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Buffy's Commentary

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Someone please slap me...



And remind me that I am nothing if not pragmatic.  Idk who this optimist is who is currently inhabiting my body, but if someone knows how to drive her out so I can get my cynical little soul back I'd appreciate it.

(this isn't about the interview.  The job sounded even worse than in the ad, which was pretty bad already and I'm always a good interview when I give zero fucks.)

So later that day, after my pleasant but useless helping a lovely woman hone her interview techniques and a drive into work awash in the relief of having dodged a horrific future* I got a call from a contact about a job.  He wasn't sure I'd be interested but tossed it out there that someone called him desperately looking for someone to do this thing with some software.  (He's not a recruiter - this is just an industry back channel conversation thing.)

Well, this thing that they need someone to do?  It's my wheelhouse.  It's the center of my wheelhouse.  It's where I live.  

You know how everyone has that one thing where you knock it out of the park like a boss?  That if you had to chose one segment of your job to prove ultimate competence and show how you are at the very top of your game you'd pick that thing?  That if the multiverse theory is correct and there are an infinite number of us existing in parrallel spheres they all kick ass at this one thing?  if it were an Olympic event you'd be Michael Phelps of that thing?

This is my that thing.

I do NOT get my hopes up.  I hope for the best but prepare for the worse.  Better to be surprised than disappointed.  I'm a bit of a cynic like Trump is a bit of a douche.  Understatement of the year.  

Even if I wasn't actively looking I'd leave a job where I was happy for an opportunity like this.  Even if it were a pay cut and a longer commute.  (But it is so neither of those things.)

So he's going to put us in touch.  This was late Friday afternoon and even though I know it's ridiculous to expect any kind of response before Monday at the earliest I'm afraid to check email due to the crushing disappointment that I know is awaiting me there in the absensce of an email from owner of awesome opportunity place.

This is so ooc for me, I can't even explain it.

And yes, more than anyone I know there is no dream job and it will have annoyances and idiots and all kind of imperfect but as long as the checks clear and no one is punching me in the face  want all of that.

The face punching is even negotiable. 

My fear is that they've found someone since he spoke to my contact about this a few weeks ago.  If I can just talk to the guy I'm sure I'd have a shot.

I'm not arrogant - plenty of things where I'm adequate and competent but no ones rock star ...plenty of room for improvement in some areas but when it comes to this thing ....I'm sure there are people better than I but it would be a very small subset.  And its a niche software so SMEs aren't littering the landscape and my reputation with the vendor is not insignificant.  They have a huge need to get this thing done and I have a tremendous need to do this thing...it really would be win-win.  I'd make more money while saving them money by trying to do this thing without an SME.  

I'm going to drive past the place today...for luck.  


When this amounts to nothing, which is likely, I will not be in a good place.  Need to get my perspective back fast. :) 

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I hope you get it B. If you don't, I'll be here for you to cry on my shoulder just like you did for me a few weeks ago. <3

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I'm hopeful for you.  Granted I am a confessed Eeyore about things (ala 'we're doomed') who is yes, braced for worst and giddy when it is not worst. 

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  Oh Buffy,

I feel you. I FEEL you. Oh, the excitement! I hope it works out and you get it. Being good at your job and knowing it is not arrogance it's confidence. What I miss most about working was being good at what I did and knowing it.

keep us posted!

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Posted (edited)

Yes!  Just got home because after work I needed to get new shoes, hair color, top, and cardigan for MY INTERVIEW TOMORROW!!

My contact called him this morning, he called me immediately left message, I called him back and we had a lovely phone chat about the awesomeness of the fit at this point.  

(ETA second him is owner of the company with opportunity...me talking to my contact would not be nearly as noteworthy. :) )

Then he texted me twice.  Once making sure I had address and again to confirm time.

there are a million ways this can fall apart so I'm trying desperately to prepare for crushing disappointment.  It happens all the time - something seems great but falls apart.  So worst case scenario I at least spend the morning interviewing followed by a big old ugly cry of shattered hopes and financial panic..which would still be loads more fun then my current job located in Dantes 3rd circle.

need to do my hair and eyebrows tonight...wash my interview 'they make me feel thinner even if no one else thinks so' pants and get a decent night's sleep.

Im covering tonorrow nights Duggar recap for the irreplaceable but busy tomorrow Buzzard so if you sense silent tears behind the typing you'll know it didn't go well and I'm wishing I was a Duggar where job interviews would be a non issue.

Edited by HerNameIsBuffy

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11 hours ago, Grimalkin said:

I'm so excited for you! Do your hair and brows, and get a good night sleep!

