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Bacon wrapped dates

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Happy Thanksgiving FJ!

We went to a friend's house for the day and brought an appetizer to share. They are really easy, just stuff the dates with a little goat cheese and wrap in bacon secured with a toothpick. Bake at 380(F) for 10 minutes, flip and 10 more minutes. They were a HUGE success and they are a great prep-ahead dish. Hope everyone had a good holiday. 



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I have always wanted to try this. I have a big package of dates too. Sadly I am pretty sure nobody in my family would touch them. I may try to make just a few for myself.

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My former sister in law used to make these using cheddar cheese. Sounds weird, but tastes fantastic. I'll have to try the goat cheese version.

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My SIL does these with blue cheese. I only have 2 because they are sooo very rich and delicious.

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  • Posts

    • Bluebirdbluebell


      4 hours ago, AussieKrissy said:

      Call me a leg Humper but I am really starting to like Cousin Amy. I think I always have actually. That video of her Mum and her really showed me that she is not such a bad kid and has grown up a bit since her Famy days. Horrible beliefs aside that she does seem to keep her mouth and social media shut up about. If her Non disclousre is a thing and somehow becomes null and void its her i am betting on for a tell all 

      Just curious what horrible beliefs does Amy?

    • Ozlsn


    • HeartsAFundie


      2 hours ago, JDuggs said:

      There are 12,000 Marshallese people living in Springdale (according to some random website) so he wouldn’t have to go far to assist immigrants. I don’t know if they are Christians though.

      Per Wikipedia, the Marshall Islands is primarily Christian/Protestant.  As of 2009,  51.5% belonged to the United Church of Christ; 24.2% to Assemblies of God; 8.4% Roman Catholic;  The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (Mormons) (9.5%), Bukot Nan Jesus (also known as Assembly of God Part Two) (2.2%), Baptist (1.0%), Seventh-day Adventists (0.9%), Full Gospel (0.7%), Baha'i Faith (0.6%).  

      So based on those statistics combined with the large Marshallese population in NWA, Derick would have a built-in clientele if immigration law is what he chooses to practice.  

    • Bluebirdbluebell


      9 hours ago, SassyPants said:

      What about a cargo pilot, like for Fed-Ex? I don’t know anything about what is required for that line of work.

      So I didn't know anything either. Here is what Zip recruiter says:


      The qualifications you need to become a cargo pilot include a commercial pilot license. Before earning this license, you must obtain a private pilot certificate as well as the instrument and multi-engine ratings, which allow you to fly more complex planes in adverse weather conditions. Finally, you must obtain a certificate as an airline transport pilot. Fulfilling the duties and responsibilities of this position requires a commitment to safety and excellent communication skills. The job of a cargo pilot is to transport and deliver items or freight for a company, often at night or in the early morning.

      So it seems doable, but no one has done yet as far as we know. 

      Cargo pilot

    • Dominionatrix


      Based on the photos we’ve seen of the Helferich daughters, the skirt extenders the Bontrager women wore around them, and the one Allison is wearing in her most recent photo, Jeremiah's family appears to have extra-conservative standards for women’s dress: skirts must be fully below the knees. 

      I really wonder what he’s like, and how his fundie-ness will affect their relationship. Allison seems like she would gladly do many things expected of a picture-perfect fundie wife, but if Jeremiah expects full submission from her I think they are going to have problems.  

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