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Job interview...stop judging me




So I have a job interview tomorrow morning for a job I don't even want.  Well, I want it in the sense I'd like to continue receiving pay checks, but I'd really prefer to be interviewing for almost anything else.  Birthday clown.  The person from village hall who measures the height of grass blades and issues citations for lack of timely lawn care.  Crash test dummy. 

But while desperately hoping for a better option (perhaps a professional leach tester to find the best bloodletters) I'm going.  Why?  Because I'm qualified on paper for all the required stufff...although I am missing the "preferred" and apparently much coveted science of m e a t degree.  

Did you know that's a thing?  Yeah.  You can get a degree in meat.  Who knew?

Anyway I figure it's got to be bad luck to decline an interview even if I'm sure they'll laugh my m e a t degree less ass out the door ...besides its practice, right?  

Speaking of practice...I've been preparing online tonight so my answers will be awesome no matter what they throw at me..

Sp to recap:  I looked at some job interview memes, didn't do laundry or make sure I have anything appropriate to wear, and I looked up the lyrics to Ma Belle Amie by Tea Set (great song) and gave that several listens on YouTube.  You can't say I didn't prepare.














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One of the universities Mr. Cartmann99 worked at had a meat science department, and they sold the meat the students and their instructors processed at a discount to employees.

I still miss the bacon they made. :pb_cry:



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Posted (edited)

I hear ya. I had a job interview for a job I don't want today. I was lukewarm on it already and so tempted to sabotage myself, but then when they described day to day aspects of the job I was like fuck no. They asked if it sounded like something I'd be excited about. What am I supposed to say, "No, that would be hella awful?" It would also massively underpay me, but pay checks would be nice. They said my background is a good fit but I feel like not really.

At least we both get practice. :tw_heart:

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Thanks for reminding me of that song! I haven't thought about it in years, but it was one of my favorites back in the day. I hope things work out for the best with the job, whatever that might be.

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"Sp to recap:  I looked at some job interview memes, didn't do laundry or make sure I have anything appropriate to wear, and I looked up the lyrics to Ma Belle Amie by Tea Set (great song) and gave that several listens on YouTube.  You can't say I didn't prepare."

i had never heard of this song before i read your post last month, but i've been listening to it on youtube every couple of days since.  thank you for introducing it to me!!

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I really enjoyed reading this to my husband since he's spent the last 3 months going through the same thing. Love the memes.

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