In waiting area now waiting for interview.  I could vomit - this no longer seems like a good idea

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It went really well.  So well I am afraid I'm missing something horrible.  As I was leaving they asked me for references and said I'd hear from them shortly.

I drove straight into work and about 15 minutes after I got here they called to speak to my boss.  I barely had time to brief my boss and the COO on who would be calling, company, etc.  Like I just walked out of my bosses office and they called.  

They seemed to like me.  They clearly need me, or someone like me.  We seemed to be on the same page regarding the position.  They didn't laugh at my salary expectations.

I've never had an interview where it was 100% positive before.  No nitpicking what I don't have, realistic understanding of timeline for go-live...just a lot of talk about how my experience in X,Y, and Z is impressive because those are super important things that they totally need but have neither the time nor the desire to do them...because important but boring. :) 

Idk - they could just be super nice people and I am over estimating their interest.  I'm just going to assume it's going to fall through unless/until I get an offer letter.  Until that time I'll just obsessively check my email and try not to think about it while thinking about nothing else.  

If the letter comes I'll buy champagne!  



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   I once left a job interview, went to the bathroom, and noticed my shirt was on inside out.


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Update: got offer letter earlier tonight.  Will send counter offer tomorrow and see what happens.  I hate negotiations and am so bad at them it's kind of casting a shadow on my yippee! state of mind.  our numbers aren't that far apart so I'm pretty sure we can meet somewhere in the middle.  

I'll be glad when this part is over snd I can move on to worrying about all the things that stress me out over a new job.  You guys have been so supportive it was like having you all with me...they didn't know FJ was in the room. :) I love you guys.

I can allow myself one little yippee because we're one step closer.  Yippee! 

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Many, many congrats to you! You so deserve this! Good things do happen to good people. :wow::margarita: (raising a toast to you Buffy)

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Yay Buffy! I missed all of this happening in real time, but it sounds like you knocked it out of the park! :happy-cheerleadersmileyguy:

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    • Markie


      The T-shirts and leggings the girls are made to wear under their dresses are so unnecessary. It’s the same as wearing longjohns under a summer dress. I notice the boys don’t have to wear longjohns. 

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    • nausicaa


      1 hour ago, treemom said:

      He is absolutely the grossest of the Falwell kids.  His dad wasn’t great, his homophobia probably killed kids, but he wasn’t gross like this And homophobic.  He lived a consistent life, and at least publicly followed all the rules the students did.

      Was there talk about what a POS he was in the 90s before he took over for his father?

      This is like some weird Bush-Trump dichotomy where the latter manages to be such an unbelievable piece of shit he makes the former look okay. 

      I'm not a fan of Jerry Falwell Sr. at all, but like you said he had the good sense to at least hide any hypocrisy from the public and conducted himself with some sense of dignity. He had some unhinged rants (I'm not forgetting that post-9/11 humdinger) but he delivered them in a fire and brimstone sermon style I could see appealing to his base.

      Jr. on Twitter just comes off like some teenage troll lacking any of the gravitas I would think a college would want in its president. Does anyone remember the weird mask tweet from only two months ago where he posted a mask with the blackface photo of VA's governor on it and said it's the only mask he would wear? Dude, what the hell is wrong with you?

      According to the Politico piece, two dozen Liberty staff allege Falwell would discuss his sex life at work in graphic detail and show off photos of his wife “in provocative and sexual poses.” There are rumors in Lynchburg that he has a drinking problem, and I could see this being a factor (while not denying what a total POS he is).

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      44 minutes ago, Kelsey said:

      Didn't Carlin Bates graduate from Liberty?

      yes, but online. Not sure she's ever been to the campus.

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      54 minutes ago, FluffySnowball said:

       Why would they still need extra layers for modesty? 

      Because they need to emphasise it- if you just had a modest neckline nobody would notice or care. I’m sure Anna thinks the undershirts and leggings make people appreciate her commitment to feminine modesty. Unfortunately it also makes people think her husband can’t be trusted. 

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      57 minutes ago, neurogirl said:

      I still think she dodged a bullet by not ending up with Nathan, as she would be forced to live in the country with fewer pregnant women to harass. She seems strong willed, which I still respect in a fundie woman, though I wish she used her force of personality for better causes, like better lives for the children born in difficult circumstances. I think she and fiance are a good match and they both have terrible beliefs I want nothing to do with. 

      Nathan just seems like such a douchecanoe and will end up with a more pliant lady. 

      But now these two assholes will likely become some sort of fundie power couple and use that power to harm. Too bad she’s not stuck on the farm with no one to harass.

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