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Guess why I was home sick yesterday...




Idk if one Vicodin counts as abuse, but I was drifting in and out all day...not sure one is supposed to leave you sleepy and dopey for almost 24 hours...(although how often do you get to be two dwarfs (dwarves?) at once?)


Best home remedy water with as much lemon juice as you can stand.  Don't stop drinking until you show the little bastards who's boss.  And Vicodin.


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Kidney stones are no fun at all.  Hoping you are better now and the Happy Dwarf is now your new BFF.

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Kidney stones are awful. I have had many. One too large to pass. Not a fun time at all.

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Kidney stones are terrible, Vicodin is less terrible. May you find a good book, silly putty or whatever makes the tortuous labor of expelling body rocks seem less horrible. You are fighting the good fight my friend, may you be victorious!:obscene-tolietpush:

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Fight on. Take the meds on time and let yourself drift. I've heard, that they are worse than labor and turn large men into toddlers. 

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    • JustEnough


      18 hours ago, backyard sylph said:

      I just saw a "promotional" tweet from one of those websites with endless lists of nonsense for people to struggle through in order to get to the semi-intriguing headline bit, and they're never worth reading, but the Twitter comments often are? And anyway, they used a picture of pregnant Joy in it, which caused a bit of a stir since it's about families in Sweden...

      That was very odd. For those who don’t want to click, it is a list of things about Sweden that people may not know/are different. The picture in question is at the top of the thread and it is a selfie from Joy’s Instagram that is taken in front of a full length mirror of very pregnant Joy (and cutie pie Gideon at her knee) last summer. The caption they put over her picture was “Today’s the day I submit my future baby’s name to the Swedish Tax Authority… praying it is accepted”. Which given she could have named her baby basically anything and no one in the US government is “accepting” or rejecting anyone’s names (with the exception of certain special characters in some areas like Elon Musk’s baby) is, like I said, odd.

      If you do click though *do NOT* read all of the Twitter comments unless you like racist rhetoric about Sweden being ruined by brown people who are “not like us”. 

    • SorenaJ


      I read an article about  "anti-contact" paedophiles, who was very aware that their urges were wrong, and stayed completely away from children, so you can still be attracted to minors, and fully understand that it is wrong, and never respond to the urge. 

    • 14 hours ago, Bad Wolf said:

      I wonder what's going through Josh's head. Does he understand what he's done? Does he realize the impact it's having on his family? Does he equate the children he saw in the videos with his own children, or does he think it's a victimless crime because HE didn't actually molest them? Is he grateful for the Rebers for giving him a place to stay and to his wife for bringing the children to see him? Does he know that he's privileged to not be in jail?

      Or is he just pissed that he got caught. I'm guessing that.

      I can't speak for Josh of course but had the misfortune of being with someone who got arrested for child pornography. He and his family looked for every excuse in the world: he hadn't physically touched a child; he had a 'problem' and need our support not condemnation. He even said it was his 'other persona who took over at night' . 

      I also worked with men who have been charged with child sex crimes in my previous job and they all gave me the same excuses as my ex. I'm yet to find one who expresses shame, remorse and a wish to change. Not saying that they don't exist but I haven't met anyone. 

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    • Idlewild


      Jinger and Jeremy are taking another trip- moody looking Jeremy is posing in, you guessed it, a coffee shop! 

    • Idlewild


      I think attributing Josh’s behaviour to not being alone with girls feeds the Duggar narrative of him being a ‘sexually curious’ teen. Although these crimes are badged sexual offences, what they are really about is violence, control and degradation. The brand of patriarchal BS this family promotes has given Josh a sense of entitlement about fulfilling his violent fantasies.

      There are plenty of men with conservative upbringings who do not seek to abuse women or children.

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