOOD". What does she think godless feminists who are married to someone they love are missing?

      Paternal permission and political rally speeches at their wedding presumably.

    • Themanda Duggar


      6 hours ago, Ozlsn said:And Q-anon. I really do wonder who's running Q-anon and what their actual agenda is. 

      I’m pretty sure Q is some teenage kid in the Ukraine, with one hand on the keyboard, and the other on his dick.

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    • Marionette

      Posted (edited)

      27 minutes ago, AussieKrissy said:

      well they must have kissed and made up then I would not expect to have seen them together in about 15 years then. were the holts ever on the show or am I still confusing them with the wilsons?


      The Holts were in the Duggars’ original tv special.  Josh and the eldest Holt girl are seen chatting.... even though I believe it was filmed around/after the incident. Or wasn’t there a “second wave”? Can’t remember. 

      The Wilsons were a part of the Duggars’ home church at the same time, before they moved back to Mississippi (they are mentioned in JB&M’s first book in this context). They have been featured on the show before, but I’m not sure when. 

      ETA: JB & Mr. Holt were childhood friends, and somehow the whole thing didn’t cause a complete falling out. But I do think the Holts distanced themselves a bit as a family — while the parents still hang out on occasion (and maybe the girls?). The Holt family has not attended any of the weddings or large events in the last 5-6 years. 

      Edited by Marionette
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